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Best Decision of My Short Life - California

If you have been searching for solutions for a...

If you have been searching for solutions for a multiple-year period, then please look no further. Accutane is your man. I started out with a lot of acne on my cheeks--medium sized cysts that would leave marks for up to 7 months after they were gone. I tried minocycline and doxycycline but neither of them really helped. I was still getting acne and it was destroying my skin. I had heard about Accutane, but I was too scared to try it. Party because it sounded like a heavy-duty drug, but mostly because I was terrified of getting blood tests every month. For my whole life, blood drawing had been my worst nightmare, so that definitely initially turned me off of Accutane. So I was considering going on birth control as my next solution. But thankfully, a friend convinced me to try Accutane instead. So I sucked it up and got the prescription. The first blood test was very nerve-wracking but I got through it. And the other 6 or 7 ones went by without anxiety. Within the first month, Accutane changed my skin texture from oily and bumpy to smooth and soft. Then, over the next 5 months, I got fewer and fewer pimples. The last month, I didn't get a single zit--not even any little harmless ones. There were some downsides, too. I couldn't make it 2 hours without having chapstick, there were a few scaly patches on my arms, and I looked like I had a mild sunburn in the last third of the treatment. But, let me tell you, you will welcome those side affects knowing that they are taking you closer to the face you have YEARNED for for so long. I've been done with Accutane for a couple weeks now and I am so happy that I went for it. It's such a good feeling to go from being defined by acne to having none to worry about. Take this drug!


Hey, I can totally relate. I have't tried accutane yet but I want to. Is your skin still clear or did you have to do another round?
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you so cute
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I'm about to go on accutane in september.my dermatologist said that my disicion was a good choice but i'm really scared. I gatherd all the information that is important but i still feel that it isn't enough. I'm afraid of perminate side effects and I wanted to know if there is any possible way to avoid them.
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