Going Back Under the Knife to Fix my Girls After 2 Years.... Super Nervous - California

I had a BA in October 2009. I'm a mommy of two...

I had a BA in October 2009. I'm a mommy of two boys that I nursed each for 2 years (I know it was a long time). They deflated my beautiful breasts..... so after surviving the divorce process of my abusive marriage I decided to give myself the gift of a BA. I am 5'8 and 140 lbs most days. I went with Saline 350's overfilled to 375's Submuscular. Turns out my surgeon didn't detach my muscle like he said he would because of my physical activities I enjoyed. So my muscle squeezed my implant out and made a random and large pocket to travel, causing distortion and pain. I went to 3 different surgeons to get advise on what to do, if this was correctable and now what. Mind you I went back to my original PS 6 months after surgery and he said he would take them out and put them on top of the muscle and wouldn't charge me his fee or we could wait and see what would happen. I chose to give it a little more time and see what would happen. I went back a year later and he said he would take out my implants and put them on top of the muscle but would no longer waive his fee and his fee would be more to do a re-augmentation. All surgeons said they could help me. So I chose the one that came highly recommended to me by many of my friends and the one surgeon that didn't rush me and my husband (who I have to say is a sweet gift from GOD!) out of the office. He answered all of my crazy questions, even the ones I asked over and over. I am frustrated that I have to have surgery again as I do not like surgery, going under. My husband and I have 4 boys all together and the last thing I want is to have surgery on my breasts now. Nor do I want to spend the $6500 to fix this.

I deflated my saline implants Sunday, February 26th to let my body close up the capsule on it's own before I get new implants. Kind of shocking to have my mommy breasts back.... uggggh! My new PS came to my house and deflated me as when I was in his office my anxiety level was a little high after paying him a rather large check and just soaking it all in that this was really happening again. So he came to our home and deflated me..... And made me laugh.... LOL I am replacing with silicone (smooshier feel) possibly 550cc as my last implants didn't quite fill up my mommy skin. I have been on this website for months!!!! Reading everyone's reviews and tonight started reading forums..... whew ..... read about silicone poisoning your body.... feeling uneasy so decided to start journaling on this website like I have seen so many of you do, as your positive experiences are good to read. I will post pix soon.


This says I put "Not Worth It" and I put "Worth it" I tried to update it to "Worth it" but it is not working
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I'll look into that for you.

Thank you so much for starting your story here on RealSelf! I'm sorry you have to go through this all over again. I hope it's done to your satisfaction this time and that you love how they look when you're through. Keep us posted!

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Okay ..... her goes nothin'. Posting pix of my...

Okay ..... her goes nothin'. Posting pix of my deflation. I took pix of my former implants but must have erased them so here is what I look like now. They are GONE! It is very weird to have that empty silicone wrapper that used to hold saline, still in there. Sometimes the hard plastic folded over hurts what seems to be my ribs. We decided to deflate so that my pockets will naturally close themselves in a little bit since my last implants moved around waaaaaaaaaay too much!

I have been wearing big baggy sweatshirts so no one notices, thankful it is winter time.

I am very anxious for the 30th of March to get here so I can have boobies again! I have become addicted to RealSelf and all the stories on here! Thank you to all who post.


Thanks for being brave and sharing. I actually think you look lovely!

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Thank you for posting...i also went under the muscle and have major sagging and deflation. Same timeline 2 years and i too workout a lot. But I take it really easy on my chest. I am just starting to look into going under the knife as well...hope all goes well for you!!!
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Well I finally let my husband see, he thinks I am...

Well I finally let my husband see, he thinks I am ridiculous that I won't let him see my boobs deflated. He had seen them before my first BA. He keeps reassuring me that I am still beautiful to him and it doesn't matter but it is a huge change for me.

So I have been stuffing my bra like a 13 year old little girl and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a "Miraculous" bra from VS.... It's amazing what these bras do to ya! LOL. My mom says I have to pass it down to her after my surgery so she can go up 2 cup sizes....hehe

Patiently waiting for the 30th.... Time flies by too fast anyways so I know it will be here before I know it!


I am also addicted to real self, I had such a horrible experience with my BA and 3 revisions that it is comforting to know I'm not alone. I must say your natural breast looks good! Good luck with the new surgery, keep us posted!
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I am addicted to looking at before and after...

I am addicted to looking at before and after pictures! Geeez!


Thanks for all the kind words ladies! I thought the month of March would crawl by but as usually time is flying! So excited and getting a little nervous! Lord, please let this be my last time going under the knife! Scares me!
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Thanks for sharing your story , I've seen my ps today and have been told I will need another revision surgery it will be the 3 rd time I will need to go under again , this time I'm seeking a second opinion just to be sure
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I agree, you are going to look awesome if those are your natural - you have a lot of tissue and they are not that saggy! I knew a girl that breastfed 3 and hers looked like you could flip them with a spatula lol! Being obsessed with looking at pics is totally normal, I too did it for months! You are lucky to have those for your surgeon to work with, I am sure they are going to be even lovelier!

Pre-op next Monday (the 26th).... WOW.... excited,...

Pre-op next Monday (the 26th).... WOW.... excited, nervous, want my boobs back!!!! Surgery scares me because there is always chance of complications, ahhhhhhh! I can't think about that stuff or I will go crazy!

When I am stressed I shop, it is my drug of choice... hehe. I have given up shopping until Easter. I am going insane not shopping, thank goodness I have to save up my money for these hooters or I would be going even crazier! My husband thinks I am hillarious because I am actually refraining from shopping, he doesn't think I can make it to Easter! It has been hard but I have to prove to myself that I can! After Easter I should be able to buy a new top with my new boobies!!! YAH!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Ginger looking at your photos there going to look amazing lovely don't stress keep in mind what you want them to look like and I'm sure god will help deliver excited for you . Will try to get my photos up, tonight as I think sharing does helps others thanx g xo
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@ gingermegs, I've heard what you are saying before. I had saline before so I am not sure if I would have any silicone left overs hanging out. I have heard that sometimes if your implant is too big for you that it can pinch nerves and that may not be resolved unless going on top of the muscle. The pain I was experiencing was due to muscle smashing the implant and that I need a dual plane procedure so that doesn't happen because I have strong chest muscles due to masses amount of working out, I like to work out :o) So I will no longer work my chest once I am fixed. With my implants deflated I still feel that discomfort a little after working out (not my chest, just all the other things I do) and it goes away faster at this point of my implants being deflated. I really hope dual plane helps me out with discomfort. I think going over the muscle you end up with the "rocks in socks' look after a few years because your skin is all that is left holding up your implant. I have debated going over too so that I don't have to chance more pain.... I have been praying about it. I am sure God loves hearing me pray about my boobs... LOL! Thank goodness he loves me no matter what! So far I feel pretty good about going back under the muscle but like you I had a flat profile so I am going bigger and hopefully high profile,not sure with my chest width if I can go high profile, we will see! Good luck hun with what you decide! Take your time figuring it out!
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Mommeyboeys, I hear you babe I will be going in for surgery proberly around June this year I too am a avid gym junkie and I have been body sculpting since 2005 this time around I will not ever work my chest muscles again and will be training very carefully In regards to the upper body, as for the rocks in socks look, I've been advised to have mine put in front of the muscle using an extra high profile Brazilian furry implants that will be put in as they grip to the skin and will not move apparently. Only disadvantage I can see is I feel I may have to be careful with weight gain or loss , so as to avoid the rocks in socks look. I'm making it very clear ths time with my surgeon that I want to absolutly fill out the pancake breast tissue I have now and have a fuller upper pole , as with you I hope third time around this will be successful for pain and look . My nerve pain has been from my first surgery when I developed a hematoma 1 hr after surgery in the left breast this is why my surgeon is advising to go in front of the muscle this time so like you were saying there is less chance of possible pinching or irritation (fingers crossed) it's a chance to take but I believe this might be best as with gym and being self employed as a beauty n massage therapist I use the upper body hard out everyday . Please write back and let me know how you get on as I would like to know as we seem to have similar cases good luck lovely Gingy

Well I have been emailing my surgeon this weekend...

Well I have been emailing my surgeon this weekend just asking questions about what to take, previous pain, new pain, and nervousness. He is amazing! So attentive and pays attention and answers all my questions. I am so thankful! Different 200% from my first surgeon. I have my pre-opp on Monday and I am excited and nervous! Getting my kiddos settled in next weekend after my surgery and I have been quite the crazy woman around the house making sure my house is clean. My husband is so amazing! He had the boys clean their room, did loads and loads of laundry and had the boys clean most of the bathrooms! I have shower duty. I am quite the clean freak so he said if there is anything that bugs me while I am recooping to make him a honey-do list and he will get on it! Thank you Lord for my wonderful husband!

Haven't fully decided on a size, hope to accomplish that in my Pre-Opp!

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Pre-Op done. Meds picked up. Lab work done. Nerves...

Pre-Op done. Meds picked up. Lab work done. Nerves...THROUGH THE ROOF. We decided on 550 high profile. I feel like the number is freaking me out but the look of the sizers I tried on today looked great so I know I am just going to stick with it. I was weird about the number the first time and then I felt I could have gone bigger.

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OUT OF SURGERY! They look amazing! I was so...

OUT OF SURGERY! They look amazing! I was so worried about 550 cc's but they look great! I had such a horrible time coming out of Anesthesia last time and this time.... AMAZING! The doctor, the nurses, the anesthesiologist, everyone was so wonderful! I am so please! I highly recommend my Dr.!!! I will post swollen pix soon, then unswollen later!


Hi lovely they look fantastic , so excited for you I will be going in late may for my 3rd time will touch base again soon ginger
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I had my one week post opp appt today. Stitches...

I had my one week post opp appt today. Stitches removed! Love my refilled breasts! I went with 550 cc high profile for a more narrow breast and love that decision! The doctor said they look great and now I have massage duties!

Turns out I am allergic to all narcotics so my only pain relief has been tylenol and advil but that has been plenty! The swelling is not as bad when you get them redone. The most exciting part for me is NO PAIN like I had before with my muscles! I am being very good about not too much activity but in reality I have 4 boys..... they have been good about letting mommy take at least one nap a day.

I can not say enough about my Dr's bed side manner! He has been so awesome! He answers every question and answers them according to my lifestyle. I am so thankful to have a better doctor this time.

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Uploaded some more pix in a time order. I noticed...

Uploaded some more pix in a time order. I noticed that my left breast seems a little lower than my right, in fullness at the top and placement towards the bottom. I called my surgeon and he said I needed to wear something more supportive on my breast. A real bra and support my implant off my fold! I can see the difference from day 10 to day 18 in the lift of my breast when I take off my bra. I am supposed to support them 24/7 (except to shower) for a full 3 weeks! I love my new breasts! He said I don't have to worry about dropping and swelling at this point because it was a re-augmentation and my body took it really well and I didn't have a lot of scar tissue inside where my deflated implants were. I have been doing my exercises and everything is going really well! Love them!!!!

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ABSOLUTELY can not wait to get back to working...

ABSOLUTELY can not wait to get back to working out!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!! I feel so good and yet am not cleared for the gym and I am waiting so very patiently so I don't mess anything up! I did go on a walk a few times but not an aggressive walk! Cleared my head and made me feel a tad bit better!


Wgat method did you end up getting? Dual plane???
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I'm over now with bottoming out and can't decide what to do. Keep getting different opinions!
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Did you go over or under the muscle?
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Redding Plastic Surgeon

My surgeon is such a wonderful person! He truly takes the time to answer every one of my questions and makes sure I am comfortable with the answer before he moves on! I have seen 4 different surgeons in Northern California and he's the best! His work is one of the best and his bed side manner is fantastic! He came highly recommended and I wish I would have used him my first go around with a BA!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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