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I have never done a blog before so I'm not quite...

I have never done a blog before so I'm not quite sure how it works. I was so happy to find this and see all the other people that are going through the same thing. So, One week until my surgery! I can't wait! A little nervous, I'm confident in my doctor and I just hope I love it. I've been waiting for this day for about 10 years.


Ooh, I'm excited for you! As far as the blogging goes, you can just hop onto your account and update us whenever you feel like it. Let us know how you're feeling as the big day nears, how the day of surgery goes, and post op how you're feeling.

You might want to check out this forum post on supplies to get now for after surgery.

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7/12/12 Less than a week! Okay but one concern....


Less than a week! Okay but one concern. When I first went to consultation I feel as if I only talked to doctor for a few minutes about what he was actually going to do to reshape my nose (take down the bump and remove some from the tip) but we didn't really get into and more specifics. I'm not to good at asking questions, I usually just say okay lets go I trust you! But this is a WAY bigger deal than getting a hair cut. So I made an appointment the day before my surgery (they could only get me in for 15 minutes). Is that enough time before the surgery for us to go over all the things I want and dont want changed to my nose?


The amount of time you said you talked to your doctor seems minimal considering you probably had to pay for it..correct? I talked to my PS for about 25 mins for the consultation and he says he plans to spend 45 minutes with me on my preop. I would go in with a list of questions if you have any. Just be smart about it..it's not buying a pair of jeans...it's your face-priceless.
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Did you have another consultation before the surgery? or you just went to the first appointment and then booked it? I had an appt with my doctor and I have another consultation coming up where I will get blood work, etc and then my surgery. I'd say figure out what you want before your appointment and just be firm about what you want and don't want. 15 minutes could be enough if you emphasize what you want done and you feel like your dr. understands. I'd even remind him the next day again and again and again before your wheeled into surgery!

Ps who is your doctor? since your in CA I'm wondering
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Clear communication between you and your doctor as to what will be done is key to a successful outcome. I suggest you get your doctor to specify exactly what he/she will do - also important that you yourself are clear in your mind as to what you want and do not want; then make sure that you and your doctor have understood and agreed on what will happen during your op. Best wishes.
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Hello! So I just got the cast off today! I...

Hello! So I just got the cast off today! I couldn't wait to get rid of that thing and the stitches eeek. So I have a question for ya'll... What were some of your reactions when you first got the cast off? Did you love it right away or did you hate it and grow to love it? I'm having mixed feelings. I know the first day you cant really tell AT ALL and that it takes sometimes even months to see the true results. I feel that most people complain about theirs being swollen, mine feels to skinny tho! The doctor says that its pinched because of the cast and its going to swell up again and then fall back down to its true look. The doctor says he is really happy with how it came out but right now I'm sort of feeling not to shabby. And thinking what if I looked better with my old nose or feeling that I'm not really me anymore. It sounds ridiculous and I know its WAY to early, but I just want to know how you guy felt when you saw your new nose with the cast off for the first time?? Thanks!!


Don't you think the side morph is a little elevated, also ask to the doctor about the 3/4 view morph, that will give you a clear picture of what he is thinking your nose would look like. That view is more important than the side one.. All the best
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Can you also give us some of your morphs?
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Sure! Just added the side morph
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