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My First Juvi Experience for my Dark Circles - Broomfield, CO

In the past few months I've been eying this out...

In the past few months I've been eying this out and when I found out it helped with dark circles I just HAD to get this done. It says it usually takes a week to heal and the swelling go down, but I'm an exception. I usually take double the time to heal with stuff like this even my botox. I bruise easily and swelling sticks around for a while. I've had mine done over 3 weeks ago and I still fell a little tender towards my inner eye, so I massage the bumps I can feel. I only got about 1/2 a syringe because my nurse said it's better to start less and then add more in a couple weeks. I even took bromelain to help with swelling. It has an enzyme to help with swelling/bruising, which works better than Arnica. My eyes looked pillow like, but it did take the sunken darkness under my eyes. My eyes get better not as the days go on, but by each week that passes. The only thing I don't care for is when I smile it looks puffy right under where my hollowness use to be and looks like pillows. It has gotten better, but when I take pictures I have to take them at certain angles or it looks like I got punched. I'm hoping this does get better and I will try it again in the future. I will post a 2month picture hopefully my eyes improve..Sometimes when I wake up my eyes look like I had some allergic reaction.

The Natural Place Med Spa

They had good reviews and they were on the local news and running specials.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for updating us 2 months out. It is so helpful to continue to hear (and see thanks to your pictures!!) what is going on over time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Hi Ladies =) YES indeed Scottsdale re:BOLETRO soft, as a DR on here from UK had suggested it in a follow up to another patient, I am definitely going to inquire about this! ANIKA: YES I had a tiny bit of creepiness/wrinkles post juvi, however nothing at all like it was before I started getting Botox (omg that was BAD).....LPN: I hear you about the healing time and canceling business meetings w/spouse, worst part was my sister had her baby (who wasn't due for 2-3wks) THE DAY I had the Juvi done....Talk about FREAKING heart attack, I HAD to show up and of course the entire family was there on BOTH sides + a dozen friends....I said nothing and just went in confident and covered up to the eyes as best as possible, the right eye is the one I had a hematoma occur on, and I still cannot get over the time it took to heal....Also I did the same thing (I bet we all do) freaked out and was on here reading every Q&A re:JUVEDERM lol....I did even write a very detailed post with a few pictures but my darned macbook, I will never know where in cyberspace that long detailed review w/pics went =( Perhaps there is something about this website that wouldn't let my review post? I dunno, but I can absolutely relate to all that you have gone through. BTW: YOU LOOK FANTASTIC and I greatly appreciate the photo's. Have you been taking a pic a day (or every other) to see the difference? Im quite happy, although I can see that I may need a lil extra on my right side..Wish I was able to get my puter to post those pics/review....
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lol, Yes LiveNLearnBhappy, it seems we all have the freaking out fear in us!..:-) I take a pic maybe almost a little over a week, because if I take it daily, I'm one of those who can get discouraged if I don't see immediate improvement. It's my impatient self, so I feel much better when I do see results..I do however and really Loving my results and it is getting better. I will post another pic here in a few days for more follow up. What sold me on getting the Juvi and I probably would've paid more, is the fact that it last for a yr to 1 1/2 and usually things last long with me, probably due to me taking so LONG to heal with everything..lol
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I saw your comment and checked your account. Unfortunately your review never made it to us. :( I would love it if you would submit it again. I know it is a major bummer when you have taken the time to write something, then poof, its gone, but we would love to be able to read your entire experience.

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It is tough to fix the under eye with fillers for some ppl.  I did hear on Doctor Radio about Merz Aesthetics releasing Belotero in recently in the U.S.  Supposedly the way it is processed it is good for really superficial areas like undereyes without giving the blue hue that is common.  
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Did anyone have creppiness and wrinkling while swelling was healing? Thanks
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Actually in my after pics you can see I have wrinkling, which I've not had before because I get botox for preventive measurements. So I'm planning on getting just a few units there..I would've normally freak out when I saw this, but I know it can be easily taken cared of and it's because of the juviderm and puffynes that make it pronounce when I smile. I will post a picture after I get my botox and it settles in after a week and write a review to see if my problem was resolved.
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In the after pic your eyes looks great. But it's not very good quality and I'm sure you'd notice any imperfections much more than anyone else. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that when I got my juvi done for my hollow undereye, I was super scared about all the lumps I was feeling in the first few days. By one week I had gone to a center for plastic eye surgery (not the original injector) and a doctor there smoothed me out with some vaseline and his hands. by applying a lot of pressure and kinda sculpting it like clay. It was awesome and I've been pleased with the results ever since!

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thank you for sharing. have been using coconut oil and doing something similar to what your doctor did. I massage gently and put pressure over the parts that felt lumpy. I am pleased that my eyes no longer look hollow, but when I smile I see the bumps. Yeah I couldn't get a better picture for some reason. The bumps are getting better as each week goes on thank goodness because when I was scared after 2 weeks when I still saw them.
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Hi =) Like you I also bruise easily with botox & had the Juvederm done under my eyes about 6 wks ago, ended up with a hematoma right off the bat BUT I iced, iced & iced, took ARNICA, and used a darn good cover-up. It may take you wks until the swelling goes down, and I had to just stop reading and stop obsessing about the swelling & what I thought was unevenness...It's 6 wks maybe 7 wks later and IT IS FINALLY all better =) I LOVE the results, just try and be patient...Oh and YES indeed as per my DR's orders the massage was very helpful in getting rid of the swelling/edema...IF YOU feel lumps or can see LUMPS please go back and see your DR as Juvederm is supposed to be injected deep, under the muscle just on top of the bone. For the first 72hrs my lumps were VISABLE and I honestly wasn't prepared for the amount of recovery time involved. Hang in there, take a pic or two every other day to see how things are looking. Healing for those of us who tend to bruise easily (I don't EVER get shiners from Botox but do sometimes get TINY lil bruises that are the size of a pin prick)...Will be excited to see and hear about how things are going for you! Just takes time for some of us... Best of LUCK & I can already tell that your eyes have filled in nicely, it looks as if your right eye may have had some bruising from your pics...
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Thank You or sharing your experience. Yes I still had some bruising after some time. You're right about having to stop reading and obsessing over it. That's what I was doing on this site the whole time and driving myself crazy. On the positive side I do see little by little improvements. I myself bruise very easily with botox, but By far love the results. It takes about 10 days for my bruises to subside when I get my eyes done. It seems to be such a sensitive areas to people like us who bruise easily. As with the recovery time, I wasn't prepared either and skipped out of a few business dinners with my hubby. I was expecting 2, maybe 3 weeks for me, but not longer. I have family pics coming in mid December, I do hope my eyes are fully healed by then. I will post pics in a few weeks for more follow up. Aloha and many Mahalo's
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