Muscles reconstructed, feels awesome.

Hi, first I want to say that my english might be...

first I want to say that my english might be not perfect, but I will do my best.
I got my implants in, May 2010.
425ml Silicon under the muscle.
I used to be a 32C, now I am a 34E, some bras 34F.

I am not sure why I choose to get them in, probably to make me feel better, I went through a difficult time.
I never did feel better, just big and fat, and heavy.
Just weeks after the implant I started not liking them, I was allways trying to hide them. It was hard to join the fitness classes, I was used to join, so I gained weight.

All I want is to get them out of me, this feeling of having them moving inside me is aweful. I am at a point where I can say, I am hating them. I want them out.

I am very scared what I am going to have left, but I know for sure, i don't want to live with what I am now.
I know now, that I just want to be me, and like myself as I am.

I had my pre-op on the 6th this month, and the removal is planned for the 22nd of November.
I have chosen to do it with just local anaesthesia, does anyone have had it done like that?


I feel fat too, and that is one of the main reasons I want them removed. I just don't feel like my body look good with big breasts. At all. I'm quite muscular and the extra mass just doesn't look flattering. Big boobs are so last decade! Lol XD Good luck on your big day! I'm sure you'll be fine.
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Thank you so very much. It is so good to have the support, because it such an big decision to remove them, I think for it was harder to make this, then getting them in. I am so thankful that there are other woman out there like you, that understand and support, and I am as well thankful for finding this side too.
Hi Lia71, Thanks for sharing your story. I too hated the feeling of implants inside me...and feeling heavy...I love the feeling of lightness after explant and looking much better in clothes. Everyone keeps remarking on my "weight loss" Ha ha! I'm flat chested again but I love it...just wear padding if I want too...much safer than implants!! There's afew women on here chose a local with no problems...Keep us updated! x
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So today I talked to the nurse, she had a few...

So today I talked to the nurse, she had a few questions and did let me know a few things....and it made me even more nervous.
We talked about having it dome with just local anaesthetic, and insured me that it will be Ok, even if I am awake. So thats good.

Its now 9 days before surgery, and I get more and more anxiety. I wake up at night asking myself what people will think and say. Not that it should matter, because its my body, but I still do think about that.

Especially what my husband will say. He was against them in first place, but probably more because of the huge amount of money that it cost...well i am not sure he ever liked them, but I don't know. Asking him now, he just sais that it is my body, thats all on answer I get, which makes me feel lost.
And that is why it is so good to stay connected with you all, and so helpful. I don't think I would have had the courage to remove them, if I wouldn't have found all of you...thank you for every one of you, you all are so strong and brave!
When I found this side, I started crying, went down to my daughter (20 years old) and said: I am getting them out!!! I was never so happy and sure about anything in my life, I said I am not the only one, I thought I am the only.

And here I am just a little over a week away form it, and each of you, have helped me! Thank you!


Hi Lia, if it makes you feel any better, my husband is exactly the same. Some days it feels like he is very supportive about the explant, saying things like "I really liked your small breasts better" and other days he will say things like: "So if you dont like it, you will need two operations"... then I think, what is he saying, should I just replace them from the start and save myself an operation? But no, my mind is made up! With or without his approval, I am done with them :-) Good luck, I wich mine was coming out soon, but I have to wait until January.
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Thank you, and yes it feels good to read, because most woman write that there husbands support them. Yes I understand what it means to have made up your mind, I made my mind up too, and I want those bags out of me...and as you said it so well...with or without his approval!! Thanks
Hi Girl--I'm having mine explanted Nov 27th--shortly after you. You are making a wonderful decision--and husbands, bless their hearts, can't understand the emotional journey! We have an amazing support network here for us--grab onto that and hold it close to your heart over the next several days. Soon, you'll be "you" again!!!
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Its now only 3 days away, and my emotions are up...

Its now only 3 days away, and my emotions are up and all over the place.
This morning my husband said to me, soon there going to be small again...and I had so much joy in my heart visualizing me like that, so much that I smiled full of joy.
I don't think he meant it as an compliment, because he also said that they will be stretched out, but I couldn't care less at this moment, all I want is this pressure and movement of this bags out of me.

I don't know how its going to turn out, because I let my PS remove some of the fat in my left breast ( how stupid of me) the left breast was bigger, so he said well I will remove a little of the fat there, and I thought its OK, I wish I wouldn't have, he remover 60cc, thats I think a lot, and I am very scared that its going to show, but I still want to be brave and go for it, because it is what I wish for myself out of the deepest of my heart :)

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Less then 24 hours left, and I have all those...

Less then 24 hours left, and I have all those thoughts going trough my mind, and the anxiety ist very high.
I feel happy and nervous at the same time.

I am so thankful that I found this side, and all of you. And so thankful for all the support I get, it helps to know I am not alone.

Thank you for all of you that posted pictures, I hope I will be brave enough to do that to.


The bestof luck to you! Post pictures, we want to see them (well, I know I want to at least). Hugs :-)
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Good luck with your surgery, mine is in 2 days and I know how nervous you must be feeling just now but we can get through this because it's what we want / need so that we can get on with the rest of our lives without the worry or upset of a foreign body inside of us. Hope your recovery is quick and easy. xxx
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Less then 24 hours left, and I have all those thoughts going trough my mind, and the anxiety ist very high. I feel happy and nervous at the same time. I am so thankful that I found this side, and all of you. And so thankful for all the support I get, it helps to know I am not alone. Thank you for all of you that posted pictures, I hope I will be brave enough to do that to.
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Hi Girls, its the day after surgery, and...

Hi Girls,

its the day after surgery, and there OUT and I am flat as a pancake, but couldn't be happier.
My girls look so wrinkly and ugly, but I don't think I was ever so happy, because there are mine, and soooo soft, I keep touching them.
For everyone out there thinking about removing them...DO IT!!!
Its like having a ton of something removed from your chest. I woud like to hug you all for being brave and putting up the "after" pictures, that gave me so much strength to go for it, I don't think I would have done it without you beautiful and brave women!

I am took pictures too, for all of you that are not sure, I only want to say: GO FOR IT, its worth it.

I am so happy!!!

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My surgery went very well, I had only a sudation,...

My surgery went very well, I had only a sudation, so I was awake all the time, and had chats with my anesthetist, I didn't feel any pain though during. It was much easier to not to "wake up" after a full anesthetic, so for all of you who consider that, it is definatly worth it.
I am not taking any pain meds, I guess my happy hormons are helping me to not to have to much pain, its very good manageable.

Just posted pictures, but all upside down, Don't know why that happened, put them in the right way. Don't know how to change that...sorry


I had mine out a day ago and I've been wrapped in a tight bandage to compress the breasts. Did they tell you to wear the bandages? Are you wearing just tight sports bra to support and keep them tight? Do you know how long do we have to be careful of fluid accummulation in breasts before wearing regular bra? Your pics look great. I'm so glad I got them out!
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Hi Juliana, I am very happy for you that you got them out, it feels so much lighter and better now, doesn't it? I had no compresses, I left the clinic not even wearing a bra. I have a sportsbra I was wearing for a couple days, but started also wearing regular bras with wires just after 3 days, I went back to work, so I took them from my daughter, she is 20 and has the same size as I am now. I am working with my husband, we are flooring installers, and I started that hard work allready after 5 days, and I am doing fine. So i am not sure how you feel, listen to your body, it tells you what you can do....but the most important thing is that you made that choice to be you again...congratulations! You are a brave woman!
Thanks Lia71. You all are so supportive. I went to buy my sports bra today. I bought 36C while I was 36DDD. It's tight fitting but I couldn't be happier. I'm kind of worried about the shape as it looked wierd when I opened my bandage. I also felt I have sagged side when I was wearing my sports bra. I hope time will heal my body. I am happy to be again. I wish all the women out there who are planning to go thru this should do it ASAP n get their original self back

Its been over 2 weeks now, and I am posting two...

Its been over 2 weeks now, and I am posting two pics. I am still very happy I got those things out.
I think the looks is improving.

I have a lot of trouble with my muscles thou, when I move my arms, the lower part of my breasts gets so squeezed up, that feels weird, and it looks even weirder. looking at it, it looks like the lower part of my breast is missing and all scrambled up on the top.

My PS said I have to go back to surgery, and he will cut the lower part of my muscle and separate it from the upper part. That has to e done under full anesthetic. So if I have to go back, I was thinking to get fat grafting, so fat taken from my body and put it into my breasts, so I can fill out the empty space.

So my questions are.
Did anyone of you have the same problem with there muscles?
Has anyone of you have had the fat graft done?

Thank you


You look great!
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After my explant my chest muscle was tacked in 3 different places (with dissolvable stitches) to help my muscle adhere back to my chest wall. My PS said that sometimes the muscle will heal in the wrong place if it isn't secured during the initial surgery. Maybe this is what happened in your situation? Sorry that you have another surgery scheduled. And like one of the other poster's said your skin does look flawless!
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Yes I think it should have been done in my situation too, they have should be tucked in too. But my PS didn't know that and I didn't either. So now I am even embarrassed to take a picture of how weird it looks when I contract my muscles. I was hoping someone would post that they had something simular and it has dissapeared after a year or so. Did your PS see that in first palce, or how come he tacked that in for you? And BTW, thanks for the compliment, its so good to read.

I am going back to surgery on thursday the 10th of...

I am going back to surgery on thursday the 10th of January.

The reason for it that my muscles are lifting all my breast tissu up when I make any movement. It feels very uncomfortable, its what I didn't like about having implants in, and now 6 weeks later it still does that.
It not only feels weird, it also looks akeward...I added a photo to show what I mean, its the last one that I

The lower part of the muscle has to be cut apart from the upper part, as much as I understood my PS.
I am sad that I have to go back, but now that I am going back, I have choose to get fat grafting done on my breasts as I am going to be under full anesthetics anyways, I thought I might as well try it as now my surgeon does offer it.


You look great! Sorry you have to go in for surgery again and good luck!!! :)
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Hi there, Sorry to hear that too. I have that problem as well, my muscles are lifting my breast and look scrambled up on top. I'm about to decide the PS to go for, and schedule ASAP. Thank You for share your story and be brave to put the picture i think i am going to do it as well. Wish you the Best =)
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I'm so sorry you have to go back in for another surgery. I don't really understand what they're going to do. You said it's the muscle he is going to cut? Does it have anything to do with the scar tissue? (Not sure if you had a capsulectomy or not). I have a bit of the same issue with muscle distortion when I flex. I didn't have a capsulectomy because my PS said the capsule was so thin, but I've wondered if it would have helped to take it out. But maybe this is a different issue than yours.
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I had the reconstruction of my breast muscles, on...

I had the reconstruction of my breast muscles, on both sides, done yesterday, the surgery was almost 3 hours, but that included the fat transfer from my upper legs to my breasts. All together there are about 10 small cuts where the fat was harvest from, and that is where the most pain also comes from.

My breasts are swollen and have a funny colour, my legs are covered in dark purple.

I am in a lot of pain, and have to take meds, where I didn't have to take any after my BA removal, over all it looks good, but big after being so small again. But they will get smaller , its the swelling right now.

I will try and post pictures tomorrow.


Hi, How you doing darling?
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Hi again :) I am in a lot of pain but otherwise up and OK. I will try and post pictures tomorrow. But it feels good not to have all that movement in my breasts as I alrady said...thanks for asking, and for all your support :)
Thank you, I am so thankful for al of you brave girls here, it feels good to have all this support!

Today is a good day, I don't take pain meds,...

Today is a good day, I don't take pain meds, walking hurts, but its OK. I have put up an picture, its very swollen, and I know I have to wait about 6 months for the final result, but just wanted to share, in case someone is interested.
I am not quit sure how much fat my PS put in, but I will ask him on tuesday when I have my follow up appointment.


Your breasts look incredible 6 weeks post explant!! Yay you!! :o)
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You look incredible post explant!! :o) Hope the surgery goes well! Went well??
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Happy 1 year Breast Implant Removal Surgi-versary.

Its been a year now, and I got a reminder saying 'Happy 1 year Breast Implant Removal Surgi-versary.'
And looking back....I should have done it sooner.
So if you are thinking of yes or no, or maybe....all I can say is


How did the fat hold? Would you recommend the fat grafting? Hope you are doing well!
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You didn't post any photo's post muscle repair and fat grafting. I'm curious, how did your additional breast surgery turn out and were you happy with the ultimate results?
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