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I did it just to smooth out the small bump on my...

I did it just to smooth out the small bump on my nose and to refine the tip.

I was looking for only finesse rhino to address just a few minor touch ups . I had to wait a year w a crooked nose before doing any additional Sx. I had two other semi-surgical things done and I 'm still not happy with my nose. I still have a crooked bridge. It has been a year since the last intervention so I am looking for a PS that can save my nose! It's been very stressful to say the least!

Hey, I'd love to see some photos and/or hear more about your story. Just had a revision with Dr Shah. PM me if you like!
Hi Plan to meet dr anil But confused with these bad review about him. Can u tell me ur experience with him. I also think to see dean toriumi. What is your opinion Tnx
I was happy with revision by Shah and I'm 2 years post. Toriumi I have heard mixed reviews, but I have never had a consult with him. It doesn't hurt to get an opinion with both. But, I will say my revision turned out great! Good luck!
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