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Starting Today. 05/14/2013 - Canada

Today I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a...

Today I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a pimply/pizza face/all the words to describe a teenager suffering from acne, everyone day its basically like this, I look around to all my friends and ask myself my cant I have a face like that.. I tried everything, honey mask, cleaners, pro-active, everything, i just want that movie star clear face.. Over these past months I've been really insecure about my face, going out, meeting new people, I just can't.. I always walk around thinking everyone looks at me with disgust, yes I do have a girlfriend and she is amazingly beautiful, can't believe how she can stand my face. Blah aha; sounding really negative but this is what runs through my mind, I'm a really outgoing person though, I'm physically active, I jog 5km a day, kick boxing 3 times a week, work out 4 times a week, and my personality is fun aha; enough with my life story though, but today I hope is the best decision I make, I'm taking 40mg pills a day starting today, I don't care what happens, I'm desperate for that clean face so I can walk around with my girlfriend looking like a cute couple, going for a walk not worrying how I look and having no worries, I hope this is understandable because first appearance is the best for me.

1 Month of Accutane

Haha I'm proud to say my acne is clearing up! In two weeks, the pimples that were there had come out and popped, my face is really starting to clear and I'm getting that motivation back where I can be more social and be happy with myself... Yes I can admit I did drink once with accutane, the next day my scars have become more red, I felt more nauseous, my belly starting having stings, I don't know if it was because of that but I'm not risking it again. Side affects, yes I do get dry lips, very easily! After I workout or in school my lips get dry and peeling, especially the top and bottom of the lips, my body seems to be slightly peeling, I think I get muscle aches, I do workout hard while on accutane, ive notice my emotions have boosted really a lot, I get happy easy, sad easy, mad easy, and I know it's because of these pills but I can deal. So far so good, going for another month with the same dosage 40mg, hopefully my face gets more better!

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I posted this on someone else's post as well but its important info. While on Accutane, get an Accutane survival kit! It is crucial. Items include: Aquapher. It comes in a tube like toothpaste does. Use on lips at all times to help prevent cracking and chapping. Aveda Lip saver with SPF 15 is also a good product but a little pricey. Lip chap and balms will not work. A mild moisturizer ( what ever bottle brand ) and a thick moisturizer like Nivea that comes in the blue jars as your going to start peeling a lot. You might be tempted to exfoliate but don't. It can make your skin angry! Spectro care intense moisturizer if you break out in eczema rash. That stuff will make the rash go away in a day or two. Eye drops like natural tears 2. Stay away from Visine. Head and shoulders. Yep .... incoming dandruff. There are also two rules when on Accutane. Number one: no drinking alcohol. Your liver is going to be under stress. Alcohol will make it worse. Rule number two: You must remember to drink plenty of fluids. Especially water as it helps flush toxins. Accutane dries you from the inside out but also robs you of joint and cerebral fluids. You must replenish these fluids. Basic rule is .. if you pee yellow on Accutane .. your not drinking enough. If you pee clear .. your doing ok. If you don't replenish these fluids it leads to serious joint pain and headaches. Its going to be a big change in skin type from were you are now, to being a dried up prune and having this stuff in your arsenal is going to make Tane a lot more bearable. Don't get discouraged during any part of the treatment. Its normal to "purge" for the first month or two as the Accutane forces acne to the surface of the skin. Its also normal to have a flare up or two during the full course of treatment. Wear sunblock!!! Even if you don't burn, Accutane makes you very sensitive to the sun. If it doesn't work the first time.. its ok. It is normal to have to do a second or even third treatment of Accutane. And last, Take pictures, even if you never plan to share, to track your progress week by week.
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I'm so sorry that your acne is on your mind so much. From what you have described other people are obviously able to look past it and enjoy being with you, but of course I know that doesn't change how self conscious the acne can make us feel.

Now that you are a few days in to your treatment, how are you feeling?

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I was just browsing through the Internet debating if I should stop, was concerned about being depressed or any of the harsh side affects but soon enough i found out it's like a 5% chance to happen so I'm going to continue on. I looked into what I needed such as washin remadies, using Cetaphil cleanser and moisterizer starting today, other than that the treatment seems to be working, I haven't had that harsh break out side yet just some minor break outs, I feel more confident around knowing this treatment should work 90%.
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How's it going so far? I'm thinking about using Roaccutane too but a little worried about the side effects, and the fact that I'm not allowed to take alcohol as it already is damaging to the liver =/
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You know what man, it's actually really clearing my face hah! I'm really happy about it man, but don't, I just recently drank on it, 2 days ago, I feel more nauseated after I eat, I don't know if its because of the drinking but Still don't I got red marks on my acne scars, don't risk it, it's bad enough you have a lot f side effects to go through while on accutane, but do it, it's working for me, I'm just waiting till next week to write my review
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