I Want a Breast Aug but Can't Choose Dr. Yilly or Harold Villalobos. Help!

Hey, I am brand new to the site because I finally...

Hey, I am brand new to the site because I finally decided I want to get a breast aug this year.

I was almost set on going to Dr. Harold Villalobos in Cali, Colombia.
But I keep hearing about Dr. Yilly de Los santos in Domincan Republic and how good she is.

It's so hard to pick. I just want to increase the size yet maintain a natural look. I don't want them looking all round and obvious lol

If anyone can recommend or help me choose between these doctors based on your experience, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks !

Leaning towards Dr.Harold Villalobos in Cali, Colombia

I've been debating on what doctor to choose because I want one that will deliver the most natural looking results. Since I'm going from an A to C cup I don't want them to look so obviously fake.

I uploaded some pics to show the look I'm going for. So far I'm thinking Dr.Villalobos since I've heard of him and he's located in cali, Colombia, which I think is the most known part of Colombia for plastic surgery.

But before I finalize my decision to go to him, I would like to hear from anyone that either knows of his work or can possibly recommend another great surgeon in Cali.


More specific pic of what I want.

I love the shape and dimension of these breast implants. If I didn't know they were fake I wouldn't be able to tell otherwise. This is exactly what I'm going for.

So, again if anyone knows of any great surgeons (particularly in Cali,Colombia) that can provide similar results, please let me know! :)

Change of mind

So I won't be going to dr. Villalobos anymore. His prices are great but I asked his surgical coordinator to email me some pictures of before and afters similar to my case. One of the pics really threw me off i didn't like the after pic.

So I posted it on realself and asked board certified doctors for their professional opinion. And from the feedback I got I'm better off not going to him.

Now I'm considering doing it in the states. But I'm looking to find something affordable yet great quality from a board certified surgeon. Any suggestions?

Dr. Freiman it is!

Ok i made my decision. I'm going to Dr. Freiman In Miami ! His work just speaks for it self. And it's exactly what I'm going for. I can't wait to book my surgery date !
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Hey love congrats on your surgery ! I don't think you will be disappointed with Dr.Friemans work ! " now I didn't find him very personable haha but hey he gave me beautiful results ! He was very to the point ! Omg @your 3rd wish pic that's Evelyn lozada never knew she had such beautiful boobs lol ! Good luck to you love and any questions pls feel free to ask away xo
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Lol yea I like her work also. But thanks for reassuring me about the beautiful results because that's ultimately what I really want :)
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^_^ can't wait to see your beautiful results
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First off welcome to realself :) as I been on here for a few months I happened to notice girls with a sag before BA & no lift gives them a natural look. My friend went with me to do her BA as well & she was borderline a lift but PS suggested to go bigger n her boobs look natural. Post some pre sugery pics so we see what your working with ;) I was already perky so I knew my outcome would be high anyway.. Good luck on your BA keep us posted!
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My doctor is great at breasts.
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I'm going to Dr V in April when are u traveling
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I haven't set a date but I'm trying to go ASAP. April the latest. I'm still doing some research on dr.V so I would like to know as much as I can about him. What made you choose him?
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His reviews, prompt feedback, and a friend who recently went. I jus don't like the travel time
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Sent my deposit.... My girlfriend jus came back looking fabulous!
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I'm booked for April 12for sx
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Welcome to RealSelf! You will find many reviews on RealSelf for the doctors you are contemplating. You may want to post wish boob photos to give the community a better idea of the look you are seeking. Will you have someone to join you on your adventure or will you be traveling solo? Keep us posted on your research progress!
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