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I had a tattoo done back in 2011 and in 2012 I...

I had a tattoo done back in 2011 and in 2012 I decided to get it removed because I do not want one anymore. I first went to place and was quoted 600$ for the removal of chest and half sleeve that uses qswitched laser. The process was long as they go over each spot slowly to make sure the laser hits each spot. The day after there are large blisters and it is painful for about a week. One of the blisters was about the size of a quarter. The second week the skin starts peeling and flaking off. In the skin coming off, you do notice that ink is coming out(or maybe burned off lol). I notice that it is lighter a little right away, but over the next 6 weeks it doesnt seem to fade much. I went to this first place for about 8 treatments and it seems to be about 60% faded......i inquired at this first place about r20 and they said they could do a second pass for half as much.

I decided to switch to another location and was quoted $250 per pass of laser and could do r20, but it is still $250 per pass. You would think that it would be cheaper for the second pass since you are there, but guess not. After first session with 2 passes, did not have any blisters. They dont use antibiotic cream either. Have not noticed any results yets, but they said it should be after 4 weeks. I guess I am used to seeing instant results from the peeling. Will update when i go again

9 treatments later.

The place that I went to for more than half of my treatments was Rethink Your Ink. The place for r20 was Westside laser. Felt like I wasted my money at Westside laser. Felt like some of the ink was removed at rethink your ink, but that their treatment has resulted in additional side effects: hyper pigmentation. They kept telling me my black ink was blotched out, therefore thats why it seems to have spread... Rethink your ink uses ice packs during treatment, which I didn't really like, and I am not sure whether they re-use them or not (sanitary issues).

I have finished consultation at Institution for Skin Advancement, and will be beginning my treatment with Picosure for $350. Newest technology and for some reason ends up being cheaper than the old technology (RYI and Westside). I am having high hopes, hopefully the results will be positive.

Rethink Your Ink may be good for removal for some people, but I guess it did not work well for me. Now I have to go for another 6 months to 1 yr of treatment.... The fact that anyone there is not a skin specialist (ie. dentist) may be an issue to others.

After 2 treatments of Picosure

I have done 2 treatments of Picosure now. I have not noticed any results from comparing before and after pictures. (i'll post them all after I have it removed)

Institute for Skin Advancement (ISA) says that I should stop the laser treatments for now, it is most likely my skin is too damaged (either from inking or removal) and there's hyperpigmentation (?). I am going to be using a cream for few months to repair the skin, and then resume treatment. I think that it is pretty honest of ISA to tell me that, rather than keep milking me for treatments.

Guess not really sure what to do now, other than to listen to them and wait...

September 2014

Hi everyone,

It has been almost 5 months that I have not done any lasering. I am now getting fraxil done and maybe a pass of picosure depending if the doctor thinks its OK to.

Lesson learned. Don't get tattoo removal from anyone with no related medical background. Rethink your ink does tattoo removal out of a doctors office. I feel pretty angry at them now since they probably shouldn't have used maximum power for treatment.
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Thanks for the update, is the Fraxel Laser helping? Which laser were you treated with for the red ink? Do you have any photos to share with us?
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Hi Eva, When I say my skin is damaged I mean that there is hyper pigmentation. The doctors I am going to now said it is most likely from rethink your ink using max power to get rid of the ink.
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Thanks for your update, sorry to hear you are not seeing the results yet. When you say your skin may be to damaged, do you have lots of scarring?
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Thanks for the update, sounds like you are getting a great deal on the Picosure! To clarify you are treating 2 tattoos, correct (chest and half sleeve) if so is the cost $350 per tattoo?
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Hey there, just checking in to see how you are making out with your removal?
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Where did you go to get yours removed and would you recommend them?
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Thanks for detailing out the laser switch that you did part way through treatment. Its good to hear that you did see 60% reduction from the first laser you tried.I'm assuming you aiming for complete removal, rather than enough fading to do a cover-up, is that right?

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