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GoT a RhInOpLaStY on Feb.3.2012

I am looking to get a rhinoplasty because I have a...

I am looking to get a rhinoplasty because I have a hump On my nose that developed shortly after puberty. I am 27 yrs old and live in California. Time has flown by since the initial consultation in November and now I have my blood work scheduled this Fri the 27th and my surgery is on Feb 3rd. I am super excited but I find myself becoming more and more anxious as the day approaches... At times I get the feeling that doing this and it is all gonna go well, but then I have another part me that says "omg what if this happens,what if that happens". Anyway just wish it was the day before surgery already. Will keep you guys posted. Any feedback and advice is welcome. I will post pics soon. :)

Surgery is approaching quick ;)))) excited and...

Surgery is approaching quick ;)))) excited and nervous ;/

The first day: Surgery was a quick my PS was done...

The first day:
Surgery was a quick my PS was done in under an hour . My surgery was at 830 am I arrived to my hOme at 1030 am. He office is 10 min away from my house.
Anyway in for there we spoke about what I wanted changed, he made a couple of lines on my face and took a couple of pictures. Then can in the anesthesia nurse and apple about my blood work and what his role was today. This all took about 20 mins and off we were to the op room. Once in there I forgot about my worries and headed off to some tropical island in the Mediterranean. I woke up and it seemed like min instead of 55 min.
Anyways I think all is goo for now. Just quickly on my brusing I have very little it is the first day so maybe I will get more as the week goes by. I have been putting ice (peas) around my ice very 20 min of every hour and taking arnica as well as a vitamin C.
I will post 2 day. At the end of the day;)
Thanks for everyones positive energy

The second day: I made the mistake of napping in...

The second day: I made the mistake of napping in the afternoon and now I can't sleep. I also still have my nose packed because I had my rhinoplasty done on a Friday and my PS is closed every other weekend. Needless to say I wish I had it done on Thrusday so that Friday I would have gotten the packing removed. I haven't bruised much either but that's probably because I have been good about icing my eyes.
I miss breathing through my nose. I can't really eat because I can't taste anything and I cant swallow that well, again because of the packing.
I am still taking arnica and tylenol I am also taking a stool softener because I read it's good for your colon since you are immobile for a couple days. I must say that it does help.
Anyway I will post later on to tell you all how I am doing on my third day.
It's 135am here in CA and I can't sleep >_

I am doing better today in terms of pressure on my...

I am doing better today in terms of pressure on my head. I do feel pressure on my eyes and i feel like i have to blow my nose. I have not slept in a day, I got some Tylenol PM today and i will taking one to help me go to sleep.
I am eating Crackers and soft bread. My mom dropped off some applesauce today and i am finding it soothing on my throat. i also ate a banana today more frozen (cold ) pine apple from Trader Joe's.
One thing that i have not done well is brushed my teeth. I do brush them just not well. I use a lot of Scope instead. I want to shower soooo badly....I did do a sponge bath today, and it felt good. Tomorrow i go to my PS to remove my packing... I hope to eat warm food soon. I also miss working out. I am a runner and a stair climber and I so miss my workout days. I also miss taking my dog out for a walk and i miss not being able to pet her and have her lick my face lol.

Day four: Today i got my packing out and OMG i...

Day four:
Today i got my packing out and OMG i feel so much better!!!!
I get my cast of on friday and i am super excited!
My PS said everything looks good and that he is so surprised i didn't bruise that much. It is the fourth day i only have a tiny bit of discoloration near the tear ducts of my eyes. Other than that my color is normal. I do have a little bit of swelling on my cheeks (not much).
The removal of the packing did not hurt one bit. I had read some stories that is painful because of the dry blood but i have to be honest and say that i did not feel discomfort.
I hope that i heal fast.

JUST A TIP: My mother has taken the time to wash...

My mother has taken the time to wash fruit for me and cut them into piece i can eat without having to open my mouth to wide.
Berries (of all kinds)
Acai Sorbet or the real fruit

Basically freeze them (wash and cut them up before) add yogurt and a little milk (and or also sorbet) blend them and it does wonders for your throat and your stomach. This really was my only food for 3 days. I read that having berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberries, and acai) can speed up the healing process and help with healing.

I have also been taking AIRBORNE, and i have found that this has helped me in healing and keeping my spirits up.

anyway hope someone finds this helpful.


Days 5 & 6 All is well with me ;) Tomorrow I...

Days 5 & 6
All is well with me ;)
Tomorrow I get my cast off ;)))
I have gone out for little walks. Nothing too crazy just
felt like I needed to get out. I can't wait to start working out
I REALLY miss it.

Last day of healing with cast: Today I get my...

Last day of healing with cast:
Today I get my cast off. :())
I am excited and a little nervous about the reveal
I hope I love it!
I almost dnt want it removed until my nose healed completely
just scared I will bump it so something.

Sleeping has definetly been easier since the packing came off
my body was a little sore the second day from just laying around, I have been taking a few 5-10 min walks around my neighborhood, always with someone as I am still in recovery.
Eating is normal, I still take smaller bites and drink from a straw.



FROZEN GREEN TEA BAGS... They worked wonders on my puffiness.

Tea is relatively cheap so this didn't make me feel bad plus my boyfriend loves to drink it cold.

So brew some tea like you would normally ( instead of one bag do 2). Then instead of throwing them away place them in the freezer. They are the perfect size for your eyes. I would do a few sets at a time so you can rotate them out.
This really helped me because tea bags are not heavy and they don't dry out your skin.

Cast is off! So far I love the results!!! Will...

Cast is off! So far I love the results!!!
Will know for sure in a couple of weeks

Feeling great! Loving my nose! Thx all for your...

Feeling great! Loving my nose!
Thx all for your support ~

Am 10 days out and I love my nose! It was so...

Am 10 days out and I love my nose!
It was so worth it!

I added a before and after pic the before was...

I added a before and after pic the before was taken on the way to my PS office and the after was taken a week later (when the cast was removed). I LOVE it! and i am excited about the coming weeks and months.
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any updates?
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Glad you're happy with the results HappyNose. Who was your doctor and what was the cost of your surgery?
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Hi there, thanks for your review and support, your suggestions are really helpful! Glad all went well, for some reason can't see your pics? Thanks again :-)
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Looks good girlie!
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do you have a before and after frontal?Are you swollen?
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yes i do have more pics but will not be uploading. No i am not swollen at all
good luck
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Heeeey your experience has helped me so much! I'm sure you look really pretty. Thanks for sharing,you don't know how much it means to me reading that (:
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Looks Great!
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Oh that's so great! Love that you are happy! Will only get better from here! I just got my procedure done today so following your story closely! It's been very helpful! I'm using your tips and feeling great so far. Not expecting to sleep because this breathing thru mouth stuff is for the birds! Take care and chat with you soon!
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Glad you love your results
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Thx ;)
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Excellent tips! Thank you!
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They totally helped!
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That is so nice of your mum! Sorry 'mom' in US haha I hope my mum eventually comes around :S
Do you have a sore throat from drying out due to keeping your mouth open?
Hope recovery is going well!!
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Hey ;)
Yes it is sore because of breathing threw the mouth! It sucked! But well worth it. For most ppl the packing comes off the next day. My PS is open every other Sat because he works in different hospitals so that's why I waiting 3 days :/.
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Only 4 more days! So happy your healing good and you got that packing out
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Frozen Pineapple is a good idea! I think I will get stir crazy too..getting fresh air and walks
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frozen pineapple is good. Even if you buy the ones is a can cut them up an freeze them for later ;)
My mom did that for me today she bough a bunch of berries washed them up and cut them for mr to make it easier to bit. She has also made me shakes with yogurt and Acai
they give me energy and speed up recovery :)
Have fun on your trip
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I think the first 2 nights were the worst...my ps prescribed xanax to help with sleep, which I was reluctant to take but once I did it worked wonders...once the packing is out a humidifier or vaporizer might help...the worst is almost over :)
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thanks Sw33tbree ;)
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Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear all about it! You will do great!
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Good Luck! Thinking of you!
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only a couple of more days til ur surgery! =) i have mine february 9th!
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Good luck on your upcoming surgery! Mine is scheduled for the 10th and my bloodwork is the 30th. We are down to the wire! I totally understand your anxiousness! I am experiencing the same as the date draws nearer. Have you gotten your pain meds filled? Purchased arnica for help with bruising and swelling? I have done as much pre op prep as I can possibly do but I'm sure there will be things I didn't so. Who is going with you to surgery? Hopefully someone who will keep your spirits up. I selected a girlfriend if mine b/c she is so warm and loving and positive. Good luck and please keep me posted. Don't hold anything back! I will be thinking about you on the 3rd!
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Wow, so you're up for next week! Make sure your doc is a rhinoplasty expert and that you're on the same page about what you want. I'm excited for you! Please come back and let us know how it goes.

You might also want to check out 9 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Rhinoplasty (written by yours truly). Best of luck to you on this journey!

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