WOW! Filler is Amazing with Dr. Catherine Winslow (Triste), Carmel, IN. My Lips Are So Kissable! My St. Bernard's Face is Gone!

Even after all the plastic surgeries I had had...

Even after all the plastic surgeries I had had done to my body and I was against getting filler when I had my facial plastic surgery done. I just did not like the idea of putting a foreign substance into my body. But after hearing about the safety profile of Juvaderm , and learning that it was the only way to get rid of the marionette lines and nasal labial folds that made me look like I had a St. Bernard's hanging jowels, I decided to get filler when I had my facial plastic surgery with Dr. Winslow.

Women warned me that I would love filler. And I dare say that I have fallen in love. It is miraculous what Juvaderm does as far as making the face look youthful. So... fast forward a few months out from my facial plastic surgery and I am asking for filler to my lips.

I had had a lip lift with my facial plastic surgery and really liked the result while my lips were swollen from surgery. After that faded my lips just did not look as kissable or as youthful. So Triste the Nurse, who is awesome with filler, injected me today in the lips and a little around the area to keep the corners of my mouth from turning down into a slight frown.

The injections hurt but the pain subsided very quickly. Triste numbed my lips with a topical cream and injected the Juvaderm, which had lidocaine (local anesthesia) in it. I immediately loved the result.

Now I am out looking for a frog to kiss and turn into my handsome prince.


Thanks for sharing!  Did your lips stay the size you wanted after the initial swelling?  
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I just had them done a few days ago so it is too soon to tell. I sure hope that they stay the size they are now. I do not want them any smaller.
Keep us posted!

Kiss me, you fool

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A kiss that speaks volumes is seldom a first edition ~ Clare Whiting


They are smaller than I would like :-( I keep having that problem with the lip filler. As I understand it, your body absorbs it but that as you get more filler your body eventually stops absorbing so much. I still love filler!
You could try one of the more permanent fillers- like juvaderm voluma, radiesse, etc.  
I asked my body contouring plastic surgeon to do my lips when I was in his office because he uses Juvaderm and I wanted to see the difference. But he would not do them. I don't think Dr. Winslow uses anything else but I will ask.

I love that filler "erases" my deep creases

Buh-bye marionette lines and nasal labial folds... good riddance St. Bernard face!


No...I never change up a treatment that works well!! I LOVE the results I get with Juvederm, it is not worth the gamble for me to try a new regiment. If I can stay wrinkle and crease free without any surgery it is definitely worth it.
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I am seeing Dr. Winslow tomorrow and discuss the lip filler with her.
How long ago did you have it put in, and how much did you get?

Voluma and Restylane

I went to Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery today for my 6-mod check-up from my facelift etc ( Triste the nurse, who is the BEST injector in the city/state/country (I kid you not), suggested we try Restylane filler as she does not like the way my body is absorbing Juvaderm. We also will try Voluma under my eyes as I have hollows under my eyes (you can see it in the color pix in the post above).

I am glad that Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery has so many brands of fillers. I have read here on RealSelf that some plastic surgeons carry only one brand and that's probably because those surgeons don't do fillers all that often. Dr. Winslow carries Radiesse, Juvaderm, Restylane, and Voluma... there may be others but those are the ones that I am aware of.

Dr. Winslow is having a special on June 19th, fillers are 25-40% off! I'll be going back to try the Voluma and Restylane so look for those reviews in the coming weeks!

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Correction: The Date is July 19th!

Correction to the post above: The special is on July 19th.


Will do!
I could have had the SMAS added to my lips during the facelift but opted to have that put under my eyes. It did help mitigate the hollows there but not totally. That is why Triste is going to try Voluma there. I am hoping for a great result. The hollows beneath the eyes are sooooo aging! As far as implant to the lips, it is worth considering.

Choose Your Injector VERY Carefully

Ok, I may sound a bit like a commercial in this post, BUT after reading some reviews on RealSelf wherein women expressed dissatisfaction with, or even damage from Juvaderm, I felt compelled to explain the VITAL IMPORTANCE of your injector.

I will only go to NurseTriste for my filler. Triste is the ONLY ACE INJECTOR in Indiana. This distinction was given to her by Allergan, and she is so proficient that they even have Triste train other nurses to inject fillers. Patients are so thrilled with their results (I sure am) that Triste has put Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery in the top 1.5% nationally in customer retention.

Allergan is a pharmaceutical company and makers of Botox, Juvederm and Latisse. They created the ACE program in an effort to attain optimal patient outcomes, while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. Only those who have shown the highest level of expertise, have demonstrated a true understanding of facial anatomy and muscle groups, and are able to provide proper patient evaluation are even considered for the program.

Yeah, Triste knows her stuff! And the prices for fillers at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery are very good! In fact, I have a friend in NY who I've told to fly here once a year for her injections. It is actually cheaper for her to do that than to pay NYC prices for filler.


It's been two and a half weeks for me and my lips are just as full, just looking more natural
What a beautiful avatar name you have! My lips are very full but still look real. I love them. I expect they will get a little less full as my swelling subsides but will still look nice. Those injections in the lips hurt! But they are worth it to me. I love my lips now. I never could say that before my facial plastics.
Isn't that the truth about finally loving your lips! I was out at the mall today and saw a pretty lady with nice lips and I thought to myself, does she have filler? I looked at other lady's lips and decided that she did, because of a certain angle her lips had. Strangely enough, I really liked the angle and found it sexy looking. My sister in law thinks that implants look a lot prettier than natural breasts, and with an exception for really young breasts, I think she is often right. Implants are so round and weighted and definite. I have an appreciation for body plastics now that I didn't before. I could probably say even more, but I don't want to be too tacky, lol!
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

I searched for a very long time to find a plastic surgeon to do my facial rejuvenation. No one's work impressed me -- the "after" photos looked the same as the "before" photos. I would have flown anywhere in the country for the right plastic surgeon but much to my delight Dr. Winslow is 30-minutes from my house (but she IS worth flying to). Several months after my facelift, I came back to Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery for filler. Triste the nurse is one of the very top injectors and in a matter of minutes makes me look young. It is very important to go with a very experienced injector. Filler injected too close to the skin's surface or too deep does not last. As well, you can get clumping of filler if it is not done correctly and a whole host of other issues. Triste is the ONLY ACE INJECTOR in Indiana; she actually teaches other nurses how to inject filler -- she is THAT good. Another consideration is which brand filler to use. One size does not fit all. Yet you will find that some practices offer only one brand of filler. Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery offers many brands, including Juvaderm, Restylane, Radiesse, and Voluma. There are a host of other non-surgical treatments for enhancing youth and beauty. And if you do want surgical procedures (see my other reviews) then Dr. Winslow is highly experienced with facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. I am so happy that I found Dr. Winslow! She truly did an amazing job on my facial plastic surgery. And Triste does an awesome job keeping me looking my very best!

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