15 DAYS post-op--doing great!!!

Hello!!! I am a 35 year old female, married, no...

Hello!!! I am a 35 year old female, married, no kids (no interest in having any), and the proud momma of 3 birds and a mouse. I met with Dr. Lori Cherup at Radiance Plastic Surgery today for a consultation for breast augmentation. I am a 34B with some excess skin and sagging on the right breast. I had lost 70 pounds 8 years ago--at that time I was a full C. I really loved Dr. Cherup! I have another consult scheduled with a different doctor, but I feel she was very knowledgeable and seemed very in tune to what I wanted. She is going to do a right mastopexy and we have chosen silicone over saline, and under the muscle placement. She feels that this will be the best option due to my small frame and thin breast tissue. She is having me get a baseline mammogram, which I have set up for 5-7-13. I have applied for CareCredit and was approved--they only approved me for $6500 so I need to contact them in 2 days to get the total amount for my surgery. I plan to read over all of my paperwork this weekend then set up the pre-op visit and surgery very soon! I will keep everyone posted re: specifics on the type of implants and sizes and the plan for the mastopexy. It's real now--I am getting so excited!!!!

Ok just some more info: 5'4", 135 lbs. smallish...

ok just some more info: 5'4", 135 lbs. smallish frame. pics soon.

Any ladies out there that have tried Tonserio bras...

any ladies out there that have tried Tonserio bras and/or their gel packs for post-op?? i am planning to order the front closure sports bra and the gel packs--hope some ladies have some experience with the brand! www.tonserio.com

EEK!!! set the date today!!! my surgery is set for...

EEK!!! set the date today!!! my surgery is set for July 29th!!! my pre-op appt will be July 2nd. IT'S REAL NOW!!!!!! i am sooooo excited/nervous!!!!!

I had a blast running the pittsburgh half marathon...

i had a blast running the pittsburgh half marathon today!!! 86 days to go until my BA...and today i am really thinking. any runners/joggers out there that have been concerned about their ability to keep running after BA? any comments re: good supportive sports bras? i could never give up running...it is a huge part of who i am! i just want to make sure i am able to keep going AND enjoy a beautiful new me!!! :)

a little laugh for my girls today ;)


hi, ladies! question...how many of you had to see your family doc for a preop physical? sounds like my PS is doing it herself at preop appt. she said she will do a physical and order bloodwork and an ekg, plus set up getting the testing. i assume that is all i will need. what have you girls had to do? thanks!!!

PRE-OP COMPLETE--now the countdown REALLY begins.....

ok, ladies! i had my pre-op appt today with dr. cherup and her pa, julia. i am getting natrelle 15's moderate plus silicone gel--smooth round implants, 397cc in the left and 371cc in the right. dr. cherup thinks she will be able to do the lift through the areola, without the vertical incision (YAY). but she may have to reposition the areola slightly to the side. this would be a very small extra incision though. i was prescribed:
--lunesta (which i chose not to get filled)
--celebrex (i had to pay cash price for this, but the office said it is extremely important for inflammation post-op)--i am to start taking this the day before surgery
--and an antibiotic that i need to take the night of surgery then the next morning--just 2 capsules total
i have paid in full. just need to get some basic bloodwork in the next 1-2 weeks. then....wait for the BIG DAY!!!!!! good luck to all out there who are getting ready for their july surgeries!!!!!

oops!!! forgot....

implants under the muscle, lift to the right breast only.

odd feelings....

hi, girls! i have been in a weird place mentally for about a week now. i have become uncomfortable in my own skin! i have not felt this one bit since my weight loss 8 years ago. i want to hide my breasts everytime i leave the house! i have become embarrassed about the size of them. it's almost like i want to tell everyone who just happens to glance my way "it's ok! a few more weeks and these will be amazing!". is this totally crazy?!?! it kinda seems like i have already "checked out" and my mind is at 397cc, but my body can't get there until july 29th. anyone else have similar feelings?!

who DOESN'T need one of these!!??

after your surgery, surely you will need bras, cute tops, bikinis.... :)

i LOVE this!! thanks, hubby!


ok, the updates above are meant to be attached! we all need the piggy bank once we have our surgery to keep saving for all the cute new stuff we will need!! i kinda screwed it up trying to post it!! i ruined the moment.... :(

YIPPEE!!! no "real" bra shopping ever again!

hahaha! i can't help but smile each time i read here about a post-op girl heading off to victoria's secret ASAP to get sized and bra shop. i could not be happier that i no longer NEED to bra shop!!! i am so thrilled that i will be able to wear sports bras and cami tops instead of lace, underwire, and hooks/eyes!!!! i hope to never wear a real bra again!!! that would be a dream come true. i have a few tonserio bras ready to go (they are super soft and made for augmented breasts--no wire or lace), plus a few super soft walmart cami ones. i also purchased 2 bandeau bra tops from swank atlanta's online boutique. that may be the extent of my bra shopping for quite some time (fingers crossed)!!!! all you lacy bra gals out there, wear one in good health for me!!! :P happy healing!!!!

time keeps on tickin'.....

ok, girls! 2 more sleeps to go!! very busy with cleaning the townhouse and preparing the living room (turning in into "boob ground zero" with the air mattress). soooooo excited!!! no nerves yet, that will hit me hard and heavy monday morning! i am due at the surgery center at 10am on monday. it's like 3 turns from us so maybe a 10 minute ride! got a small pile of clothing together for a few days post-op, my plastic straw cup, meds, books, cheez-its...good to go!! just hopeful for a speedy recovery and nice boobies!!! all the surgery girls for this week, GOOD LUCK!! :D

on the other side

hi, ladies!!! resting on the air mattress. woke up from a nap--i zonked out when i got home!! i have thrown up twice. better now. the pain is SEVERE and i have a pretty high tolerance from hip problems and 2 past hip surgeries. a lot of pressure too. i cannot do much of anything without help and that sucks. dr. cherup ended up having to do a little bit more for my lift to make it work. plus, she had to go bigger on the left because the right boob had more tissue than she initially thought. she also mentioned i was a bleeder so i am to be useless for the entire week to prevent a hematoma. i ended up with: natrelle 15's silicone smooth rounds 425cc left and 371cc right. all ace wrapped up--will post a pic wed. after my first post-op appt. thank you SO MUCH to all my supportive ladies out there! luv ya!!

bad morning, but hanging in there!

ok, i need to just take the meds and stop playing tough girl!!! this morning the pain was excruciating. took meds, and i felt like i could make it!!! still need hubby to function--i hate being dependant!! need to remind myself that this will pass and i will have a great figure very soon!

feeling much better!

got my ace wrap removed, everything looks good!! pain waaaay less today! numb right nipple, annoying but not uncommon. i will be glad when the feeling returns! some bruising too. otherwise i am thrilled!

gets better each day!

i can officially sit up on my own now!! :) sleeping well. no pain meds today--just tylenol extra strength. swelling down. i had developed a pretty bad rash over a lot of my body--cause not known. strong steroid cream from PS has made a huge improvement. still tight, spots of numbness. annoying nerve-like jolts and sensations when i stand after sitting for awhile. also those slooshy noises from trapped air/fluid when i lift my arms!!! otherwise, chuggin along! a girlfriend is stopping for mimosas at 11! should be fun!

pic update

post op day 5! bruising and swelling both way better--just need more feeling in my right boob!! the numbness is soooooo annoying! it took 2 years to regain feeling after my last hip surgery, so this frustrating road has been traveled before......ugh! still very happy wirh the results so far!!!


ok, so i am day 8 post op. i have my 1 week follow-up appt today. i am still swollen, hard, and sore. so, i decide this morning to run to wal-mart to get a new danskin sports bra to cheer me up. the check-out lady is super-sweet, probably in her early 60's. she says "what a cute sports bra! and no underwire! how nice--i hate underwire!". I reply, "me too!". her response? get ready ladies....hope you are sitting down....."see! you are flat-chested and you hate them too! they are horrible!". LMAO! YES. she seriously said i was FLAT-CHESTED!!!!! umm....is it too late to ask for my 9 grand back???!!!! oh, i am still laughing to myself....with that out of the way, it's gonna be a GREAT day, ladies!!! happy healing! :)

post-op went great!!!

today is day 8 post-op--saw the doc and the PA. love them both sooo much!!! steri-strips were changed and incisions cleaned. all looks good! they taught me how to massage--kinda creepy at first to feel the implant moving!!! i am pleased with the dropping and the shape of my breasts so soon. i go back next tues to get the sutures out. yay!! they are starting to itch likr crazy!!!

sutures out! (almost....)

today is day 15 post-op! much less pain and swelling, especially in the mornings. massaging as directed. got all sutures removed except half of the crease ones--doc said the muscles were hanging on to them and she didn't want to pull too hard. have to massage more and return on 8-23 to have them removed. other than that, loving them!!!! also had a consult--allergan has a current promotion for free lattisse or botox with natrelle gel implants! 8-24! need to start a new realself page for that new chapter of my life ;P happy healing to the post-ops and good luck to all the pre-op girls!!!

time flies!!!

eek! where has the time gone?!?! well, still a bit of swelling, some tenderness here and there. cleared to jog--tried twice but swelled some so waiting 2 more weeks to try again. had a bit of an issue with a stitch around the areola--not bad just still healing now. it irritated my skin and prevented it from closing. 34DD at VS. have to say--that was traumatic. DD bras are just NOT sexy to me. sticking with my Tonserios and sports bras!! posting pics in a sec....


oh....and got my free botox from allergan!! did it on 8-24. LOVE!!! i am addicted now!! my face is just so fresh and awake now!! my brows are a tad lifted, and my crow's feet and frown lines?? GONE!! :D


5 weeks and 2 days post pics! still waiting for left boobie to fall into place, and waiting for both to accept the new creases!

tank pic...

LOVE them without a bra!!!
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Very knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and she is a very good listener

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I LOVE the Booby Fund pig!!! How did the bra & ice pack kit work for you? I have that same kit on my wish list to purchase next month. Is it worth it? I believe I bookmarked it at $120.00 so want to be sure it all works well enough to purchase!! Also, what size bras did you order? I am a 34B now and should be a full 34C to small 34D post op. I'm thinking Medium???
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thanks! my boobie bank is now my botox fund ;) i love the tonserio bras!!! i was a 34b now a 34d/dd. the medium is perfect!! i just laid the ice packs over the bra instead of wearing them inside. they worked great. if you have some tough swelling for a while, as i did, then you may need something cooler for a bit until they settle. i wear those bras daily now--you can adjust the middle to give yourself a bit more push-up too. keep me posted--good luck!!!
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Thank you! I'm definitely ordering them then! The kit is a deal at that price!
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it is!! i will prob buy the kit again to get 2 more bras--the bras are $75 a piece regularly!!
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So.....your free botox...did they mail you something or did the surgeon just do it?
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Great question. I need to ask about this too.
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i just asked the office!! they had me consult with the injector nurse, and they order it for you. took a few days to come in. then you go back to get it done. simple!! :)
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I just cashed in my free botox today! I also have natrelle. You are looking great so far!!
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YAY!!! thanks!!! sooooo...how did it go?! were you nervous??? i am!!!!!
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Not nervous at all and it was a piece of cake. Took maybe 5 min. I did my forehead. Looks a little funky right after with these little bumps all over but they go away in about 20 minutes. No real pain either it's a very small needle
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sweet!!! i am getting a brow lift, in between my eyebrows, and a touch around my eyes. so excited now!! :) keep me posted on how it looks!!!!!
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I will! She said it takes 5-7 days to see the results. Touch up every 4-6 months and the more you keep up the less you end up needing. The girl that did mine does her own also!! LOL 
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LOL!!! hey! if you are good at what you do.....why not?! ;P
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Looking awesome!!!! Congrats!!
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THANKS!!!!!! :D
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I go back on Monday and they said it might be time to get the stitches out! Gosh I hope. I'm so nervous when I shower about getting them wet! Hopefully my PS will show me my massages Monday too! You're boobs look awesome and already nice and even ;) my righty is still high >_< oh well, in good time it'll catch up to lefty haha!
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thanks so much!!!! my stitches are to come out tomorrow YAY!!! and yep those boobies will catch up to each other...when they are good and ready ;P
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wow great review! read it all. I am one day post op and was told not to remove my bra for 3 days, and to keep this on for 2 months apart from showers. How are you walking around without any support??? Your boobs look amazing, I would love to see revealed a similar result! Last - I just invested in 2 bras from VS - both push ups and prob with underwire. So used to buying this from them. They are C, unlike my usual A. Yes, i bought them before I know what size I will really be, because I live overseas so had someone bring for mr. - shall I return them and get elsewhere? Do you no longer need a bra?? I didn't have a lift.
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thanks!! i am wearing my bras 24/7--just off to shower and "breathe" for a few minutes!!! i have heard that size can not really be guessed until the swelling subsides and the implants drop more in place. tough call. you may wanna wait since bras from VS are not cheap!!! happy healing! :) keep me posted!!
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What size tonserio bra did you order and were gel packs included or purchased separately?
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i went to makemeheal.com and got the kit. for $120 you get 2 bras and the gel packs!!!! crazy savings. i got medium
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That is a great deal!! Thank you!!
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sure thing!! hope you like them!! they are great!!
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They look great! Congrats!!
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thank you!!!!
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