I had an s-shaped septum deviation - Septorhinoplasty - Budapest, Hungary

Hey realselfers, I've finally managed it to the...

Hey realselfers,
I've finally managed it to the operating room. Had two other appoimtments before, that had to be cancelled due to a cold and a herpes infection. I was really disappointed, but the good thing is, at the third attempt i wasn't even nervous anymore.
I had an s-shaped septum deviation, and had also asked for some tipwork in local anesthesia. Everything looks good so far, have no swelling or bruising in my face, i guess it's just my nose, that looks like a piggy potato.
Hi, you look very happy! I have the same problems(septum and the tip) how it worked with the local anesthesia?
Hi, it was very easy, in fact it was rather good to be awake and being able to communicate with the surgeon throughout the operation. would definitaly recommend it!
ok, but was your septum also fixet during the local anesthesia?? How long was your operation then?

Day 4

Before pictures

I am anxious to see your final results!!

Day 6- tape on the tip got sticky and i was allowed to cut it off

Well, i finally can see my tip area, and i'm a bit disappointed. The columella is really big, swollen and droopy, my profile is very round at this point. i was prepared for the swelling, but i feel so unhappy today. Tomorrow i go to my surgeon and i'll see my whole nose. Scary!
Definitely don't judge your tip right now! I am 11 days post-op, and when my cast came off, my tip (actually, my whole nose) was twice as wide as before surgery. I could barely look in the mirror for two days. I didn't look like myself. Now it's four days later and the swelling is finally going down. It's hard, but try to be patient.
Thank you, theoretically i know, i'm just having a hard time today. I am too, way more bulbous, than before surgery, I'll post some before/after pics with the cast off tomorrow.
Thanks so much for sharing! I don't see any piggy potato on your face. :) I think you look fabulous! How has your healing been going?


Cast off- extremely swollen tip and columella

10 days post

These are the best, most de-swollen shots of my nose.


actually, the bump is a new addition. My doctor said it would be swelling, but it feels rock hard. I hope that it stays, because i really like it, i think if the nose is otherwise feminine and soft/cute looking, it only adds some characterto my face.
What i do not like, is my bulbous tip and columella, which are also new. I hope its really just the swelling, not the columellar graft, that i got.
Hi!Could you tell the name of the doctor because I'm considering doing my nose in Budapest?
Hello, her name is dr. Varga Klara, she's an ENG plastic surgeon. Very sweet woman.
Thank you for your answer.How did you find this doctor?Did someone recommend her?

Slowly getting where i wanna be

I am having a Rhinoplasty with Dr Varga Klara in two weeks. Just wanted to ask how your nose is now and if you are happy with it?
Hello, i am doing great, she was very-very gentle with my tissues as i didn't bruise at all. (Well, plus the genetics i guess) As for my nose, i have good days and bad days, swelling comes and goes. I saw her today, i was very swollen in the morning... But she said it looks good and its way too soon to worry about anything, we have to wait for the fine details. Theres still lots of internal swelling. She did exactly what i was asking for, a subtle change. Sometimes i can't even see that she has done anything, because when i swell, the nose gets bigger than before. But i try to not think constantly about it. And on my better days, i love my new nose. :)
Why did you choose this doctor?What others did you meet before choosing Dr.Klara?

On the operating table

Nose is already swollen, full with lidocain (liquid)

16 days post, swelling


Slightly long, bulbous, droopy tip, pollybeak. Anything you can imagine!
Thank you for posting "the before" pics.You look great now,but i must say that your nose looked really good also before.As I see you had really small change to it.Maybe thats why you didin't bruise that much.I for sure need more stuff done to my nose.
She didnt break my bones, but she filed on them, i heard it, and she did elevate the tip, used grafts, did a supratip break. My nose is overall much more slender, a bit shorter, and a little bit upturned. But nobody noticed anything, even after telling i had something done.

Morning- evening swelling

Before-after front

Day 5- day 8 swelling

Looking at the pics i am amazed, how much the tip has defined in just 10 days. In the mirror i didnt realize! I am very happy and optimistic, that the nose will be beautiful in 6 month!
Tuesday is the big day now for me. I am very excited to have my Rhinoplasty. I require a bit of Septoplasty too as my septum is not straight. I am having a general anaethetic though, there is no way i could stay awake, i am just not that brave. I just have to be patient to see the final result. will definitely post before and during pics as i go.
I' m very excited for you! 4 more days to go!!!
How did it go?

3 weeks post op vs. Planned nose (simulation)

Although the angle is not the same, i think its pretty accurate.

Before- after

Thank you! :)

5 weeks

There are days, or at least hours, when i absolutely love my new nose, but most of the time, i simply dislike the big, round, still droopy from some angels tip. I really hope, that its just the swelling -had an open rhino- and that it'll turn out beautiful and small.

5 weeks- 10 days

Dr. V K

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