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Allergic Reaction - California

I'd had a Jessner's peel before with no...

I'd had a Jessner's peel before with no problems and nice result. Last week had another with severe allergic reaction. Extreme swelling of my face, lips and throat, with oozing particularly on my chin. Also had hives on my neck. Swelling did not begin to recede for over 14 hours and was not completely gone for more than 4 days. Doctor's office couldn't explain what happened.

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It sounds like maybe some people tried to get too aggressive too quickly. I've been getting Jessners for about 5 years now but only after having tried other light peels for several years. I've also never had more than 3 layers. My skin always looks great after. It's red for a couple days, brown and peely for another 4 and glowing by day 7.
HORRIBLE!! Wel I just did my first Jessner peel and a trip to the ER! I did the peel 3 days ago and only did 1 layer. During the last 3 days my face has become so red and the pain was so intense I couldn't do anything yesterday, let alone sleep. I just had foot surgery and that was easy compared to the pain from this peel. Woke up last night and my face was swelling up really bad so I went to the E.R. They just have me tyenol, advil and cream. Still not sure why this happened but I'll keep my wrinkles and sun spots..this was a terrible exerience for me. I look awful and am kind of scared. Can anyone relate?

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