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I'm 7 weeks away from getting a breast revision,...

I'm 7 weeks away from getting a breast revision, which puts me at just over a year from my initial breast augmentation. I knew fairly early on ( about 4 months) that I was experiencing a complication, however I thought the issue was with my right breast. Prior to my augmentation I had slight asymmetry, and everything seemed to be settling great at 6 weeks, but as time passed my results worsened. At my 6 month checkup my PS wanted to give things a bit more time, as I was under the impression my right implant was not dropping. It turned out, the right settled just fine, and the left had actually migrated downwards past the inframammary fold. Now I'm at approximately 11 months and am scheduled to be getting a revision. The procedure is classified as an implant exchange, because I currently have textured implants, and part of the complication occurred as the left did not adhere as expected. Unlike my initial BA, which I was actually very excited for, I'm quite nervous going into the revision. I'm very anxious to see what the results will look like, and I'm really really hoping I don't have another complication.

I've included some photos starting at 5 months, when I started expressing concern to my PS. You can notice a slight crease in the left due to the implant dropping...
As you can see... there has really been no progress up to 9 months, which is what assured me a revision is necessary.

For those interested. My initial BA cost me $10,000.

My Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5'2
Weight: 118lbs
Pre Op: 34B

Initial BA:

350cc Anatomical Textured Silicone Implants
Under the Muscle
Post Op: 32DD

2nd BA (Revision)

435cc Smooth Round Silicone Implants
Under the Muscle
Post Op: ???
Wishing you good luck. I have also been thru the revision process. We have very similar skin tone and original breast shape. I was also more nervous for the revision than I was for the original surgery. Sending positive vibes your way.
Thanks so much! I just viewed your revision review and your results are excellent! I hope mine turn out as good as yours did. I'm still 7 weeks away, and already feel so anxious.

October 3, 2013

Just thought I would add some additional info I forgot yesterday. My original implants were full height, moderate projection. My new implants will be full projection, with "responsive gel" (silicone). Apparently this is a softer cohesive gel, that will form a tear drop shape when upright. My PS may also be lowering my right fold... which I'm not sure how I feel about anymore. I'll speak with my PS prior to going into surgery, and plan on expressing my concerns.... then let him proceed with what he feels best. There's very conflicting opinions about lowering the fold I find, and the last thing I want is more complications. Surgery date November 21st, 2013! Let the countdown begin...
Good luck and keep me posted please.I am going smaller too.Thanks
Good luck with your upcoming surgery , please keep us posted on your post op recovery. One of the surgeons I consulted about my capsular contracture was in Toronto but then decided to go back to the original PS who had done my surgery.
I never consulted with another PS for my revision, as my PS was very encouraging and I know has the credentials to do good work. I think there's benefit going to your original PS for a revision, especially if it's required soon after your previous BA. I plan on making weekly updates prior to surgery, since I seem to be glued to this site! Post op I'll probably update every couple days. Thanks for the well wishes :)

Less Than 6 Weeks Away...

Since I've been doing more and more research about lowering the fold, I'm getting increasingly nervous going into my revision. I really want to minimize any risk of further complication. I think I'm going to ask my surgeon to repair my left side instead. I'm really worried about getting a double bubble. I wish i had the excitement from my initial BA, going into this revision.... Funny how a complication changes things...
Are u using the same p.s ?
Yes I'm using the same PS. Hoping for better results a second time around. Fingers crossed!
I feel for you and the decisions you are facing. You are so right. revisions are not filled with excitement like a first time BA. Could luck with your next consultation.

1 Month Away!

I can't wait until this is over and done with! I'm constantly thinking about my surgery, I've even started having dreams about it. Looking at other ladies' great results post revision has kept me optimistic. I know it's terrible to wish your life away, but I really want this next month to move fast!! I haven't uploaded anymore pics because my results have basically gone unchanged. I will definitely upload post op pics after my surgery. I plan on keeping a photo diary so I can keep a close eye on my progress this time, and catch a complication early on if (and I'm really hoping it doesn't) it occurs.

I am hoping you're starting to find some support from other BA revision members. I went ahead and input your surgery date. If you look on the master surgery calendar, you can find other women with upcoming revision dates. Looks like you may have a few already. I have heard that different emotions accompany a revision as you know a little more about what can go wrong. I have also heard that your recovery might be a little easier. Hang in there and keep us posted!

But I understand your fears.
Thanks. I wish i was excited! It's just a different feeling going into a revision…

Less than 2 weeks to go!

It's getting close to surgery time now! I call my pharmacist on Thursday to pay for my prescriptions for post op pain. I wonder if I'll be getting the same meds as my original BA. I was given pain killers, sleep aids, and something for nausea… I heard the second time around recovery is better. I hope that's the case. I took less time off work this go. Can't wait to update my blog with post op photos. Hoping for good results!!
Good luck.I am two weeks pre op my redo.Keep me posted how is the second time,please.I will pray for you!!!
Thanks! You too! I'll be sure to post an update after my surgery. Hoping the recovery time isn't too bad...
I hope all goes well! I may need a revision as well so I am looking forward to your update.

2 More Sleeps!!!!!

WOW! I am almost there! I'd like to say that went by fast, but it really didn't! I think time went slower waiting for a revision than my original BA. I'm scheduled for afternoon surgery. No food/drink after midnight Wednesday. I'm sure my nerves will ease my appetite anyway. I'll have a brief consultation with my PS prior to surgery and will emphasize my concern about the 'double bubble' effect if he's still keen on lowering the right fold. I would love if theres a way to get the result of the left side without risking further complications. I guess it will be a decision made the day of surgery. At least I'm fully prepared going in and feel confident that I'll get the reassurance I need before being put under. This will be my last post pre-op! Wish me luck!!!!
I am thinking about you.Good luck!!!
Good luck tomorrow

All Done Surgery!!!

I had my surgery yesterday afternoon and it looks like it was a success!! Only downfall is I have been soooo sick (nauseous) ever since. I didn't have this after my first BA. The pain is much much better though. It is true what they say, revision recovery is much easier. Overall I love my results. I hope they stay this way. It looks like my PS corrected the left side, but still slightly lowered the right. I have a follow-up next week and can confirm exactly what he did. I still have a slight crease on my left side, but it really doesn't bother me. They're not perfect, but I feel 100% better with this revision. I did get an increase in size, but I don't think it's too noticeable. I'm sure my old bras will still fit, I'll hopefully just fill them out better. I'd write more, but I am on painkillers at the moment and I'm feeling drowsy. I'll give another update after my followup. I took photos today to share. Let me know what you think!
What a great revision, did you have the same PS, did he replace both? Just wondering because I'm worried I might be starting to have the same problem. I'm 6 mo PO, I go to see my PS next week to see what he thinks.
Gosh you look lovely. . How much did the revision cost? I've an appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday as mine are still too high and I can't see any improvement in my southward facing nipples. . . But I need to prepare myself for cost implications . . Thanks for sharing! X
Wow!!!You look awesome:)))

Post-Op Follow up

I had my followup with my PS today and everything seems great! I feel good, and love my results. I just need to be extra careful the next few weeks to make sure the sutures don't tear creating another complication. My PS raised the left implant and with the implant exchange I was left with a symmetrical result. Surprisingly there wasn't any work done to the right side. Since I received smooth implants, they do not adhere and sit a little lower than my old implants. I wear this post op surgical bra day and night for 3 weeks, then I can start wearing normal bras again! It's so exciting having options now that I like the look of my breasts. Even after my original BA I never got to feel that excitement because of my complication. I was advised not to wear a sports bra for at least 6 weeks. I was surprised. I thought the extra support would be good, but because it squishes them, it could damage the internal sutures. Who knew?

Thanks for all the support I received from this site. I wish I had done this for my initial BA. It's so helpful to blog, ask questions, and hear other ladies experiences. I'll probably update in the next couple weeks with more pictures. Right now, there's no change from the revision pics I posted. My PS said my results are pretty much final, with some very minimal changes over the next 6 months. If they stay exactly the same I'll be a happy camper!
Thanks for your wonderful comments ladies!
Great results!!
You look fantastic xoxo

2 Week Post-Op

I'm actually into my third week now, but thought I would give a two week review. I feel great. It's like I never had surgery. So much different from my initial BA. I still need to take extra care to make sure I don't overdue it as I am still healing. Has anyone had internal sutures? I have this on the left side and want to make sure I don't tear any stitches. I'm just not sure how long the healing process takes. I plan on calling my PS on Thursday (officially 3 weeks) to see what I can and can't do.

I feel like my left implant still sits a little lower than my right, but overall I'm happy with the results. I think to expect perfection is unrealistic. I can appreciate this more after having a complication. I've uploaded pics of my scars too, which are healing nicely. Sorry about the little bit of blood… this is right after removing the tape.

There are minor changes at two weeks, but provided all is well, I shouldn't expect things to look too different over time. My PS said with the revision, my immediate post op results are basically final. I didn't go too much larger in size, so the implants don't have to drop like they did the first time. The muscle has already stretched.
Wow, what a great looking BA, congrats Girly! (-:
They are beautiful! Love your results
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