Replacing 20 Yr Old Salines with Sientra Round Textured Unders - 5.7, 130 - California

I've had saline implants for the past 20 years and...

I've had saline implants for the past 20 years and getting new silicone ones, about 1 cup size bigger (C). I also will have capsular scar tissue removed. I have been told that recovery is much shorter and less painful. Is this true? 1. How long is recovery? 2. Will the implants sit as high initially as with primary augmentation? 3. I will be by myself - any special tips? 4. All the fitting and sizing is out the door - there are no records anymore about how big my previous implants were. I have not been able to to make any kind of determination about how many cc's I will need and the surgeon has to order a bunch of different sizes. I've read 100 ccs are about a cup. True? Was about a 36AA before, so should I assume 300ccs will get me to C cup? Seems low....


I have read many reviews that mention the recovery is easier the second time around. There are a few that say it's the same but it depends upon how much revision work is needed. Just curious as to why you're replacing your implants? Primarily to go a bit larger or are you experiencing any troubles or discomfort with your implants? Keep us're almost there!
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I have been lucky enough to have my old ones for 20 years without any problems. Now, however, I am having some encapsulation issues on one side, so I figure it's a good time to replace them. I am glad I waited this long, because now I can go with the gummy bear implants. 20 years ago, silicone was not an option. I will go a bit larger if I can (I hope from 36B+ to 36C), but I know I don't have have a lot of tissue to work with. 100 to 200 CCs more, if I can fit that. I'll post some photos soon. Op is 3/7, so it's coming up soon.

One more week

Finally getting around to adding some pictures.

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Anyone with my stats?

Still wondering about what size to go with to get more cleavage and a fuller profile. Does anyone close to my stats have some input and pictures to share? I only have a week to decide.

5.7, 130#, 31" under breast, 36 AA, long torso, little breast tissue.
Is anyone out there who has my stats and has had round silicone unders?
I'm looking at Sientra rounds, 385 or 425cc unders....


Do you have any pain from the CC? Yes, that's wonderful your implants lasted 20 years. Thanks for posting the photos. I love your wish boob photos! I would be inclined to ask your PS about possible sagging. I have heard the larger you go, there is more potential for sagging. Here is a list of recovery supplies you may want to purchase and set up. Good luck and keep us posted!
Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Beth! I'm only shooting for a C cup, so I hope sagging won't be an issue!

2 more days

Well, the day is almost here and I still have no idea what I will look like the second time around. I am still looking at the 385s or even the 335s. I really won't find out what it's going to be since I have no idea what ccs I have now. What I do know for sure is that they will be Sientra rounds, and that I want to be small to medium C, so no radical change over what I have now. Just a little bit more volume and cleavage, and hopefully a less ballooney feel. Wait and see.


Hey 2nds, do you have an update for us? I'd like to hear/see how they turned out if you don't mind.
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It occurred to me that you might be worried about the silicone rupture. During my 1990 revision, they discovered the shell of my implant had disappeared. No problems showed up on the mammogram because there was nothing to show up. The only thing holding the silicone in place was my capsule scar. I didn't have any adverse side effects. The implant shells were much thinner then. My timing was so silicone was available when I needed it. I think a saline rupture would be just as bad. After all, if you go into the hospital, would you really want them to hook you up to an IV bag that was 10-15 years old and growing who knows what. It's the same thing but the IV bags have expiration dates and they pull them off the shelf. I got MemoryGel subglandular. I didn't know until yesterday the silicone like I had was still available. The 23 yr old ones they just removed were intact. Sounds like your on your way up.
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Please keep us up to date. I always had silicone and I've had 2 revisions. Original BA 1979, revision for CC 1990, revision for CC 2/20/14. I went from 385cc to 400cc. Just maintenance for me. I hope it all turns out well for you.
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