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Undecided. Scared to End Up Worse Than How I Started - Chicago, IL

I finally think it's time to take the next step...

I finally think it's time to take the next step but I am not sure where to begin. For as long as I remember, I have disliked my nose. I avoid mirrors and pictures when possible because all I see is this monstrosity in the middle of my face. I just hate seeing pics of me from any angle because all I see is my nose with a girl attached to it. Rhinoplasty it something I've considered for many years and it seems like every 4 years I revisit getting plastic surgery but something stops me. I'm stopped by fear of winding up worse than from where I started. That being said, I really think it's time to do this. I can't go on further wondering how awesome it would be to have a smaller nose. I would love to see pictures of myself without cringing at the sight of me. So, I'm on here because I have read peoples reviews and I am inspired to begin my search for a rhinoplasty specialist. I have my eye on Dr. Anil Shah. I've read great reviews of his work and have seen many before and after shots and his patients always look glamorous to me. I do want to make an informed decision and I feel like I can only do that by putting together a list of top docs in Chicago (or surrounding area). So, I'm on here looking for other suggestions of other top rhinoplasty specialists in Chicago that I should have on my list? Looking forward to the recommendations.

Thank you both for the feedback. I have a long...

Thank you both for the feedback. I have a long way to go. My list consists of only Dr. Shah but I don't want to jump in. I did have a consult a few years ago with a NMH Plastic Surgeon who was highly recommended by my Derm. I made the appointment, got there early, only to learn that the surgeon had forgotten about our appointment- evidenced by this rushing to see me before he was off to surgery- met me for a few minutes and then dashed off. Needless to say, he is off my list.

FunnyLion, can you share a little more of your experience with Dr. Shah (i.e. is he personable, willing to listen, ect.)?

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Just saw your update. Yes, I think Dr. Shah is very kind, helpful, and willing to both listen and answer any questions you might have. I'll send you a PM with a little more info about my personal experience with him.
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Welcome to RealSelf! Here's what some doctors have to say about rhinoplasty surgeons in Chicago.

I can totally relate to your feeling of being a nose with a girl attached. That's a great way to put it.

I hope you can get this done and end up loving your results. Good for you for doing lots of research. Please keep us posted!

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Hey, I also read and heard a lot of great things about Dr. Shah, which is why I ended up going with him for my primary last month. I'd be careful with looking at that list above, since it's a couple of years old now, and I know at least one of those doctors mentioned has been associated with poor work on other sites I have visited. I'm sure there are some great surgeons on there - just make sure to check multiple resources! I've read that Dr. Burget in Chicago is good, too. He doesn't have a website, and I'm not sure what he specializes in, but he might be worth checking out! Good luck! Keep us updated :)
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