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I did it just to smooth out the small bump on my...

I did it just to smooth out the small bump on my nose and to refine the tip.

I was looking for only finesse rhino to address just a few minor touch ups . I had to wait a year w a crooked nose before doing any additional Sx. I had two other semi-surgical things done and I 'm still not happy with my nose. I still have a crooked bridge. It has been a year since the last intervention so I am looking for a PS that can save my nose! It's been very stressful to say the least!

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Hey, I'd love to see some photos and/or hear more about your story. Just had a revision with Dr Shah. PM me if you like!
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I'm sorry you've had to deal with less than you'd hoped for. You might want to check out RealSelf's Revision Rhinoplasty community for information and stories from others who've been in your shoes. Please keep us posted!

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