I Want a Breast Aug but Can't Choose Dr. Yilly or Harold Villalobos. Help!

Hey, I am brand new to the site because I finally...

Hey, I am brand new to the site because I finally decided I want to get a breast aug this year.

I was almost set on going to Dr. Harold Villalobos in Cali, Colombia.
But I keep hearing about Dr. Yilly de Los santos in Domincan Republic and how good she is.

It's so hard to pick. I just want to increase the size yet maintain a natural look. I don't want them looking all round and obvious lol

If anyone can recommend or help me choose between these doctors based on your experience, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks !

Leaning towards Dr.Harold Villalobos in Cali, Colombia

I've been debating on what doctor to choose because I want one that will deliver the most natural looking results. Since I'm going from an A to C cup I don't want them to look so obviously fake.

I uploaded some pics to show the look I'm going for. So far I'm thinking Dr.Villalobos since I've heard of him and he's located in cali, Colombia, which I think is the most known part of Colombia for plastic surgery.

But before I finalize my decision to go to him, I would like to hear from anyone that either knows of his work or can possibly recommend another great surgeon in Cali.


More specific pic of what I want.

I love the shape and dimension of these breast implants. If I didn't know they were fake I wouldn't be able to tell otherwise. This is exactly what I'm going for.

So, again if anyone knows of any great surgeons (particularly in Cali,Colombia) that can provide similar results, please let me know! :)

Change of mind

So I won't be going to dr. Villalobos anymore. His prices are great but I asked his surgical coordinator to email me some pictures of before and afters similar to my case. One of the pics really threw me off i didn't like the after pic.

So I posted it on realself and asked board certified doctors for their professional opinion. And from the feedback I got I'm better off not going to him.

Now I'm considering doing it in the states. But I'm looking to find something affordable yet great quality from a board certified surgeon. Any suggestions?

Dr. Freiman it is!

Ok i made my decision. I'm going to Dr. Freiman In Miami ! His work just speaks for it self. And it's exactly what I'm going for. I can't wait to book my surgery date !

Officially Scheduled for 4/28

So I've been contemplating this for a while now. But I finally paid in full yesterday. I'm definitely going with dr. Jacob Freiman. I can't wait to just do it and get it over with. I'm leaving Sunday and doing it Monday. Can't wait! :)

Finally boobilicious ;) 600cc

It's official! I got it done today at about 3pm. My doctor was of course the wonderful Dr. Freiman.
I wasn't too sure what to expect as far as the surgery. I've never went under so I was a tiny bit nervous. But I was knocked out before I knew it.

I was also nervous about the how bad the pain would be afterwards. Honestly it wasn't that bad maybe the a little painful for a few seconds then it left.

I am now about 5 hours post op and I feel surprisingly good. Maybe just very little soreness. So I'm very happy about that.

I got confused last minute of what pictures to show him since most of them were in bras andhe's like "Victoria's Secret can do that." Lol

But he's had an idea from what I showed. I said something natural . He said I had a wide chest so he recommended 600cc. Whoah

It sounded huge since I've seen 500cc and I thought even that would be humongous lol but I trusted my surgeon I know he knows his stuff. I'll be posting more pics

Still healing but so far so good.

I flew back today from Miami. My recovery has been pretty good so far thank god! I experienced minimal pain and it didn't last thankfully. Day 2 post op I switched to Tylenol and right now I haven't taken anything and I'm doing well. I had a post op on Tuesday (the day after). I wasn't seen by Dr. Freiman which I would've preferred but then again I didn't go at the time I was told. So I'm not too upset about that. It's probably my fault.

I was taken care of by a wonderful
Lady recommended by the clinic. My experience was quicker than I imagined the day of the surgery. So that was helpful in getting it over with.

My implants are of course still high up and swollen but that's to be expected. It just feels right that's about it for now :)


Feels tight** oops

Update on the specifics

So as previously mentioned I got 600cc. But more specifically it's natrelle style 45 extra high profile.

I think this is usually considered an implant with unnatural appearance. However I trust in my surgeon and I can see why he choose this.

First of all he said "I'm going to give you more cleavage." And I'm glad because I literally had NONE. lol

So I think that was a good choice. And I think 600cc is generally a big implant. However I'm 5'7 and 147lbs and as I mentioned in a previous post my surgeon mentioned I had a wide chest base. So all in all, I feel good about this choice. It makes sense to me.

Potential boob greed at times?

so far so good

I haven't updated in forever but so far everything is looking good. I officially got measured and apparently i am now a 32DDD (nicee) lol and that's from a 34a. And the best part is that they look natural. On a side note the only thing kinda bothering me is reduced nipple sensitivity particularly on the left side. Is anyone else experiencing this? I do hear that it should return but it's just weird. Other than that I'm liking my results :)
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

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Amazing boobs! Im going to Freiman in August! :D If you could, would you go bigger? If so, would it cost more? Also, how did you get your pain medication and how soon after surgery did you fly back home?:P
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I went with Dr. Freiman a yr ago.. The price stays the same no matter the size u choose. Pain medication is prescribed to you the day of the consultation. You can fly as early as two days but if you wanna be in the safe side I would do a week.. Hope that helped..
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Thanks hun. I don't think I would go bigger. He picked a very proportionate size for my figure and I'm satisfied. I got my medication in a walgreens a few blocks away from the clinic. I left about 3 days after
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They look amazing! How do they feel?
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Thank you! They feel pretty good. Definitely a little softer now
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About what you said about Dr Villalobos , his job is unbeliave. So I am not agree with you. You should put the pictures you have of his job I dont even think a doctor made a but comment if him. He is the best. I Have breast augmentation with him and else a lipo and my results are fantastic, else my sister and cousin. Probably you are false testimony. Is all this is about.
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You don't have to agree with my post. He might be a good surgeon as you say, but board certified doctors on this site said otherwise when I showed them the pictures. You can see the question on my profile along with the responses from certified U.S surgeons.
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Looking good girl congrats =]
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Thanks love xo
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Glad you're doing well! Can't wait for more pics. Do you have far to travel back home? 
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Thank you. I'll be uploading pics soon. I traveled from NY to Miami to have this done.
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Oh you look great in your pictures. I can't believe you have 600 cc high profile implants. You really do have a wide chest base as they look absolutely perfect on you. Glad the recovery has been going well and that your return trip home was smooth. Keep us posted as you continue to heal...and be sure to take it slow even if you feel good!
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Thank u so much Beth. I will be updating shortly.
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Yay... Congrats!! Speedy recovery!
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I'm excited for u!! I can't wait to see ur results :) good luck !!
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Thanksss :) Just a few more hours! I'll be posting right after.
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Congrats!! Very excited for you!! Cant wait to see your results!
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Thank you! I'll make sure to post some update pics.
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Hey love congrats on your surgery ! I don't think you will be disappointed with Dr.Friemans work ! " now I didn't find him very personable haha but hey he gave me beautiful results ! He was very to the point ! Omg @your 3rd wish pic that's Evelyn lozada never knew she had such beautiful boobs lol ! Good luck to you love and any questions pls feel free to ask away xo
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Lol yea I like her work also. But thanks for reassuring me about the beautiful results because that's ultimately what I really want :)
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^_^ can't wait to see your beautiful results
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First off welcome to realself :) as I been on here for a few months I happened to notice girls with a sag before BA & no lift gives them a natural look. My friend went with me to do her BA as well & she was borderline a lift but PS suggested to go bigger n her boobs look natural. Post some pre sugery pics so we see what your working with ;) I was already perky so I knew my outcome would be high anyway.. Good luck on your BA keep us posted!
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My doctor is great at breasts.
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