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Mini Facelift... Where Are Your Incisions? - California

I had a mini facelift 3 weeks ago. Pre-surgery, my...

I had a mini facelift 3 weeks ago. Pre-surgery, my ps said I would be able to pull my hair back in a ponytail. Post-surgery, I discovered that he'd taken the incision from behind my ears to 2 inches into the hair. I was shocked. Is this normal for a mini lift?Where do your mini lift incisions extend?

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Much bigger incision than expected.

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Hi Kat -- There are different types of mini lifts, so the incisions are placed differently depending on the technique. Did your doc draw on you or show you where the incisions would go beforehand?

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Yes, during the consultation, he showed me in a mirror where the incision would be in front of the ear, and he said it would continue just behind the ear. I think the surgery was more of a full facelift, which would definitely cost more, and quite possibly did a more complete job. But at the same time, I probably would not have had it done, if I'd known the incisions would be so drastic. And prominent.
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