My Dream is Finally Here….But Oh So Worried Sick - Chicago, IL

Initially my procedure was scheduled for January...

Initially my procedure was scheduled for January 17 2014 but as I looked at my calendar , I noticed I start school the week after. called back and rescheduled for December, 16 2013. A whole month before!

I am a 25 yr old mother and cannot stop thinking pessimistic. This is something I have wanted since grammar school and finally I am capable of doing it. I hope to overcome my fears and follow through with it.

This is really going to happen. *12/17/2013*

I got my days off approved to recover.

Getting Prepared For My Big Day

Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks to your advice and posts, I am on my way to the store to gather up something for my big day. I setting up a little table on the side of my bed with my meds, water bottles, halls, lip balm, cranberry juice (canned…my favorite), a longer extension to charge my laptop, tissue, magazines, a book, etc. Washing all my laundry and putting my sons uniforms on the side for the rest of the week too!

I can't believe I am saying this put I fell good! Maybe even excited!

Had my surgery 12/18/2013

Hi everyone, I actually went through it! Had my surgery done yesterday and all went well. I was able to have some soup last night but thats all. Not because I was in pain or nauseous but more becasue I was simply not in the mood to eat. I could say that I woke up still on the surgery table before they could transfer me to recovery. Thank God they were all done! I did freak out because I didn't know where to breath from. I had a tube in my mouth and couldn't get my self to open my eyes to let the anesthisiologist know that I was awake and for him to remove the tube. Finally, I think je saw me moving my hand towards the tube to pullet out so he did it for me. When I got to the recovery room I could finally open my eyes. At this time I began to feel Nauseous. I told my nurse about it and I remembered Dr. Ross gave me Ondansetron so she rapidly stuffed it in my mouth but it was too late. I know it may sound disgusting but I kept the dissolvable pill under my tongue the whole time I hurled. It was hard to control the vomiting because not only was I trying to hold the pill but I was also not trying to force my nose at all. I couldn't help it! I let it all out through my mouth and nose. I basically puked a bucket of blood through my mouth and nose. My point of me telling this part is definitely not to scare anyone, believe it or not, as soon as all that was out of me , I felt 80% better. I could even see better too!
I am a bit swollen but not bruised yet! I hope ARNICA avoids all the bruising.
I have been taking my pain pills constantly every 4 hours and I have been in very little pain.



I will definitely pass this site along.

Thank you guys.

OaN….one side of my nose is bigger than the other. Could it be that its swollen? I hope so!

Feeling the Discomfort

Im beginning to feel tired now. After making the beds , working from laptop, picking up just a tad bit, and watching some tv, I am finally beat! About time! My forehead feels soooo heavy. Im gonna lay down for a bit hopefully I feel better. Im beginning to bruise up too!!!!Ugghh i Hope this is the worst it gets!!

Day:3 Worst night yet!

So I woke up at 3:42AM. Immediately after waking up, I felt no nauseous, I decided to take my last Ondansetron dissolvable pill to avoid Hurling. I fell asleep until 5:3? AM again and I could not hold it. I threw up all the tea and soft drinks I have been drinking. Not only did the pill not work but it tasted horrible. Before hurling, I kept on tossing and turning and couldn't get comfortable for the life of me. I must admit, after hurling, I was a bit more relaxed and was able to sleep until 7:40AM.

Slept through the night

Finally, I slept all night didn't even get up for my meds. I woke up and didn't feel that throbbing pain at all. I`ve been without codeine for more than 8hrs. I will take my next dose in a bit but glad I don't need it every 4 hrs anymore. I feel my very light bruises are gone. I prayed yesterday for myself and for everyone else going through this. I am glad I can say I feel better today. I can see a tiny difference but maybe its because I am still swollen.

Cast removal Day!!!!

SO excited, FINALLY my cast will be removed today. I am so overwhelmed with this tape all over my cheeks. I can fell it sting a bit already. But regardless, I am so grateful this process went a lot smoother than anticipated. I will post pics up soon!
Thank you Realselfers for all your support. This site will be highly re commended and have already passed it along.

Thank God! Cast is off and I am so happy

Cast removal day could not have come any quicker. Had a couple stitches removed but every single one worth it!

Though my nose is a bit swollen and like I was told previously, not too obvious of a change, I am more than happy with the results.

20 Days Post op and swelling is still present

WTH!!!!! So I loved my nose the first day when my cast was removed. Then, a couple days later my nose is still swollen. I hope this is temporary and not my final result. I know its too soon to judge but I just really want it to go down. I have yet to talk to my Dr. but I will definitely give him a call this week if I don't see any improvements.
Its weird, my use is swollen the most in the morning when I first wake up and it goes down in the late afternoon.
Anyway, I just want to see a difference and be happy with the results. I don't hate it but I don't love it as much as I did the first day.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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You commented on my review talking about swelling and from my pics you can see i had MAJOR swelling - things that have made my nose go down so much so quickly have been walking lots i have a dog and im a waitress so i walk loaads but i read it on google and it helps so much, sleeping with the window open (if you live where its cold), bromelaine tablets, antihistamines, clay masks (they seem to shrink my nose as they harden), gently massaging the nose downward, sleeping upright, cutting down on salty foods, and another tip from google - drinking plenty of water. Hope these help i had such horrendous swelling like no one ive seen on here and now my nose is so thin even my tip swelling has started to fade away which doesnt usually happen until 2-3 months :)
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Thank you so much for all your helpful hints. I tried the pillow thing but doesn't seem to help for me as much as I thought . I usually put ice packs for a couple minutes and that seems to be a tad bit more effective. How are you doing?
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Hey my nose was done Dec 20th and I too see it swelling much more when I wake up and after a hot shower. If I lay flat at night with no pillow it's super swollen ! Maybe try a night of sleeping with lots of pillows ?
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Hmmm?? Yeah that makes sense. Thank you. I saw you profile and I think your nose looks fab!!!
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Thank you all for your encouragement and support through this whole process. I could not have made it without your tips and helpful hints. I am pleased with my nose so far, and know that it will be getting better soon. Best of luck to each of you and thanks again...for everything!!!!
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Im glad I was able to help. This site is simply the best! You have the opportunity to talk to REAL people about what you are going through. Honestly, this site has been my bf through it all. Reading all these stories you can relate to, diminishes your concerns. Im glad you are happy with you results. Thank you as well. Happy New Year!
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Already looking good!!!
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Thank you! ;-) The swelling in the Morning is still bothering me though.
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Hey all, I'm back and my cast is off and the splints are out. My nose swells during the day and seems almost blown out of proportion. It still looks better than the original, though :) I will post another photo soon...
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I'm so happy for you I am impressed you don't look like u just had a surgery minimum swilling and bruising ur nose looks natural and I'm glad u like it
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Thank you. My last picture was the day my cast was removed. Since then, my nose has swollen a bit. Dr. said it would. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will appreciate it more. I can feel it swollen and its some what bothering. But, thank you. I was going for the natural look and really happy with the unswollen version of my new nose.
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I am glad you like your results. Your nose looks fantastic. Congrats!
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Thanks you. Since my cast was removed, my nose has swollen. Waiting on results in the next cpl weeks. Hopefully swelling will go down.
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I am sure it will!
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Your nose looks fantastic!
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Thank you Ellie.
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Hey we got ours done the same day! I can't believe I didn't see this sooner. Sorry you had a hard time the first couple of days, so did I. Not as easy as they make it seem haha. But the worst of it is over. I get my cast off today too, not until 5pm so anxiously awaiting. Good luck, here's to hoping we both aren't too swollen and bruised to appreciate the new nose haha.
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Hi Candace, SO how`d it go? Did you get any stitches removed? Hope all went as smooth as possible. Keep us posted! Thank you
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it went great! yes a few and it hurt but not too bad haha. You're nose looks great! so natural and beautiful!
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Oh I'm so happy for u can't wait to see ur results good luck
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Cant wit either! Thank you.
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Hey hope your feeling better today! I went through alot of the same as you it was very rough but the day your cast comes off youll feel so much better because its just like letting all the pressure out of your face! Everything gets better slowly and everyone heals differently Good luck! :)
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Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get all this tape OFF my face. Cannot wait to feel all this pressure be released from my face!Thanks!
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I am sorry your tummy is bothering you! So far everything is looking good :) Just make sure to rest! Can't wait to see the final result!
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Feeling a lot better today. Thank you!
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