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I had a very crooked nose, a dorsal hump, along...

I had a very crooked nose, a dorsal hump, along with a hooked down and overly large tip. The Dr. was able to fix everything and made my nose look very femanine and natural. I absolutely love my nose now and am not self-conscious when I walk into a room.


I will try to post some but am very busy planning a wedding right now. I will try to put some up there soon though. Dr. Shah is very good and his continual aftercare is good as well.
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Well I'm from Kansas City, I live in Chicago now and I have a little something in need of repair..more of a hook that I HATE and my nose appears a little crooked when i wear my reading glasses. Thanks for sharing and if possible could you put before and after pics ?
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Recovery wasnt really that bad. I was never in any pain, just a little discomfort being unable to breathe normal for a week.
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Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. S is a very talented Plastic Surgeon. My results are way beyond what I ever expected. He did an amazing job and I do not for one second have second thoughts about my procedure. I would recommend him to anyone seeking Rhinoplasty.....you wont be disappointed!!

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