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I have always dreamt of having a more symetric...

I have always dreamt of having a more symetric proportionate face. I am not unhappy with my apperance as a whole. However I feel that i have been gifted with the potential of being much more beautiful than I am, and since this is something which is so important to me, why shouldnt I be the best I can possibly be?

I think i have been considering surgery for ten years now. I have a sort of cleopatra-ish nose. Very straight and long,and dominant. I am not quite sure how to make it look better the bigness and longness, without breaking it, because i dont have any lumps to remove. its just too long and big . My front is quite sharp, but a bit too full. I feel I would look much better if I could get a thinner tip on my nose. I also want a chin implant.

For me, I only want the best artist to touch my face, and i am not concerned about the cost. Most likely I will go to the US, whereever I can find the best doctor. I have been researching so much online, and found some quite reputed. Like Dr. Raj Kanodia. However then I find really bad reviews on them as well.. SO im very unsure about what to do. and im afraid to also ruin my apperance if it will not go well...

So now my post is up and running.. I would really...

So now my post is up and running.. I would really appreciate any advice on how to choose the best surgeon for me, as many others, i am terrified to have the wrong do it.. What do you think? Would I be a good candidate? And if anyone knows where i can get those pictures where you can see how it might look after surgery.

Hi Vinati! My suggestion is to go to a lot of consultations. Most of the doctors I considered came from suggestions from other doctors. Docs know who specialize in what type of nose, so they will mostly refer to doctors in their local state that work for your nose. You want to be flexible enough to visit all these specialized referrals. To be honest, your current photos look like the AFTER photos of rhinoplasty patients with your same facial features, including those that I know offline. Because there is no hump and it is so straight, with good projection, your nose is very ideal. I feel like a shorter tip would actually be disproportionate to your shape, and that your eyes are currently the most dominant feature on your face. Sorry for that tangent. Of course, if you still want surgery, please see a lot of consultations. With a thin tip on your nose, it would be easy for a doctor to leave your nose weak, requiring more surgery down the road (and there sadly is a lot of of revision rhinoplasty out there!). Be weary of suggestions that you feel would be too extreme or inconsiderate of your well-being in the long run. Your nose is seriously great already! And who knows. Maybe you will find out about other types of procedures that will help you get the look you want without the risks that come with major surgery. It's good to take time and research all your options.
I've heard a lot about Dr Rizk in New York. Very nice pics on his website. Lots to choose from in SoCal and NorCal.
YOu have a beautiful face, you dont need a nose job. Dont mess with perfection, there really is NOTHING wrong with your nose, nothing at all it is in proportion looks great

Ok, so I have been getting a lot of comments from...

Ok, so I have been getting a lot of comments from sweet people here that i dont need surgery and that i look fine just the way I am. Thank you so much for saying such nice things, i really appreciate it. However.. i might have not posted representable enough pictures so now i have posted proper profile views where one can see how long and prominent my nose really is compared to the rest of my face. Is it possible to make my nose shorter?
Your nose is so well defined in every pic you posted. It already look like you had a rhinoplasty done. It is so much easier for someone with a huge nose to take the rhinoplasty risk since any improvement usually leaves the patient satisfied. In cases like yours where your nose is not bad at all I am just not sure if it is worth the risk. Ultimately the decision is yours and i wish you luck.
Like others, I REALLY think you have such a nice nose that gives you character. HOWEVER. I think that maybe you should do "finesse" rhinoplasty rather than a full-on one? WHat do you think? Google it. It's when you just want a subtle change and not something too drastic. Goodluck!
I hope I don't discourage you by saying this but I agree with everyone else here. I've seen all your pictures - including the new ones you've posted today - and it hasn't changed my opinion that your current nose is completely proportionate to your face and balances and compliments your other features very very nicely. Of course, I also keep in mind that sometimes, pictures just can't capture perfectly the aspects of our nose that we dislike the most. I found too that the before photos I'd posted on part 1 of my review didn't do it justice and when people would say that they liked my nose the way it already was, I'd think, "Ok, but that's because it looks nicer in these pictures. But in real life, when I'm talking or laughing or doing every day things, it does things or looks certain ways that I just don't like." So even though I agree that your nose is already fantastic (and I admit that I do worry that you might set your expectations too high and then become distraught if you get less than perfect results), I also know that pictures don't show every detail and more than that, that if YOU are unhappy with it, nothing we say will change that. All I can hope for is the same as everyone else here: that you take your time and do the proper research before making this decision. Good luck.

Hi all, I took these two new phots today of my...

Hi all, I took these two new phots today of my profile, do you think that it would be difficult to make my nose less dominant, and more refined delicate ?
Is the last 4 pics after your rhinoplasty? It looks great!!!
Thank you so much, but this is all before, I have not yet had my surgery. Im in the phase of deciding to have it or not =)
Your natural nose is my ideal nose. Love the bridge its exotic and makes the eyes look pretty and tip is perfect not short not long!! I'm jealous :)

Hello everyone. Thank you for all your lovely...

Hello everyone. Thank you for all your lovely cmments and helpful advice.
I have now decided to how surgery, but I have my mind set on having it in th US, while i live in Europe. This means that i do not have the possibility to visit each doctors and consult, but I will only email them my ppictures, and trust reviews here on realself. I am super super chicken aboout touching my face, and I will not have anyone ruin my looks therefore i want the best only. Does anyone here have experience from being an out of town patient? How did you manage to get a REAL impression of th doctor from emails and reviews. How did you proceed in th process, and all the practical stuff? I am aiming at surgery either in july or august. Have a lovely day!!
Personally, I would LOVE your nose after my surgery!!! I don't think you need to have anything changed. I have a large dorsal hump and a drooping tip so your nose to me looks like what I wish to achieve after my surgery! With that in mind though, it is completely your decision, but most people go into surgery wanting an improvement and not perfection. While I am not looking for the most perfect cookie cutter nose, I am going in with the expectation that my nose will be improved from it's current state. Good luck!
I looked at your pics again, and I would say that if you are seeking society's ideal of beauty, then sure, a chin implant plus the slightest refinement of your nose would help you reach your goal. I guess the only argument against that is whether or not losing your distinctiveness, in trying to reach a quite common ideal is worth it. Personally, I think being pretty, authentic, and memorable is sexier than having a fairly common beauty that can be bought. But we're all different, and I wish you luck in your decision making.
I 100 percent agree with what you are saying.

saving up for surgery

Hi everyone!

Havent been here in a while, all spring i was super busy with my exams and now work..
I saw some of you that started this journey same time as i did already had surgery, with dr g, and other surgeons.( you look great, so excited for your results).

My parents were supposed to pay for surgery, but took a 360 change and are very much against me having rhinoplasty.. they think that it is foolish of me.. I myself know how much it will improve my outside, and hence how i feel ( inside).
SO now i have summer job to save up for surgery.. but i think i will not reach the sum i need before next summer.

How did you all do this? did you save all the money before having surgery?

saving up

Hello everyone..

Been a while since ive been here. Im currently in the process of saving up for surgery....
If you had surgery, did you save up all the funds before, or did you find another arrangment?

I am a student, and not from us, so i dont qualify for any loan... =(
Does anyone know any options i have other than saving it all before ( doing now, wont be able to have surgery before next summer.. )
I love your nose!
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