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NL Injections - Love the Look, no downtime.

Very relaxing, doctor very informative, virtually...

Very relaxing, doctor very informative, virtually painless. Juvederm ultra injected into very minor naso-labial folds just beginning to show my age. total confidence in doctor, he really listened to my needs and injected conservatively. LOVE the way I look right now, 10 years younger! I just hope the "effects" of the product aren't just the swelling from the injections. Will update.

Just had NL injections hours ago--If I like the way I look now, does that mean that once the swelling goes down I will see minimal effects?


Updated on May 29, 2010:

This is the second time I have had juvederm injected by a plastic surgeon. The first time I had my nasolabial folds done conservatively in January, now in May I had my nasolabial folds touched up and a very small amount placed at the base of my tear trough in my midface. Both times I experienced no bruising, no swelling, and went out the same night of the injections as well as attended a bbq and party the next day. I iced all day of the injections, 10 minutes on, 30 minutes off, and took lots of arnica. The correction is VERy subtle, and I still have the troughs or my bags, but I look "fresher" and definitely younger. I am glad my practitioner understands that a conservative approach is best and I plan to visit every 5-6 months for touch ups. I think this is the best approach because then we can gauge together where a small amount of filler needs to go, in order to be the least invasive and not change the shape and contour of my face in a drastic manner. I am so happy with these results and the fact that I'm not experiencing any serious side effects. Again, I believe the small amount he placed in both places was key to my success.

Just wanted to update 3/2012: I have now had about...

Just wanted to update 3/2012: I have now had about 5 follow-up injections with the same Dr. Each time, he tailors the injections to my facial contours, with an incredibly natural result. We have moved on to my orbital and malar areas in addition to the nasolabial folds. Each visit, my Dr. adresses small areas incrementally and conservatively. I'm thrilled each and every time I go back (once about every 7-9 months). The past two visits, I have not used numbing cream, which can cause the skin to swell slightly, so my Dr. can get very precise with the injections. The results always surpass my expectations. I have never had a bruise, a complication, or even a minute problem with the placement or look. No one would ever know I get this done, I just look "refreshed." Each time after icing for a few hours, I've gone out the same night and continued my routine with no downtime whatsoever. I love how I look, and trust my Dr. implicitly.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. really listens to his patients and seems very knowledgeable about his practice. I felt very well taken care of in his office by his staff. Overall a very positive experience and he gave me what I wanted. Update: Dr. and personnel all conduct themselves with the utmost care and professionalism. Incredibly happy I found this Dr.!

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Thanks for your post. I'm curious how long the juvederm has lasted under your eyes and how much it cost?
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I been thinking about add volume to my cheeks and I wonder if somebody outthere already done it,and I like to know if this its a good thing or not.
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thanks for your reply. it has been about 3 weeks and the effects have diminished somewhat, but as you state, the overall effect is that the lines or folds are much softer and less noticeable. the look is very natural, and i just look a little less haggard in general! i will definitely seek to maintain this. question: for someone who is young, active, and has a fast metabolism, when do you think i should expect to have to go for a touch-up? also, if the product dissolves or loses the effects within a month, should a touch-up be discounted? i wonder about the protocol amongst practitioners. my doctor seemed to think that i should be back in his office in 4-6 months. i was thinking of going back at the 3-month mark to obtain a touch-up, of course, full-price.
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Question: NL injections – love the look now, just hope the effects aren’t swelling

Answer: Juvederm is excellent filler that will soften and lessen the depth of the depressions in the nasolabial grooves. Most patients are happy with the use of this and other fillers. However, Juvederm will ultimately absorb and you will require additional filler injection sessions in the future. I am certain that your physician discussed this with you.

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update: the swelling has gone down, and while I definitely looked better the first couple days (amazing how "puffiness" looks so good when you aren't used to it!), the nl folds are much much softer and barely noticeable. i hope this effect lasts at least 6 months. it looks completely natural and no one would ever in a million years think i got filler. i just look well rested. very happy!
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I am sure you are a bit swollen regardless of if you really know it or not-or if there is bruising. Although I am happy with my results I was much happier before the swelling went away. Now I would say I am happy that the lines are softened as it did not take me long to realize I am not going to spend less and a grand and remove wrinkles.
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