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Self Injecting Juvederm or Hyaluronic Acid (Fillers) - Canada

Ok. We all know already this is not the best idea...

Ok. We all know already this is not the best idea in the world so please, give up the hate mail and comments we as posters have heard it literally one million times. Thx. Did it for the cost effectiveness and that is x2 .8ml syringes rather than the Cosmo (Cosmetic Doc) which charges $500 for only ONE syringe. That's double and I'm slightly... loving it... so I need the extra one. I'm a actress and not a huge one where I can just run off and afford to get surgery on my pout so I have fallen prey to the online Rx Filler ordering since 2010. Plumping my pout helped get me a major role in a film (along with talent) but my lips were mentioned as a nice point to have on camera and this is so not a want anymore, it's a career NEED. It does have some downfalls about self-injection though... Not being a professional and trained might actually make you end up spending more to buy more to inject your own every 4 months because it's not being placed correctly to maximize the results.

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Has anyone tried acquafillers? Their dermal fillers are cheaper than most but I can't find many reviews.
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