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Juvederm for Thin Lips, I was a Believer! - Chicago, IL

It works! I have always had very small lips and...

It works! I have always had very small lips and wanted them a bit plumper, I had no top lip. I decided to share this review because this website helped me so much to take the plunge and do the procedure (Plus I found a groupon). I do not do well with needles and ended up passing out during the procedure, YAY! There really wasn't a lot of pain involved, it was more fear than anything.
There was immediate results and very little bruising. The type of Juvederm I had injected also contained a numbing agent therefore it did not hurt too much after the first two injections.
I had my top and a little in my bottom lip injected for a total of one syringe.

There is very little pain following however there is slight numbness at the top lip. There are two small dots on either side of my lips which are easily covered with lip gloss, the pictures are on the same day as procedure. I am writing this on the day after, there is no change in the look so far.

3 days post injection

3 Days post injection, still liking fuller lips however I have noticed the top portion above my lip itself sticks out further than I would like :/ I hope this is just swelling! It is hard to tell what is swelling and what is the actually filler. Updated pics below.

6 -7 week update

I still have the filler that migrated above the lip which you can see in certain lighting. Read below about my experience on a second opinion and how he did not recommend use of the enzyme to take it down. I'm just dealing with it .. It seems to be coming down a bit. I will post pre and post ... Previously I had a wrinkle abovey lip there which I don't necessarily want back .. Which could reappear following the enzyme. I like the fuller lips but not sold on the shape and outcome :/. Hope this helps

3-4 weeks post

None of the photos show the swelling too well .. They were diffinetly bigger than they are now .

I forgot to add

Oh yah... I wanted to add... Despite having fuller lips like I wanted. My friends and family kind ofthought I was crazy! My friends had mixed opinions and my mom wasn't too pleased. She was the one who told me it was "like having a bad haircut, it will only last a little while". HAHA thanks mom. I guess they didn't remember how my lips were before! non existent and with smoker lines and I am not even a smoker!!! # Tooyoung for this!
Embassy Studios

They did a great job making me comfortable during my procedure, especially with me passing out during. The owner came in and personally sat with me during the procedure, she was very nice! The person performing the procedure did a great job, she told me exactly what she was doing and what to expect. I definitely plan to go back as long as all stays well :) Okay they were very friendly when I went in but then when I went back because I was not completely pleased, the injector did not seem to listen to my concerns. She kept repeating that she had provided me with possible side effects and that the swelling will go down after a few weeks. Despite the fact I had stated several times that I was already four weeks out! Her technique/ outcome wasn't awful or anything, it would have been kind if she addressed my concerns a little more.

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672RH - How are your lips coming along - better after another month? Just curious...
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Still not very happy with them, the bump above the right side of my lip is still there. My top lip is more full than my bottom. Still waiting for this to disappear :/ pictures don't show it otherwise I would post. My right side still droops when I talk, YAY How is everything going for you?
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Well that stinks, sorry to hear that. I am going to do another round of Hyaluronidase, I swear Juviderm is hard to get rid of. I got the Juvi in late Jan and I swear, if I hadn't done the Hyaluronidase none of it would have been absorbed as I still have enough in my lips that it bothers me most days (some days it isn't as swollen, so weird). It has been 7 months now!! My dr doesn't charge me for the dissolver so I figure it won't hurt. They are still WAY better than they were though. Hope yours improves soon! :-)
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Your pics look great really but in a few weeks if you are still stressing about how it looks just have a Dr do a "little" of the enzyme (I had to talk my dr into doing way less than he thought we should at first, he's pretty much happy to try anything that won't hurt me so we did it and on the one side I needed no more after that) and I think you would be happy with the result. Any "natural" lines, etc. are probably less stressful than something unnatural (my opinion, I have loss of volume in one little spot above my top lip that is now back but I don't even think about it vs. the crazy duck lips I had going). And, yes, God love our family for giving us unsolicited opinions on our looks (my Mom had a similar reaction despite the fact she needs her teeth whitened and a good highlight - ha!). Good luck!!!
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I felt the same way on my third day.. It look like duck lips so fake.. The top lip. But a week later they are starting to look back to normal.
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I'm in the exact position as you.. I have an appointment to see a different doctor (a plastic surgeon) to see if they were done correctly.. It's been a week since I got my lips done and they look like they went back to normal the only thing that looks different is my upper lip in between my nose and lip.. Is a little swollen and looks kind of funny when I smile.
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I had a very similar experience, I wouldn't expect your top lip to go "down" very much after a week as Juvederm is known for attracting and retaining fluid. After a few weeks, if you hate it, don't live with it as it will impact your self esteem, get a little hyalurodinase and take it down. You won't be sorry.
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Thanks for the tip. I went back to the original place an they did not recommend using hyalurodinase. She said that it would remove even my natural proteins which could cause the reverse effect, an indentation. I am getting a second opinion this week from a plastic surgeon specialist. The right side of my lip is sagging when I talk, I don't know if this is due to the extra filler above my lip weighing it down? EEEK
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Don't believe that, I have only gone to board certified plastic surgeons in Dallas for any filler/botox/hyalurodinase and none of them (4 in total) would say you should worry about your natural tissue dissolving. They use that stuff for all sorts of medical procedures, my brother has cancer and they use it when putting in the needle for chemo (many times) and he has no loss of tissue (and that is in his inner arm where you don't even have much extra tissue). They may be telling you that because they don't actually have that product, which would tell you they shouldn't even be doing filler. No one should do filler without having hyalurodinase on hand in case there is a bad reaction or whatever. Hyalurodinase has been used longer than Juviderm. Don't live with weird looking results, it is NOT worth it. I will NEVER put filler in my upper lip line again, I now know it doesn't look right. Even after two hyalurodinase treatments I still have enough Juviderm in my lips that I can tell its there, don't worry about your natural tissue, you'll be fine.
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Sooo heres what ended up happening... I went to get the second opinion from a well known plastic surgeon. He looked very closely at my lips and told me that the enzyme would not be as specific as I would need to take down a certain area above my lip. (I showed him a picture of my before and the wrinkle I had above my top lip.. he said if I used the enzyme I would likely have the wrinkle back and then maybe an asymmetry). He said my best luck would be to wait it out and time will tell. So I didn't get it done, he seemed to be very honest and knowledgeable. That was 4 weeks post injection. Now I am about 6 to 7 weeks post and I still have a little fuller portion above my top lip on the right but it has come down a lot. I plan to just let it be, it seem to be evening out more over time. I don't know if I will ever do it again, but I do overall like it better than what I had prior. As for comments above, I wouldn't worry too much to have swelling above the lip at one week post op as long as there is still some discomfort, that means it may be swelling. If there is no discomfort, it may be the actual filler which will take time to go down.. like a lot of time (from my experience).
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