I decided to post my story as reading through so...

I decided to post my story as reading through so many other stories on here has truly helped me during this experience.

I had open rhinoplasty on May 29th. My bridge was shaved down & tip was refined and lifted. The procedure went extermely well. Recovery was not too diffcult either.. only had some minor bruising and swelling under my eyes. By the time I went in to get my tape off (I did not have a cast) and stitches out, I had no facial bruising or swelling. My nose on ther hand... this thing was so swollen and huge I wanted to cry!

As of today, I am 2 weeks post op. I'll put some pictures up shortly.

My tip is still so swollen and uneven. I really hope that this is just due to the extensive tip work my PS performed. I was really hoping for a defined, narrow tip. Right now the tip is very wide and extremely round (the opposite of what I wanted). My side view is not bad.. however some angles I feel as though my nose still looks too large. Again, I am hoping this is all due to extensive swelling.

I'll update with progress pictures weekly....
I think you're going to be very, very happy.  Still lots of swelling but your profile looks real good and you're looking very pretty with your new hair sytle/color!  Can't wait to see photos when the swelling subsides even more.  Thanks so much for sharing with us!

re-posting the first pic

This is my nose before & an after simulation. (The original pic I posted was too small in size)
I think it looks gorgeous! Can you put a before pic up? Once the swelling goes down it will look amazing!

Pre-surgery photos...

As you can see, I never took profile pictures before.. and this is why.
I did master the 3/4 angle to get a decent shot!
oh my gosh you look INCREDIBLE!! so gorgeous!! i thought you looked beautiful before by the way, so pretty, but your new nose really makes your eyes POP! wow! enjoy!
Wow thank you so much, you are so sweet! I've been feeling kind of self conscious about my lumpy swollen tip. I know I'm probably just being to harsh on myself and it probably doesn't look as bad I think it does.. I just can't wait for it to settle into the final result. It's a long process! Your kind words mean a lot to me, thank you :)

Thank you immensely for sharing! You're going to help countless others embarking on a rhinoplasty journey. I think you look fab, even with the swelling. With me, the tip was definitely the last to shrink. It took months!

Hang in there and please keep us updated.


3 weeks post op

So I am now at 3 weeks post op.... I have to admit, I have my good days and my bad.
Comparing my photos, I can see how it has changed since last week. It is slowly starting to get smaller and even out. But, unfortunately it is still way to swollen and the tip is still large and round and uneven (especially from the front view).
omg! you literally have the most perfect side profile! I love your nose..so pretty!
Aww thanks, you're sweet :) I feel like the tip actually got longer and sticks out further since the first week.. probably just swelling.. *sigh* I'll probably do what you did and ask my doc for a steroid shot to help with the swelling. Do you think it was worth it? (Your recent pictures look fabulous!)
No, it's literally perfect! and yeah the shot was worth it, definitely didn't hurt any. I know swelling has really been bothering me as well :/

1 month!

I can't believe it's already been 1 month since the surgery! Time has passed really quickly..
Anyways... I still hate my nose from the front. It's not defined, it's really wide and uneven. I'm planning on calling my doctor next week to inquire about the steroid shot. I've seen a few people on here who have had it to help decrease some swelling.
I think I like my profile, but sometimes I look at it and it still looks too big...like the bridge could have been shaved down more, and my tip appears too long as well. But maybe it looks this way because it is still swollen?
Anyways... this procedure is all about waiting, waiting, waiting.... I'm trying to be patient but it's so hard!
Honestly looks really good! Sometimes close up image pictures cause you to focus on the nose and make it seem more bigger than it already is. I think it looks so natural and really fits your face. Really good results so far! :) patience will benefit in the end!
You're right... when the shot is so up close the you really do focus on the nose. But it is so swollen! You must be getting so anxious to see your results! You're looking really great already..can't wait to see when the cast is off!
Yes, there is still a lot of swelling because you're only one month out but you look great and it will continue to shrink. Each person is different but like you said, its all about waiting and being patient.  You really do look great!


It's been extremely hot over here...way too hot... I feel like my nose has swollen in size just from this heat!

But..it is looking better..though still not perfect to me..
Doctor appointment soon..maybe a steroid shot will help!
Lookin' good, and it's only getting better!
Wow! the truth is your nose looks great. I wouldn't have been able to tell that you had surgery only 2 months ago. I agree that close up photos make you focus more on the nose rather than the whole face. Thanks for the update.
Thanks! I think there must be some error with the site... I know it says 2 months post but my surgery was May 29th, so it's only been a little over 1 month. I'm hoping at 2 months my nose will finally start looking more defined!


I took these pics the other day..and i'm liking how scooped my nose is starting to look from the left side. Although you can still see how round and swollen it is on the tip.. maybe there is hope!
But the right side is weird cause it's obv less swollen then the left on the tip..but it looks straigh and pointy. SO weird! my left side and right side don't match! Is anyone else having this same problem??
hey girl! Hows your recovery going? any changes from the frontal view?
I'm at one month and my scar underneath is also very red and swollen! How long did this last for you?
I'm just at 1 and 1/2 months and my scar is looking better already. It's not as swollen and it's starting to feel smoother. I put a thick layer of vaseline on it every night to keep it moisturized and help heal faster. I'll post new pics soon.


It's been a while since my last update! I'm roughly at 6 months post op...
Honestly, I feel like my nose is getting worse as it heals... A revision is definitely in the future. I think just tip work should be enough to get my desired results.
Compared to a few months back, my tip has dropped so much and become much larger! It's so frustrating.
Here's some pics..
i see what you mean on one or two photos, where the tip looks slightly droopy, but that could still be swelling reappearing. Especially if you are eating salty foods or exercising maybe? From what i hear at least. But i think it's still an improvement and if you're not already a model, you should be! You're absolutely stunning!!
Aww thank you! You're very sweet :) (i'm definitley not a model!! LOL) It's not swelling so much as it is scar tissue forming on my tip. When I first got it done, it was much smaller..but now as the scar tissue is forming, my nose is getting longer and droopier again. My doctor is already predicting that we will need to fix it up a bit in the summer. But regardless, I am happy and it's definitley an improvement to my original nose. Thank you for your kind words =)
I think it looks great! Did you get steroid shots for the swelling?

more pics (6 months post-op)

I think your nose looks amazing! And you're ridiculously gorgeous too so that helps!
Your nose is an improvement from your old nose! It looks great but I can definitively see the difference from when the cast came off to now. I had the opposite happen to me. My nose was very swollen pig-like when the cast came off and now it's slimming down too much... I'm terrified of going for a second rhino. I hope you get the results you want! Stay positive you're stunning :-)
I think your nose is fine even though it appears to be slightly bigger than when the cast came off . BUt to my eyes your nose is fine. and Tp achieve your computer imaging nose, I think you would have needed the surgery to be done in 2 steps, a first surgery and a second one like certain celebrities did.

approx 8 months post op

I want a revision.
These simulations show how my nose is currenlty (at 8 months post op) and how I want it to be.
I have an appointment with my surgeon in February. I hope he understands, otherwise I will look into other surgeons...
I think we shouldn't obsess about our noses too much and just enjoy the journey. The truth is that it is really hard to get it how we want and we can only try and get revised. My tip is no where near as high as I want it, my nostrils are still uneven and I think my nose has been slimmed too much with a hump put in. Again, I still don't know what it will look like in the future and if im not happy with it Ill just get it revised, dont be too hard on yourself, we can only do the best we can. xx
Mine is looking the same way, I am pretty bummed about it. :(
I think you look great and just want to remind you that swelling last a long, long time. I think most of my shrinkage occurred during the 15-18 month mark. Some have even said that they didn't see final results until the 3 year mark! Please be patient and don't rush into a revision until you've allowed plenty of time for healing. You're so pretty already!

Good news! Revision Booked!!

I'm scheduled for a revision in June... possibly sooner if a spot opens up (*fingers crossed*)

Here's what happened:

I had my 9 month post op check up last week... and my doctor looked at my nose and explained that during the surgery, he used a suture to lift the tip... unfortunately, this wasn't strong enough and my tip has dropped significantly from the build up of scar tissue. Sooooo... he is now planning on revising my tip by using cartlidge to build and lift it up. For my revision he will use an open approach again, remove the scar tissue, fix the tip with a cartlidge graft and also shave down my bridge some more to reduce the projection of my nose, and create a more defined scooped shape.

I am so happy!!! I was worried that he would be like so many other surgeons and try to convince me that my nose was still swollen and I need to keep waiting. He honestly addmitted that my nose will not continue to improve on it's on, and that revision is the only way to achieve my desired results.

I trust Dr. Perron completely - he knows what he did to my nose initially, so he knows exactly how to fix it and make it perfect. (and for those of you wondering, this revision is free of charge since it is necessary to revise his mistake.)

I'm so happy! I really hope someone cancels and I am able to get this done as soon as possible!!!! Waiting is the hardest part....

That's great news! I'm so happy for you :-) I still think your nose looks fine, but I can definitely see the difference as time has gone by and can understand your want of a revision. I hope a spot opens up for you, but 3 months isn't that long to wait. Best wishes to you!
Thank you for your story! Of course I think that you look gorgeous and that your new nose is better than old... But I can also see from your simulation that a revision could be even more pretty. I'm still pretty depressed with my results. Not sure what is swelling and what may be changes that are not flattering yo my appearance. I'm trying to be patient (20 days out), but still get blue often looking in the mirror. Waiting 9 months is sufficient time to consider revision. Good luck with the next round and plz keep us posted!
Thanks so much! I undestand exactly how you feel, but 20 days out is still very early. I hope your swelling does go down and you love the result. Make sure to have regular check up appoinments with your surgeon so that he knows how you feel..and if you're still not happy closer to the year mark.. hopefully he will be able to make things better!! Keep us posted! :)

Waiting for April 16th

Now that my revision is booked, I am starting to get nervous. In about one month i will be going through all of this all over again! I hope my experience is helping others on this site who may be going through the same thing... I will update all of you on the success and progress of my revision.

Lots of love xox
Hi! How did your revision go? My story is VERY similar to yours and I'm scheduled for a revision on May 7th. I can't wait!!!7
All the best today, sending good healing vibes your way! :)
Good for you! I am booked for revision on April 29th. I have waited and obsessed over this for way too long. I am still very scared and getting worse as the days tick by but HAVE to just put my faith and trust in my surgeon that he will fix it. My nose has also changed over the last few years although i was'nt happy with the primary right from the cast coming off, but it was long ago and we did'nt have this wonderful site to help and encourage us along the way. Good luck with your revision :)
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