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Bad juvederm experience - Cohasset, MA

Found a great deal on living social. One syringe...

Found a great deal on living social. One syringe for 325. Too good to be true. Now I've spent about 700 more to fix this mess that's on my face. Went to Dr. Christian Ford in Cohasset MA. He very nice at first. He tells me that he doesn't make anything off of this promotional syringe and pushes me to buy a second syringe. I've had juvederm injected a few times before and I've never needed 2 syringes. I don't want my face to look like a blowfish. As soon as a said that I was not interested in buying another syringe, his attitude quickly changed. He spend about 5 minutes injecting the entire syringe. He injected 2 spots near my nose and mostly all of it in 2 spots near the corners of my mouth. He never massaged any areas or had me take a look at what he had done so far. He never told me what to do for the aftercare. He pretty much had me on my way. 

 Once the swelling went down I noticed that he injected too much near the corners of my mouth. I looked like a walrus with these big blown up things near the mustache lines and near the corners of my mouth. I am in my early thirties and now I looked like I was 40. I called the office and he nothing but rude to me. Said it's normal and that the swelling would go down. I kept on telling him that he injected too much into the corners of my mouth. He told me that he knew what he was talking about and that it would go away. So, for the next few weeks I took pictures and not a lot changed. Swelling went down a bit, but still abnormally puffy in the 2 areas near my mouth. I could clearly tell even from the beginning that too much was injected in the spots near my mouth. When they say that the swelling will go down it true but it doesn't change the areas where they over injected and it certainly doesn't just disappear. So the areas that I noticed to be over puffy were still over puffy. I actually had to go to another place to correct his injection. It's been such a nightmare.
Dr Christian Ford, Cohasett, Ma. Fraud.. Scam .. Rude and arrogant.
My sister and I both went on February 6 th, we purchased Juvederm from Group ons. I got 1 syringe of juvederm and then paid $ 500. Extra for 50 units of Botox. He takes his mirror and tells you to look into it he points out the upper part of the face. Then shifts to the lower part, knowing all woman look at their laugh lines and lips. He tells you, one syringes wont take care of both sides and cons you into buying another syringe. Telling you it will turn the sides of your mouth up and make you look 10 years younger. He even has his receptionist Claudia, tell you , I thought I needed 1 bit I needed more. His scam is he puts his deals on Group ons and Living Socials. Gets you in there and cons you into buying more. When in all actuality he's actually only injecting 1/2 a syringe in the first place. I went back today February 20, with my sister. He told me he would fix the Botox but I'd have to pay for more juvederm. I asked him for my pictures before and after and my sister wanted her pictures. He stood up told us to leave and called the police. I live in Boston so when my sister and I got to Dorchester my cell phone rang and it was the police. Telling me I couldn't go back to Dr. Fords office. I explained I would never go back I just want my photos from before and after . The reason I want my Photos.. There PROOF he's a scam artist. left there with a swollen red bruised forehead and laugh lines. My sister(42). Was con-ed into buying a 2nd syringe. Of juvederm. She also was very red and swollen . We waited 10 days and I saw no difference. My poor sister ended up with 2 yellow bumps on each side of her mouth. I called and we traveled back up there today. He made us leave the room , to (so call ) get our pictures from our first visit. My I first( 2/6 ) picture looked liked it was taken under florescent lighting .. Today's 20th warmer tint. He admitted to the Botox , but then said , see the supple difference. There was no difference he used a filter to make the photos look a tinge different.
Oh it was Group - Ons 325.00 for 1 syringe for juvederm ultra xc
Dr. Christian Ford

Horrible. He was rude, pushy and certainly doesn't have time to listen to what your saying. I would not go to this doctor.

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