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Juvederm Voluma for Under Eyes - Canada

Just got it done yesterday on a spur of the moment...

Just got it done yesterday on a spur of the moment thing and couldn't believe it. Since it was spur I never did a before picture but maybe I can find something recent that shows the 'dents'. Unlike botox, this stuff is IMMEDIATE! as soon as she pulled out the needle it was done! And off for shopping without anyone knowing, just amazing! It pinched (big deal) but there is a numbing agent in it so it fades really quickly. Got two needles on each side to fill in a "line' that was noticeable that ran from my tearduct down each cheek after losing weight, kind of a deflated balloon look lol. So it was 'plumped' back up and it actually fixed up some of the fine lines I also didn't like under the eyes, so double bonus! I love botox even though it takes a few weeks to see results, and now I think I am going to love this. I opted for half the recommended amount due to the cost but am happy with the results, so will go back in six months or so and 'top it up' ..so its only been a day, still just a slight bit tender like you know something happened, but I am not touching it at all, slept on my back last night and will again tonight. Right now I totally recommend it, I still can't believe how fast and easy it was.


So glad it went well for you & that you are loving the change you see!! Please keep us posted if the look changes as it settles in (and possible a bit of swelling goes down) or if it stays like this over the next week or so.

Excited for you!!

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Still enjoying the new non-deflated cheeks look...

still enjoying the new non-deflated cheeks look lol.. i was a bit of a cheapy and opted for the cheapest fix this time since it was my first time and i was nervous as well, but it still did a great job..i could of used slightly more on one side as there is still a minor trace of the tear trough but i that is if i try to be overly picky.. it was just only slighty sore for several days, but only noticeable if you accidently bumped it or pressed it..i still try to sleep on my back as much as possible as i don't want to squish or flatten it (if that is even possible). I still can't believe how immediate it was, if i had known about it i would have gotten it years ago as it has helped somewhat with wrinkles under the eyes that botox could not help. i am now thinking i might try some around my mouth (marionette lines?) but not for a few months yet.


I'm really happy for you! Being new here, you are really helping me out because you had the same problem as I do with the indented undereyes to cheekbones. I don't want to do anything to my lips because I'm ok w/them. I'm 59 and haven't ever done anything yet. Did you go to a Medi-spa? I can tell you are happy with your results, so I hope it lasts a long time for you. Did they tell you how long it should last? Longer than Botox? Will you post pics? Well, stay happy and Happy New Year to you!
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thanks! i was just so thrilled the day i had it done (and still happy) as i really had no knowledge of it whatsoever, it just was suggested by my esthetician and then boom, had it done within minutes! will post if i get the mouth done as well

Yeah, definitely let us know if you try it in your lips! I would be interested to hear if it feels any different in those two areas.

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