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I had a breast augmentation & mastopexy, (had...

I had a breast augmentation & mastopexy, (had older sailine implants removed) & new ones put in) I decided to get my implants removed that were done in 1999, I decided on going smaller in size, I was about 350 cc's I was 27 yrs old I'm now 41 yrs old & my reason for choosing smaller implants is I felt now at this point in my life where I'am at I would be more comfortable being smaller, just wanted a change as I'am now 14 yrs older. The whole experience was pleasant & smooth & a fast recovery. I have not 1 bad thing I can say about the surgery or Dr. What I can say is I'am so happy with the outcome & Feel so confident, it changed my life. The surgery went smooth & all involved from dr to staff to the surgical center were amazing!

Loving My New Breast

I'm now 6 months pre-op & all I can say is I love the outcome of my surgery, There so natural looking and soft & they make me feel so confident, there perfect size. Dr B made them so natural looking, not that implant look.I healed well & fast and the scars are almost non-visable and getting better every month. I'm so happy I went smaller when replacing the older implants, as I'm older now & in a different faze in my life. I can not be any happier with this surgery!

Doing Great

I'am even more pleased now than I was a few months ago, wow they look great feel so soft and have a great look! I'am about 6 months since surgery, ands they look great no soreness, the scars are sofeting up & lighter and almost non visable. I had my nipples done, I hated how large my nipples were so Dr Brownstein suggested we make them smaller, there almsort fully healed as far as the scar around nipple as the dr removed the nipple and reconstructed it. So I must say in my 6 month review I'am so happy & ladies they get better & better over the months, they will get softer over time & fall in place better and you will not see the scars over time, this is my 2nd breast augemetation so I can tell you they get better over time up to 1 year they will change, so if you think your look too high up or feel or look too hard tnhey really will soften and drop and get better over time.. I just had a brow lift and mid/face lift 2 months & 2 weeks ago and I still have to wait months more to reach my desired look and everything has to settle into it's place so to speak.Alot of plastic surgeries take time to reach there final look but it's so worth it in the end (if yu have the right dr) it's so so important to research your Dr. and request before & after photos from the dr you choose, of the work your having done & make sure Dr is board certified. I had such a horrible plastic surgery nightmare before I found Dr Brownstein in 1999 and I can tell you I did no research on this prior Dr before I found Dr B and just went in listened to him and he sold me and I suffered years of the after math and depression from it, so I beg you research your Doctor and go to several if you have to, but please its so important to do your homework on your Doctor before surgery, this is your life your body and you have to live with it. Make sure Dr. is Board Certified in plastic Surgery, this guy wasnt! Goodluck ladies xo xo
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brownstein is amazing! I went back to him for the 2nd time & travel many hours because hes amazing at what he does. He took his time with me helping me make the right & best decision for my situation, he explained everything to me until he is sure I'am confident in my choice. He understands as a patient how hard it is to go through cosmetic surgery & that making this decison is life changing & if wrong can be tramatizing. After surgery he continued to take care of me as his patient & called few times a day to check in on my progress. He is caring & understanding, his staff @the office is also amazing & helpful & does so much to assist you throughout the process before surgery & afterwords. I have more surgery with Dr. Brownstein for September. I owe Dr. so much for giving me confidence in myself again & I can look in the mirror & smile again. I'm so looking forward to my next cosmetic surgery in July. Thank You Dr Brownstein & Sydney (staff)

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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I find your story unique and interesting. Glad you are pleased with your results and your PS. Was the breast lift the main reason you decided to do a revision? I think it's great that you went smaller. Did you PS have to remove any extra breast tissue? Did your PS mention the condition of your old implants...was everything still intact? Congratulations!

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Hello BethH & thank you for your welcome & message & interest in my story, I did the replacement of the breast implants for 2 reasons I got older & started feeling they were way to big for me & embarrassed me in the work I do (real estate) I felt uncomfortable & judged & the 2nd reason my implants were done in 1997 so they were old they were not damaged in any way but old & dropping some. But mainly I felt so big I'am 5 ft 1 inches & 135 pounds so they were way to big (I did not mind up until past 2yrs) I was confident in my descision when choosing this size & my Dr was wonderful & I choose how big I was but as growing older decided it was time to downsize lol :) I choose 1 cup size smaller & I could not be happier. I have to say it was mentally hard for a bit, & I was so scared I was not gonna be happy & that I was doing the wrong thing (you know being 1 size for 16 yrs) & then going smaller but I can tell you I'm so happy & confident in this descison & outcome.The condition of older implants were fine they luckily held out wonderful 16yrs but just needed to change as I got older. No tissue was removed. Thanx for your message & I hope I can help someone by my story & any questions I'd be happy to answer for you or anyone... :) I did not document (pictures) my journey wish I did now :( but I'am happy I can atleast share my story... Thanx again... Erica M.
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Thank you for your detailed response! I know it will be helpful to other women as they begin to go through life changes and decide to step down in size. I have heard a few other stories like yours, so you are not alone, but they aren't very common. It's nice to hear though, that your implants lasted for 16 years. So happy you had a great experience and that you feel confident!

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