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Looks Like I Had an Eye Lid Lift! Great Voluma Results from Nurse Triste at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery, Carmel, IN

Massive weight gain and loss of 125 pounds had...

Massive weight gain and loss of 125 pounds had left my face and body with sagging skin. I describe my face as looking like a St. Bernard's face and my body wearing an ill-fitted suit of skin. So last year I fulfilled a long held dream to have plastic surgery and erase the last traces of my former obesity. I had absolutely amazing results from facial plastic surgery with Dr. Catherine Winslow (Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery) on 12-10-2013. I invite you to read my review here http://www.realself.com/review/carmel-in-facelift-and-feel-15-years-younger-incredible-work-dr-catherine.

One of the procedures I had was an upper eye lid lift, and I really liked my result. I used to stare at my eyes in the mirror in amazement at how awake and youthful my eyes looked without the heavy hooding.

Once my swelling subsided and the tissues settled, as is normal after plastic surgery, my eyes were not as awake looking. The upper eye lids relaxed a little and although I still very much liked the result, I missed that bright eyed look that I had in the early months after my lift.

To be clear, the upper eye lid lift was successful and my results were worth it. In fact, when I saw my body contouring plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph F. Capella, I had him guess what procedures I had done to my face and he quickly said that I had had something done with my eyes. So, yes, the results are great.

But as. I said, I missed that bright eyed look. Yesterday Nurse Triste injected Voluma in my cheeks. Triste is the ONLY ACE INJECTOR in Indiana. This distinction was given to her by Allergan, the pharmaceutical company who makes Juvaderm, Voluma, etc, and Triste is so proficient that they even have her train other nurses to inject fillers. Triste came very highly recommended to me and has injected me several times now with great result and virtually no bruising or swelling. So I trusted her judgement and expertise when she recommended we use Voluma.

Triste injected into my cheeks and the side of my face by my eyes to pull everything up. It was pretty pain-free. I did not have any bruising and my results immediately looked natural after being injected.

What strikes me most about the Voluma is how it lifted my upper eye lids. I now have that awake and bright eyed youthful look that I did after my eye lid lift. I was even able to wear dark eye shadow in my eye crease today without it making my eyes look hooded. Voluma also smoothed out the creases around my nose. Oh how I hate those parenthesis around my nose and chin!

The price point for Voluma is higher than other fillers. However Voluma is the only FDA approved HA filler for the cheeks. Plus the results last approximately 2-years, which is far longer than any of my other fillers. So with that in mind, the higher price point is justified.

I've seen some reviews on this site in which women had bad results with filler. It is likely that the injector was less than proficient at the task. This is a prescription product, ladies! The injector you choose must be very well trained. Even my body contouring plastic surgeon advised me to go to someone who does injections all the time. Be selective in choosing your injector. Ask for credentials and certification with the product, how many procedures they have done with it, and how often are they doing them. Even if you don't get bad results, product that is not placed optimally can be absorbed quicker by your body, and your results will not last as long. I highly recommend Nurse Triste at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery. She is an expert. I just love her and would not go to anyone else. In fact if I moved back to the East Coast where I am from, I would probably fly back to Indy to have filler with Triste (it is cheaper out here anyway than on the east coast and Fromtier Airlines flies here very cheaply from NJ).

You know, I never thought I would get filler. I did not want a foreign substance injected into my body. But once I looked at the safety profile of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance made by our bodies, and talked to a friend who is a clinician about how safe it is, well, then I felt comfortable using it. Now I really love the results that only filler can give. I have friends who have avoided getting face lifts because they use filler. The results can be amazing! As for me, my old St. Bernard's face needed surgery to give the filler a chance of providing great results -- I mean, filer is amazing but it is not a miracle in a syringe, LOL. Just look at my before face lift photos. You"ll be blown away at what Dr. Winslow was able to achieve (she may have had a bit of miracle in her scalpel).

I've attached a few pix of me getting injected. Despite the look on my face in some of the pix,this does NOT hurt -- except the lips, OMG, they hurt, but I endure the pain for the luscious lips I get. I have also attached some really bad selfies taken the day after injection so you can see how smooth my face is, and no bruising or weird swelling. Excuse the quality of the selfies, as camera phones do not take great close ups.

Triste told me to stay out of the sun as tanning will make the filler last half as long as it normally would last. She said apply 50 sun block every two hours. So I am going to heed her advice.

Your injector is critical

I am always saddened to read of patients who get poor results from their cosmetic procedures. I just now finished reading a review of a woman who had Voluma injected by a board certified plastic surgeon and had a bad outcome. Even months later, she looks "bad." I hope that her Voluma does not last the two years that the manufacturer claims it does.

Voluma is very new to the market. Therefore, injectors do not have that much experience injecting it. Voluma has a different consistency than other fillers, so just because the injector has experience with Juvaderm, etc, does not necessarily mean the injector will be good with Voluma at this point in time. Be sure to ask the injector about their experience and credentials using Voluma.

I put my trust in Nurse Triste because she has earned it. And my Voluma results are very nice. I've posted a selfie of me taken a few days ago, about 2-mos post treatment, and I am very pleased with how flawless my face looks. I strongly suggest going to Nurse Triste at Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery for your Voluma filler, even if it means a long drive, or even a short flight for you. You really do not want to take risks with your face. The slightest little imperfection can be seen, and it cannot be concealed that well. It is worth traveling to get the best.
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I'm tempted to drive to Indy. My Bariatric Life, what was the price per syringe?
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Me too!!!
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Its worth the trip, IMHO. I believe the price per syringe of Voluma is $900. So it is more expensive than the other brands of filler but it lasts twice as long, as well it is the only filler approved for the cheeks. Dr. Winslow often has specials so be sure to get on her email list and check out her website. Her office may even tell you when their next event is. A friend of mine in Michigan drove to IN during Dr. Winslow's Casino Day and spun the wheel for a percentage off her filler.
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I think it is worth the trip to go to the best there is. I am very lucky that Dr. Winslow and Nurse Triste are just a 30-minute drive, but I have travelled out of state for my body contouring plastic surgery. And I would travel to Dr. Winslow for my facial plastic surgery and Nurse Triste for my filler if I ever moved out of Indy.
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Loved reading this..I shall be going back up to California in October and I am thinking about filler in my peri-orbital area (lower eyelids) as they seem a bit sunken and also wondering if they will be able to lift my uppers just at that corner crease that seems to 'droop' my eyelids. Reading your post is giving me hope I also want just a teen weeny bit of filler in my upper lip. I read that restylyn is better than juvederm..guess i'll wait until i retuen to uS. Thank you for all your posts. I believe thay help so many of us. You truly are an inspiration!!! Huggzz xx
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Awwww, thanks so much, darlin! I truly enjoy helping people in the areas of weight loss and plastic surgery because they have made a powerful difference in my life. So I had Restylane beneath my eyes... I did not ask Triste why she used Restylane there versus Juvaderm. I'll have to email her to get the info and then update my review. I think the Voluma has a risk of volumizing or swelling too much for this area, BUT there is a review on RS by a woman who did get it there and she looks great. My best advice is to choose your injector wisely. It is a newer product so to me that means injectors do not have as much experience using it as they do with other fillers. Nurse Triste used Voluma in my cheeks and temples. She used Juvadrm in my lips and marionette lines. She said Juvaderm lasts longer than Restylane.
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I've been looking into Voluma also, this puts me over the edge.. wonderful results!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, you look great!
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Thank you!!! I am really glad that I tried it. Next I should have it injected into my breasts so I do not need implants, LOL.
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Ya, too bad they can't come up with something like that for the body... Wonder how it would look 2 years down the line when it wears off though.
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Wow that would stink if someone got Voluma and did not like the results and was stuck with it for two years.
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Good news is that since Voluma is a HA product, it can be dissolved, also although Allergan states it can last up to 2 years....I am guessing 6 months to a year. Voluma has only been approved for use in the US since October 2013, but my PS has been using it in his Toronto office for years (since it was approved for use in Canada).
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I have heard that hydrolaise (sp?) can be problematic. What has your experience been with their success in dissolving HA fillers and restoring the face to "normal?" Also why do you think iVoluma will last 6-mos to 1-yr only? What is your opinion on the permanent fillers? So many questions, LOL! Thanks!
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BTW I am really glad that you mentioned your wonderful PS has been using Voluma in CAnada for years. I know it sounds mean but I love that the US FDA is so conservative that prescription products basically get fielded around the world for years before being approved for use in the US. I don't want to be a lab rat for a new drug.
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Hyaluronidase works immediately, and can eliminate most filler "mistakes". I am sure some folks encounter problems, but for the most part it is safe and effective. Permanent fillers or non HA filler....NO WAY, I am not willing to inject or put anything in my face that can not be removed immediately, that is why I will never get Botox! If you get a poor result, you are stuck with it, there is no recourse, and I would not be willing to put up with a poor result until it wears off. (3-6 months). I estimate the longevity of a product at half of what the manufacturer claims. I have been getting filler for close to 10 years, and have tried ALL the HA products...I have never had a product last longer than 6 months. Voluma is definitely the longest lasting( thickest) product on the market, but it has not been approved for even a year, so any US injector is going by the studies provided by the manufacturer,not first hand experience. My next "fill-up" will be with Voluma for sure, I will be THRILLED if my results last 6 months to a year!
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This gets expensive!!! I may need to post a sign around my neck "will work for filler." Ah, first world problems! I find my worst area are my marionette lines, especially the right side. I think once I am a year out from my facelift, I will ask Dr. Winslow for a tuck up.
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Yes, I am definitely in "cost denial"! When I do the math it really does add up! 2 syringes @ $700.00 per X 3 times a year X 10 years= $42,000 in filler!
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OMG - we need a frequent buyer program!
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Does your surgeon do the injections or his nurse? If I were a clinician, I would learn how to inject myself and are money!
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LOL!!! Yes, I never did the actual math....now I am sorry I did! Ignorance is bliss!
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My PS does all the injections himself. It's friend is a (plastic surgery LOVING) dentist....she took a course and does her own Botox, lip enhancement, and cheek enhancement! I have to say she does a fantastic job and saves a ton of money!
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Yeah, I do that with my travel expenses to Dr. Capella. I don't even want to add those up. Ignorance IS bliss. Fillers are not as pricey here. Dr. Winslow offers specials sometimes, too. Recently she had 20-40% off. And filler here is cheaper, $550 a syringe. That is why I wrote above that I would fly back here to Indy for filler if I ever moved back home to NJ. My last R/T direct flight between Indy and NJ was $100. Since I get like 4 syringes that is a good cost savings. Plus, I trust Triste. No joke, I am a person who has trouble giving up control and when I went to her last week I just said do whatever you want. That is huge for me, LOL! I don't even say that to my hair stylist! When I find an HCP that I trust, I stick with her/him.
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Yes, I am the same way...when I find someone I trust I stay with them! You can get filler for around $550 here in NYC, but I LOVE what Dr. N can do with just 2 syringes...We have a saying "Don't look for bargains in Plastic Surgeons or Parachutes"! I am glad you are loving your injector and your results with filler!
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Ha! THAT is sound advice!
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do you know why it only lasts half as long as the manufacturer says? Juvederm is supposed to last up to a year. Have you had this done more than once in one year? If it dissolves too fast does the doctor give some kind of credit toward your next vial?
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