Revision Breast Augmentation - 310cc, Overs, Bristol

Revision due to the symmetry not being great first...

Revision due to the symmetry not being great first time and I had developed capsule contraction. First BA I had 240cc overs (in 2007) and now 310cc overs to try and fix the symmetry prob. I am worried i dont have enough breast tissue for overs - I can feel them ripple a bit but then they are new????
Thank you for taking the time to share your story on RealSelf. Sorry the first BA did not work out but it sounds like you'll be more symmetrical with the revision. Has the recovery been a bit easier this time? Take care and keep us posted!

17 days post op

The symmetry is looking better then my original BA, however they still dont feel great (bit bumpy and in my left breast there is a bit of a dent). I emailed my surgeon as I am worried I dont have enough breast tissue for these 'overs' - he replied saying he was satisfied I did have at the time of surgery. My original boobs were 34A very small B, im a size 8 and about 7.5 stone ish (105lbs ish) at the moment. In my first consultation it was purposed to have a dual plane placement - this wasnt something I knew much about so I did some research online, and at my next consultation I queried muscle flex deformity (looked pretty scary and I do use weights) . It was then suggested to replace my current 240cc overs with 310cc overs with some pocket revision. The new implants would be 2cm bigger diameter but same projection. I was initially happy with this - as i didnt have any ripple problems in first implants, but now I just can stop thinking that I should have stuck with the original dual plane approach due to the fact I can feel bumps :*( I just have to hang on to the fact I am still healing and trust his judgement x
I am sorry they feel weird, but you certainly look great! A big improvement!
I think you look great! I'm booked in next Tuesday and am going for 280 to 325cc. I have far less tissue than you so I hoping for smoothness and no lumpy breast :( Hopefully your lumps start to smooth soon.. Early days though. Keep us updated x
Thank you, and good luck to you for your upcoming surgery. I will be looking at your posts with interest how you are recovering. One thing to remember - everyone heals at different rates so try not to compare your progress with others (like I have been doing!) x

7 weeks post op

I'm still not that happy with my results... still have lumpy/waviness along the top and cleavage area, particularly on my left breast. I went for a second opinion today just to get an unbiased view, he immediately homed in on what I was concerned about - without me having to point it out. looks like because I had the capsules removed (because of CC), it could have thinned out my tissue even more - which i wasnt aware could happen. My right breast feels like it has dropped lower, and when I bend forward I can put my finger underneath the implant - is that normal? (and its lumpy)
I feel like the Implants are too big & heavy and have taken over my natural boob.. and there's nothing of 'me' left
My scars were revised but also made longer (wasnt aware they were going to be made longer) to enable all the capsule to be removed, one sits nicely in the fold, the other is higher up (as per original incisions) I am kind of gutted because when I look at my pre BA photos, they look better then after the BA, that wasnt meant to happen! Have to wait a couple more months, but cant imagine they will change that much....if they dont change, I dont really know what to do :(
I don't mean to sound negative but as my new surgeon said typically what you look like coming off the table is how it will be. I continually hear physicians saying it will settle give it time but that has not been my experience. Mine were wrong from day one and have stayed that way.
Hi, I actually had them explanted in June (I have another review if your interested) I felt that they weren't going to improve, they were too big and my skin too thin for them x
hi. your silicone over is round textured or smooth?
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