Open rhinoplasty and septomplasty with removal of hump

I have waited a very long time for this surgery I...

I have waited a very long time for this surgery I can remember being 13 years old and people making comments about my nose and feeling like if I walked with my head turned a certain way or always kept my hair down no one would notice how big my nose was. Maybe if I kept a long bang it was distract from my nose?!

Well... About 2 years ago I started my search for a surgeon however the money wasnt right. This year I started again bc my money was together. I met with 5 surgeons in the area and finally decided on dr. Chernoff. I felt that he spent the most time and took the most interest in me he also made his and his office assistant Dana's email available to me. They were very punctual and informative. I felt very comfortable as I booked my surgery.

April 1:
Today I had a lot of pain in my tip and in the bridge of my nose. I called the office and I was in and out in an hour. Dr. Chernoff and his nurse met with me and removed my stitches and applied new sutures. They also inspected the healing inside and outside my nose. They were very attentive. The nurse seems very cold however she is excellent at her job and very observant and attentive. She called in a script for me and I picked it up on my way home. I am feeling much better this evening.

April 2: today has been somewhat better ran some...

April 2: today has been somewhat better ran some errands and took my 5 year old son bowling. Today my stitches are bugging me. Unfortunately not much I can do about that because they are the disolvable ones. I accidentally bumped my nose with my hand today and it bled a little bit but nothing too horrible. I also started taking some bromelain today it is supposed to help with swelling. I'm hoping that it will help for when chernoff takes off my cast Friday. I keep trying to decide about my bridge I'm thinking he didn't narrow it at all. I've been driving everyone crazy taking pictures and obsessing about my nose. Guess we will see if I'm happy Friday :-/

April 3: still having a little bit of pain but the...

April 3: still having a little bit of pain but the ultrum was actually sufficient in curing that pain today. I'm currently taking my last day of keflex and still taking an iron pill, multivitamin and bromelain. Went to get some Chinese food today besides that think I'm just going to sit on the couch and watch movies. I've been kind of depressed this week. I'm hoping that changes when my cast comes off and I go back to work Friday. :-/

I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs...

I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs and comments today and everyone seems to be saying that they barely had any pain or that it was only a couple days! I am 8.5 days post op and still hurting not as bad but still having pain. Perhaps it's because of how much damage had to be fixed during my rhinoplasty/septoplasty.
Your nose looks fantastic even w/ the cast on! Sorry that you're feeling a bit down... I hope that changes soon :) Will be following your updates; so exciting that you get your cast off soon! Again, feel better!
I forgot to say, we both have 5 year olds too :) How is yours dealing with your surgery? My son is extremely concerned about mine. I am really wondering how he is going to react when he sees me in a cast with puffy eyes and a strange looking nose!
I agree your nose looks awesome even in the cast! I am so excited for you!! How are you feeling now? You are one gorgeous lady!

April 4: Well I just woke up well for the 5th...

April 4:
Well I just woke up well for the 5th time. I spent the majority of my night in cold sweats and tossing and turning having nightmares. I'm worried about going back to work and my nose bleeding there or starting to run and I can't do anything about it or my stitches inside my nose showing. My job concentrates a lot on looks and I have got to make some money this weekend seeing how my cushion fund for this surgery is almost depleted.
I also keep having nightmares that my bridges is too wide or my nose still looks big on my face or I bump it and work and break it again. I'm freaking out that it's not going to be what I want or look good on my face. I've wanted this for so long that I just don't want it to be messed up. I'm have half a mind to prep myself for it to be bad that way if it slightly off to what I wanted I won't be upset. I also keep thinking how strange it'd going to be to go back to work when all the girls I work with new I was going to get my nose done. Usually it's boobs that get done At my job so I've had a lot of people on my Facebook asking me questions. :-/ ugh stress levels high today and I'm rambling off to cook my son breakfast and maybe go to the gym,

Well got my heart rate going pretty good for about...

Well got my heart rate going pretty good for about 10-15 minutes and no nose bleeds I kind if felt like my nose was throbbing tho but it doesn't appear swollen. But i did notice that i probably should have done something physical before today bc i can tell work is gonna kill me tomorrow. so the next thing is probably tmi but chance are if your reading this you been thru it. I've been feeling a little congested and like I couldn't breath since yesterday so I used my Nettie pot squirt bottle thing that I've been boycotting since it was making the water go in my nose and out my mouth and that thoroughly discusted me. Well I gave it another go and woo hoo the water came out the other side of my nose another with a whole bunch of blood tinged snot. And omg I could breath the best that I've been able to during this entire ordeal. Well now I'm getting a head ache not quite sure what that is but just thought I'd update. Gonna try the squirt bottle again in an hour or so.
And omg I can't wait to wash my face tomorrow and get to do my hair and wear makeup.

I seem to be having an issue with my columella...

I seem to be having an issue with my columella every time I smile it seems to run against the bottom of my septum and really hurt. I have been reading that with open rhinoplasty it can thicken that part and become sore for some time after the rest of your nose has stopped hurting. Nothing else is hurting anymore except that part. My cast comes off tomorrow :) I can't wait to take an full shower
Thank you for being honest about the pain and your inner struggles and worries. I am worried that I am going to be the only person to just completely freak out and not handle the pressure well. It's a huge emotional journey that I can already tell you are going to be so glad that you took. Congratulations for being brave and doing something amazing for yourself. Let us know how it goes at the gym! I bought a thigh master (lol) for my recovery time because I feel like it is about as low impact as it gets. Good luck and once again, congratulations! ~Maggie
It is a lot of pressure. I'm somewhat of a worry wart myself. I have been freaking out since day one I think I have about 30/40 pics on my phone of my nose that I have taken since day 1 I just keep scanning thru them and looking at changing in swelling and the tip and flipping my before and now back and forth trying to decide if I'm happy. I'm terrified to go back to work tomorrow honestly. Idk if its gonna be harder now that I've had my nose done and I'm self conscious of other people's opinions on the work I had done or when my nose was big and I felt like everyone was staring at it lol! I actually didn't make it to the gym today but I'm going to attempt to dance around a little today and see how my nose does bc my job is dancing I'm really hoping so no nose bleeds or anything. It stopped dripping 3 days ok so fingers crossed we will see and ill let you all know lol I'm gonna look real silly dancing around my living room with my nose cast lol
That sounds like an amazing youtube video! hahaha. Post nose job girls with casts on their faces dancing around their living rooms! We could start a web series! hahah! Seriously though, you are going to be fine at work, I bet very few people will even notice! Keep us updated!

Cast is off pics are up! So excited but I could...

Cast is off pics are up! So excited but I could feel myself immediately swell up as soon as she took the cast off. I can feel the swelling all the way to my cheeks and eyes. Hopefully it goes down quickly going to take some bromelain and an ultram. My head started hurting this morning kind of think its a lack of caffeine. Anywho I'm pretty excited and no regrets. I was given some "excerzes" to do which are different ways to rub the bridge of my nose. Hoping to go back to work tonight but we will see I feel really stuffy going to try that salt water squirt thing shortly. Oh so I was really expecting my skin to be super oily and broken out under the cast instead it was very dry and flaky. Glad I got some good moisturizer at home

I feel like there is a bump on my nose I was told...

I feel like there is a bump on my nose I was told that from where he had to break my nose and it's supposed to go down but I'm starting to wonder and when I touch its really hard like bone but I guess so is the rest of the swelling. Guess ill just have to trust that it will go down :-/ is anyone else having trouble with their smile. I really liked my smile before and now I feel like it looks weird.
Your smile will come back 100 percent! It just takes time and some stretching haha.I had to kind of practice smiling again, but then it just came back after like day 8.
Looks great! Congratulations & good luck with the rest of the healing process!!!
It looks so good and the bump totally is just swelling! My doctor said the same thing to me and just from doing the exercises from yesterday and throughout today I can tell it has already gone down. Mine feels hard as well but it is just fluid I promise! One thing I am going to so is tape it everyday after i get home and while I sleep also to keep the fluid out...just a suggestion, maybe something you could try? Anyway your results look awesome congrats!

Well my first night back to work went pretty well....

Well my first night back to work went pretty well. I got lots of compliments and felt so much more confident talking to and approaching people. I would periodically think about turning my head a certain way to hide my nose tho and then would remember oh ya I have a pretty little nose now :) getting this done has deffinately been one of my better decisions I'm so happy about it! :) next is sucking this fat out my stomach lol! I am still very swollen and it is somewhat painful it is actually uncomfortable applying my bare minerals with my kabuki brush so I couldn't Imagine having any kind of heavy makeuo that actually put pressure on my face to apply or wearing sun glasses. Well I'm off to bed hoping to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather tomorrow/ today
You have got an amazing result! You look so pretty! :) x
Thanks. I'm still really swollen and sore I wish it would stop :(
Ya it felt weird smiling last night at work so in kind of pt acting. In the mirror today as my son makes fun of me lol

Well I do believe I went back to work a little...

Well I do believe I went back to work a little early. I still can't breath out of my nose bc of the swelling and I felt like I was suffocating when I actually had to excert a lot of energy. My boss actually told me I probably shouldn't be back at work. I had to tho bc I had to pull some money together.
Feeling swollen is getting pretty old. I don't feel like it looks incredibly swollen but I can most deffinately feel it and I'm sick of not being able to breath. My doctor had said my mucus membranes were so swollen they were almost touching so I know that's why and I know I'm only 12 days post op but it's frustrating. I have been starting to touching my nose more it still feel foreign to me like its not my face.
You look great! Very natural looking :)
Thank you! Still waiting for the smile to full come back
It's not too bad when I massage it now

I'm 14 days post op today. I'm not sure I'm happy...

I'm 14 days post op today. I'm not sure I'm happy with my nose. I go back and forth with it alot. I hear that it looks great and very natural but it's still turned up and swollen. I still can barely breath out of it. I have no clue what to do about it. I go see the doctor tomorrow. Oh ya the bump has gotten smaller so that did turn out to in fact be swelling.
You still have some swelling, but you can tell the front is going to look even better once it goes down. Did you have spreader grafts placed?
I am also super swollen here on day 15. It really hurts to touch my nose and my nose looks rather blobish (even though it's still a major improvement from my old nose). I guess we just have to be patient - it isn't easy!

Saw the nurse practitioner today. I have to go...

Saw the nurse practitioner today. I have to go back next week and see the doctor. My swelling is still really bad. She says next time we will take pictures to see what the difference is on my healing and he may put me on a medication to help with swelling. Looks like ill be picking up some bronzed today to contour my sides for work tonight
It looks great!! I only hope mine will look as good when I have my surgery on May 13th. Very nervous and excited.
Thank hun! I hope your turns out beautifully. This is deffinately a decision that was easy to make but hard to go thru with. You will be fine. Just think about the outcome and don't be impatient like me lol
Aahhh look at YOU!!! Told you to be patient...Allie it really does look are your worst critic...remember that!! My goodness if you still cant even breathe right out if it it is obviously nowhere near where its supposed to be. I promise it looks good...I wouldn't say so if i wasn't being I honest:)

Well I had a break down at work Friday. My nose is...

Well I had a break down at work Friday. My nose is still swollen and hurting. Which is blah blah blah normal! Just fair warning to people that get this done with a lot of prior damage that need extension repair in septum and bridge prepare yourself for a slow recovery. I thought this would be easy bc the swelling and bruising wasnt bad at first but it isn't. Kind of makes me scared if I go thru with get liposuction or lipo dissolve. I did notice that the bumps on the bridge is not where he didn't repair it. The left side hump actually appears to be gone almost and is only there for the most part on the right side so improvement :)
Hey did you have spreader grafts used on your nose?
Forgot to say that I too am suffering with spots, I am covered in that Mario Badesco pink spot cream at night, I think its the stress of what your body has for through though I am 36 I thought I would have clear skin by now!!! :)
I really feel for you & am sorry your suffering with swelling etc. I think we are all different in how we heal and the stress of daily lives or how stressful our lives are really plays a factor in how quickly we heal, its hard when you work and have kids to look after. I too have gone through the worry of its swollen, looks like a sausage, bump growing back, looks wonky and my latest now I am used to the new nose is that it has grown and looks big!! Of course all of this is rubbish and my surgeon like yours has done a fantastic job but it is easy to become obsessed and I can see why Michael Jackson had so many rhinoplastys!! You are still very early on and it will get better both the swelling and breathing etc. take care and I think your nose looks great! X

Why does my nose feel so big to me today. Ugh! I...

Why does my nose feel so big to me today. Ugh! I swear some days it looks big somedays it's fine idk

So sick today! Voice is gone and can't stop...

So sick today! Voice is gone and can't stop coughing it's starting to hurt my nose bc I've been coughing non stop and it's that dry cough where it just won't stop until you almost throw up. I've noticed some asymmetrical swelling today. The bump also seems worse today I'm hoping all the really hard coughing hasn't displaced something
Not sure. But if I had to guess if say yes
I did too. I don't like how wide my nose looks from the front now...... blahhh it's not A LOT wider, but the little bit added seems to have made a big difference.
Only reason I'd say probably so is bc I had a significant hump taken out.

Ouch! Met with chernoff today! His bedside manner...

Ouch! Met with chernoff today! His bedside manner continues to make me feel very at ease every time I meet with him I feel so much better and my doubt and gone. Was in and out of the office in 30 minutes today. Only a 2-3 minute wait in the lobby. He put my mind at ease about the bump on my nose and swelling. I feel so much better. The ouch is about this steroid shot he gave me in the bump which is a callus from where he had to break my nose. It wasnt horribly painfully just lots of pressure and kind of uncomfortable. Otherwise everyday I love my nose more and more everyday! :) the bump was my only concern so as that goes down I'm sure I will be more pleased. He also wrote me a script for the hoarse throat and illness I have going on which was wonderful because it saved me a trip to my primary care physician. :D overal happy today. He also told me to massage the callus! I don't go back for another month. :)
I think, and of course I am not a plastic surgeon lol but when you have a large hump and you take it away you are left with an open top as the nose is wider as lower down towards the face, so my surgeon said that you then have to bring the sides of the nose in and in my case I had a really narrow nose to start with so it would be a bit wider, i didn't have any grafts or anything but my nose is a lot wider than before. I think your tip (as mine is) is still swollen so I wouldn't worry, it will go down. Your nose looks great to me, the profile is so pretty and your a pretty girl anyway! :) XXX
The wideness comes from grafts being used and or the illusion of a wider bridge because the height is lower; of course, swelling also contributes to width and or roundness/ lack of definition. I did not have any work done to the tip, but it did swell just from the procedure itself. My front profile wasn't bad at all to begin with imo, but it was pretty screwy with bumps on both sides of the bones, and a weakish middle vault that had to be supported with spreader grafts once the bump was removed. You will look awesome once it really heals up!
I am getting some red spots as well. I was using some acne treatment, which probably isn't helping; my surgeon suggested I stop and just rinse with dove soap.

I'm thinking the steroid shot helped :)

I'm thinking the steroid shot helped :)

From now on I'm probably not going to write much...

From now on I'm probably not going to write much ill post a picture side by side front and side every week tho I still got to do the front lol... Ill continue to comment on everyone's pages and answer any question or respond to any comments if you all have them :) thank you so much for your support and comments :)
Can you give a bit more detail about the steroid injection? I'm worried my surgeon will recommend that for me when I see him next and the thought of getting a needle in my swollen tip makes me feel faint lol On the bright side, you are looking AMAZING, and even with the little swelling you have right now, compared to your "before" nose, it's definitely a difference!
Sure Hun! I'm not quite sure what else you were wanting to know about it. He basically took. Needle filled a steroid solution and stuck it into the callus on my nose I could hear it pop thru and he injected the solution in. It didn't burn or anything. It was mainly alot of pressure when he had to pop into the callus. I don't think yours will be as bad. I'm kind of hoping he does the tip and the bump again next month to help them additionally. For comparison I get a depo shot every 3 months and that's worse then the steroid shot
Thanks for replying, it does make me feel better :) I'm just a huge wuss with needles lol

Well tomorrow is four weeks. I've found that my...

Well tomorrow is four weeks. I've found that my suture line is not healing very discreetly :-/ it's bright red. Guess that will come with time. My nose is feeling more like mine everyday still some pain on the sides of my bridge but I am able to flare and constrict my nostrils so the swelling is going down there. Starting to breath a little out of them. The bridge still looks kind of fat from the front I'm assuming that is swelling still. I also still have somewhat of a bump on the bridge but ugh patience patience patience... Lol! That's really about it for this week will update next week maybe if anything changes. As always feel free to comment or inbox I'm pretty good at replying
Lol thank you!
You took SO beautiful in the last 2 photos with your make up all done!! Hot! Thank you for the update. We should start trading no sodium no dairy recipes on this sight. It's not easy to do but it seems to be helping with my stupid swelling. Also, I've developed that same bump that you did in the bridge. I am NOT looking forward to having a shot in it if it comes to that. Had some of the tenderness gone away by that 3 week point? Please say yes. ;)

So happy! Well besides 2 things lol. I'm loving my...

So happy! Well besides 2 things lol. I'm loving my nose more and more everyday! I can't believe I waited so long to do this. Silly me smh! I'm so much more confident somehow tho that thought of turn so someone doesn't see your nose still somewhat haunts me. I have to keep reminding myself. Allie it's ok you look great! Lol. I will say that I have noticed a lot more (unwanted) attention. Which I suppose is flattering but also annoying lol! Today I turned the isle to the freezer section and I guess another turned to look at me the other customer in the isle told me. I was slightly embarrassed. However I'm rather rather that am not afraid and don't have to hide anymore is it an absolutely wonderful feeling! Today was my first big event since the surgery my 5 year old son and I went to a baseball game and had a wonderful time! :) I will he posting a profile of us later. It's really nice to not have to delete pics bc they caught my nose at a bad angle. On to the stuff that's bugging me the front still slightly swollen and breathing is somewhat wonky at times still. I also still have a bump on my nose. Looks like another steroid shot at my next visit! It's fine I'm just trying to be patient and hang in their bc I know my surgeon is wonderful and now it's up to me to sit back and wait
I love your new pics! You are very beautiful, gorgeous makeup job too lady! I can't wait to see the pics of you and your son, same age as mine BTW. I would have been terrified of a ball whacking me in the nose though! LOL I am so glad you're loving your new nose :) Your profile is so feminine and petite! Love it!
Omg we went back today and I almost got hit with a ball it landed 3 feet from me. I saw it coming and put my face in my lap and there was no way I was going after that ball and getting trampled. I'm scared to mess up my nose. I've barely even wore sunglasses. Thank you for your compliments hun. I don't usually do anything with myself unless I'm at work.

When I look at my before pictures I'm in shock. I...

When I look at my before pictures I'm in shock. I think to myself really how did you go around so long with that nose and not do anything about it?!?! Well I'm back to fully working out and back to weight before surgery so still got about 7 pounds to loose before summer to be happy :D everything has been going well. Breathing out right side is still wonky and tip is still swollen. As my swelling on my bridge is going down I can tell I'm going to need another shot in this bump. But it's ok! No pain anymore, np
You and your son...MELT...MELT..MELT...your nose looks so good Allie!!!!!!
Thanks Hun! Love my little boy more then anything :)
I love the picture with you and your son! So precious!

Not happy today

The bump is back with a vengeance I know it's from healing but I feel like the steroid shots I got last week did nothing. I'm not feeling so great about it today kind of depressed. I almost don't even want to post a picture. :-/ not happy. Hope that bump goes the hell away. I also really feel that i look extra swollen from the front. I know that I'm still healing and all but this 7 weeks has seemed like a life time. Some days I have to look at the picture of my old nose to remind myself how much better it looks now. I know we are all our own worst critic. Just hoping it all settles down soon.
your nose looks amazzzzzing! i get my cast off in 6 days, hoping it looks great like yours!
Thanks Hun good luck to you :)
It does look kinda puffy and oily. Mine does the same thing in the morning mostly. Or if I go out and party; sometimes it takes a day or two. Blah... Doctor keep saying it is swelling?


Think I'm going to post this picture as a question on this site. I'm really stressed bc this weekend is the Indy 500 and it's a potentially huge money weekend for me! I'm feeling pretty self conscious about it and really hoping no one really notices. If they do it's gonna kind of kill my confidence for the weekend. :-/ I'm going to call my surgeon tomorrow as well. From what I'm reading its "normal for healing and what I had done" but I just feel like the bump is huge and looks awful. Had to look at my pre op pictures to feel better and read some stories to remind myself that it's a long healing process.


So is anyone else having pain still. I am almost 9 weeks out and still hurting on the sides and occasionally on the bridge of my nose. I wonder if that's normal?! The bump seems to be looking a little better. I am also still swollen and the breathing is wonky. Still a process.
im 6 weeks post op and still feel some discomfort/pain in my nose! your nose looks great tho :) I think the bump is caused by the swelling which should dissapear soon
Yes I was told its due to a callus that has formed over the healing bones that he had to break to re build my bridge
I am so sorry to hear that you still do have some pain. I bought myself an ice bag that I fill with ice and cold water and keep it on my both sides of the face for a good hour, alternating between eyes and forehead and cheeks. It's been giving me great results in reducing swelling. I hope you also sleep on an elevated pillow or few pillows under your head so the liquids can flash down from your face. Your nose looks great, I would not get paranoid about the "bump" ( which is nothing) but I would ask the doctor about it. Keep us posted of your progress


Well everything seems to be settling down now and I'm getting more comfortable with it. :) I still have some pain on the sides of my nose if I cringe my nose up. My breathing is also still off so I'm going to ask him about that when I go next week. I'm almost 12 weeks out I can't believe it's been that long but at the same time I've almost forgotten how horrible it was to have my old nose. Every once in a while ill see a picture with a side shot of my nose in it and ill just cringe. Can't believe I lived with that nose for so long. Well gonna put up some pics and go to sleep. Probably wont post again for a couple weeks.

12 weeks front

Photos side by side

your nose looks amazing!
Thank you


Well bump is going down on side but the from still looks blobish. I'm going to see what the doctor says Wednesday I suppose.
i still have pain on the sides of my nose when I cringe too (I'm 8 weeks post op) and it really hurts when I wake up for some reason, can't wait for that to go away...but then the pain reminds me that I still have a lot of swelling (I'm really hoping it gets smaller once the swelling goes away). But you look great! love the results so far :)
I'm 12 days post op and a bump has appeared, it was a relief reading your posts, now I understand that's normal and it'll go down in a few weeks. Btw I LOVE your results!
Ya mine so to up and down a lot. I'm getting steroid shots for mine right now I just left the doctor and he wants me to come in once a week for a month to work on it. Just remember patience. I didn't prepare myself for a long recovery. For some reason I had it in my mind that the cast would come off and I be done. Lol I knew it would be that way but some reason that's how it was stuck in my mind


Today I am 3 month post op! I went back to the doctor and he didn't give me another shot bc he said it had thinned the skin and didn't want to give me another. I am seeing the bump from the front. He said it was starting to calcify. So hopefully it works it's self out. He seems very positive about it but I'm nervous and depressed about it. I'm hoping that it goes down. The swelling from the front looks better tho :) from the side it just looks huge tho :(

15 weeks post op

Ok things are getting better. Bump is going down on its own now. Still there but I can tell where it is reducing :) haven't had hardly any pain. My breathing is much better. As in I can actually breath threw my nose without opening my mouth for the first time in 12 years :) woot! I do still have a red spot from the front where the skin thinned from the steroid injections but its getting much better. Patience is key :)
Hi, ur nose looks great. Just wondering, how is the swelling from the front? I also had a hump removed and bones broken so the swelling is really bad and makes my nose look really wide from the front (my nose was very narrow before).
Your nose looks perfect =) I have the same issue as you. I have a bump on my nose and I hate it. I'm thinking about getting my nose done. I love your results. Your nose looks natural


Well met with the doctor. Can't do anymore steroid shots because I am experiencing skin thinning. Well he has now decided that I will probably need a revision in march. He said my bump is becoming calcified so when it is done healing at the one year mark he will evaluate and go from there. He said it could still re-absorb back into the bridge but if not I will have a closed rhinoplasty revision. I'm somewhat upset but guess that's way it happens. I have been looking at other profiles and things and it seems to actually be somewhat common when the bridge is broken and put back to together. Or the rhinoplasty is drastic. Well ill add my pic from the last appointment.
Wow, sorry you're going to have to have a revision. It's just for the little bump though, right? Your nose looks perfect other than that one tiny little thing. Hopefully it will only be a quick little procedure. i should hope he's doing it for free too! Sorry you're going through this but you've been very strong hanging in there and being patient for all this time. Good luck and please keep us informed.
Ya it's free and just for the bump. It won't be nearly as bad as what the 1st one was or so I've been told


Well I'm about 5 months post op. I'm pretty depressed about this bump. I wish something could be done sooner. I'm starting to get self conscious about my nose again and I hate it. My birthday is on the 17th an I don't even want my pictures taken bc you can see the bump from all Angle there is no hiding it. Not sure what else to do or how to hide it. Guess ill have to suck it up until march.
Hi there - please don't be upset! You look so beautiful with your new nose!! Sure, a bump isn't what we have rhino for but in saying that it's a tiny bump which can be easily fixed in a much easier and less invasive procedure. You look beautiful with your new nose - it looks so good!! It's all still healing and from what I've seen on this site, its a ridiculously long and painful process. Stay positive :) Sending good vibes out to you!! x
I actually dispite the bump which will be fixed and still happier with this nose then the one I started with! I still wouldn't trade back for anything. Yes you are right it is a long process. As you can read with my posts I didn't take that into account.
Dr. Chernoff

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