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Caused Severe Depression and Suicidal Thoughts - Lancaster, CA

I read prior to using it that it caused...

I read prior to using it that it caused depression, but I thought "oh I am a happy person, I don't have to worry about that.. plus, nothing is worse that acne!" I went on it and it did clear my skin up... however, it made me super depressed. I didn't want to go out, looked in the mirror and still saw my old skin, cried constantly. It was just not good. And after 2 years of being clear, my acne came back anyway. I would not suggest Accutane to anyone. When my acne came back I did monthly microderms and chemical peels while on Menocycline for a couple months. That has cleared me up since : ) Prior to all that, I had tried everything and nothing ever worked. Microderms are the way to go. Much more natural approach than Accutane.

The exact same thing happened to me I didn't even understand what was happening to me
Keep in mind it might take 2 to 4 treatments of Accutane for the acne to go away permenantly. My sister was on it twice before it worked and I'm on my second dose. I noticed hardly much change during the first term, but this time I see a huge change! I'm only on my 3rd month and my acne is almost completely gone. I'm still going to go the whole 5mons because I want to make sure it doesn't come back. Also, for those who it came back, keep in mind you should still see your dermatologist monthly and keep a rigid skin care daily regimen using Retin-A and Benzol Perioxide cleansers and creams. Diet is a big part of acne top, eat less oily foods and sugar and cram your diet veggies and fruits. I mean a ridiculous amount of veggies. I'm sorry that some had a bad experience. I feel for you, I guess it's not forever one. However, I highly recommend this!! It worked for me 100%
i took it 2 days and fellt sooo bad my had and my emotions went to negative and it was not normal, i mean i was so sad and depressed it was only 2 days (!) but i can swear it was accutane that make me feel like this.i am so sure that this drug can cause bad depression,some people say they dont had any depression but they do not know how they felt, if they dont took it.no i am not taken it noo way! you have to listen to your body and mind if you dont sure dont do it
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