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After over 15 years of thinking about corrective...

After over 15 years of thinking about corrective surgery on my nose, I'm going for it! The best part is, my family and friends are supportive. (I'll add more detail and photos very soon!)


Oh congratulations!!!! yay the surgery is done! Even with your cast on I can see the new shape and it is going to fantastic!!!! :))))) What exactly did you have done?
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Hey recovery buddy! What day are you? I'm 3 days post and feeling good. The arnica gel has made a big difference on the area around my eyes. I don't have any way to upload pics though. :( might borrow my roommate's laptop later today.
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Are you getting excited for your surgery? My surgery is tomorrow!
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Day 1 post-op: Bruised and swollen more than I...

Day 1 post-op: Bruised and swollen more than I expected. My Dr. said I "bruised and swelled more than the average bear". :) But, he ended up doing some work on the underside of my lip under my nose. Adding stitches there increased the pain, etc. Day 2 post-op: Feeling horrible. Nauseous and sick to my stomach most of the evening and all night. Swelling...BAD. I have major chipmunk cheeks and am feeling a bit depressed. Then, my husband reminded me that since I'm allergic to all anti-inflammatory drugs, that I'm healing without all the meds that many people are prescribed. Made me feel a little better knowing that. Day 3 post-op: Feeling better toward the afternoon. The swelling is slowing decreasing, but bruises are appearing above my lip and into my cheeks. I'm hanging in there!


You are just about out of the hardest part :) Remember the results at the end xoxo
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Hang in there! Are you taking Rx pain meds? If so, try going without and that could make you feel so much better (because of the nausea they cause.)
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Hi there! I'm feeling much better... The pain, bruising, and swelling is definitely still here, but has improved today. I think the worst part for me has been that I'm unable to take any anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen,aleve, naproxin, etc.) because I'm allergic. :( The doc did a little more work than expected...I have stitching on the inside of my upper lip under my nose...ugh! I'm had huge chipmunk cheeks for days. But, I'm still very hopeful!

Day 4: Feeling ok. The swelling just keeps moving...

Day 4: Feeling ok. The swelling just keeps moving down my face. I have fat jowls. Still a lot of bruises and swelling. Day 5: Better. I now have slight airflow through my nose. I must confess, I definitely didn't expect the recovery to be this bad. But, I know everyone heals differently.


I felt the same way about recovery...
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Splint/Cast...OFF! Ahhh, what a relief. Nose...

Splint/Cast...OFF! Ahhh, what a relief. Nose looks great and I'm already breathing better through the right side. Bruising and swelling is evident, but much improvement!


You are so pretty, I know you have heard that so much. I am happy for you
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I am so happy others are getting their nose done at 40 also. That is my present to myself. Turned 40 in Dec but so much was going on then. My day June 6
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Funny, this is me too. Turned 40 in December in finaly decided to do mine. My day is November 16th. :)

Every day I see major improvement! :)

Every day I see major improvement! :)


Oh you are just looking amazing! Your new nose looks perfect for you...and it's only going to get better xox
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Lools great! I see you have the same swollen bridge I do. :)
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looks really good! congrats!
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Day 10. The difference is remarkable today! ...

Day 10. The difference is remarkable today! Swelling of the tip is down even more. I'm beginning to see my new nose!


How is your healing going? Hope you are loving your new nose!!
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You look great! I am in the "seeking consultations phase". I have a hump that I'd like to have removed. I've been self-consious about my nose since at least junior high and HATE my profile. I understand how you felt about pictures. On one of the doctor's before/after pics on his website, he made a comment that I thought was kind of cute. He pointed out that the lady in the pic had great features and that she didn't need her old nose clamouring for attention (she had a hump removed). Now her other features are in the limelight as they should be. I love your new nose and couldn't help but notice you have a great smile too. I hope you can feel better about pics now. Congrats!
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Thank you! I'm very happy I finally did it! I already feel more comfortable in my own skin...even though I'm still in the recovery phase. I'm looking forward to the transformation of my new nose in the next few weeks. :)

Day 22 and I'm feeling great! I was starting to...

Day 22 and I'm feeling great! I was starting to worry a little with the shape...and then out of nowhere, it changed! It's starting to look great, and I can really see it taking it's form. I'm still hiding a little bruising on the bridge and there is still swelling in the tip, but I'm very pleased.


You do look great. It is nice to see someone on here that lives close to me. I am having my surgery on August 25, 2014.
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You look positively amazing!!!
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Love it!!
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