Going from 375 Cc to 500cc

Hello, I am 27 years old, 5´3, 143...


I am 27 years old, 5´3, 143 pounds and when I was 19 I had a breast augmentation from really flat A cup to a high profile B cup.

Even if you think that 375cc is a good size, on me it looked really small and didn’t meet my expectations because the profile was too high and the nipples were facing down. It was quit hard for me because every single bra I brought I had to put some padding in them to make my boobs look round and nice. 8 years later I decided to get them removed and go from 375 cc to 600cc.

The surgery is next week and honestly I am really concerned if they will be too big, the doctor didn’t have samples there for me to try on so I am quit confused.

He said he thought they were kind of big and that I should try 500 cc, but if you think about it going from 375 cc to 500 cc its only 125cc.

I don’t want to pay for a surgery I wont see any differences but I don’t want to look like a porn star either.

He said he had to open up space below my nipples because my current implants are so high that the measurements above and bellow the nipple are completely different. Above the nipple I have 6 cm and below the nipple I only have 2 cm.

Please help me. Otherwise I might reconsider this and go down from 600cc to 500cc.

Hello, its me again but this time with pictures...

Hello, its me again but this time with pictures.
I am 27 years old, 5´3, 142 pounds.
I had a breast augmentation 8 years ago.
I was a fully flat 36A (honestly like a surf board) and wanted to get a full 36C.
The doctor recomended 375cc through my arm pit because that was the biggest size I could go up too because I had NO breast tissue.
When the surgery was done I look horrible, my boobs were so high that I cried all day, and the pain was HORRIBLE.
After two weeks one of the implants went even more higher and both nipples were facing fully down. I had to go back to surgery and through a lot of pain.
Honestly after that surgery I didnt see any difference and I still have one boob higher than the other one and a really freaky look.
8 years later I want to correct the issue and a new PS will do it for me.
He said that in my first surgery the doctor didnt do a pucket underneath the nipples and thats why both implants set SO high.
Now after we talked for a long time I want to go with a fuller and more natural look so we decided to go with 500cc.
I want a bigger projection and also a NORMAL boob.
I have been wearing padding in my bra just to make them look normal.
Do you think I will be able to see any difference between a 375cc and 500 cc?

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Yes I did and I have the most gorgeous breasts!!! Click on my profile then choose Dr. Pinsky revision and you can see what my first surgeon did and what I now look like. You will be SHOCKED at the difference. Read my updates which will tell you the difference between the 2 doctors I had. Night and day. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Hi there,

Just wondering if you went ahead with the revision!

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I went from a 425cc to a 650 cc high profile and it was perfect. I am 5", 127 lbs and a grandmother. I love mine but I had a real artist since I have a bi-lateral mastectomy. My best advise is get other opinions because from what I see in your pics your doc does not have the special touch for implants. Just my opinion. Best Wishes.
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you are right on ur last comment... LOL... ill keep you posted for sure... THANKS
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Sara, p.s. Can u compromise between 500 and 600s and get 550s? That is exactly what I did. I felt with the 550s I got the best of the protrusion factor and the cleavage/mass factor. Read the dimensions on both the implants (you can look them up on the internet and you will see the difference. Your boobs naturally don't hang to the sides like mine did. So 600s are probably just right--I didn't go for them because I would have had more "side boob" than with the 550ccs. Also are u going over or under the muscle? I know your BA is in 6 days so you are getting down to decision crunch time. Yippee!!! :-) As they all say--if in doubt go bigger!
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Hi Sara, INMHO, I don't think 600ccs would be too small for you as long as your PS can safely widen your pockets to accommodate that large of a size. Like Chett says-- when going under the muscle, more than you think is "absorbed" by the muscle/tissue vs going on top. Do you have either option? Like I said I have 550cc HP (which protrude much more than moderates--I wanted the protrusion factor, not so much the frontal width factor) I debated on the 550s vs the 600's and compromised with a base implant diameter slightly bigger than my BWD--which helps with cleavage and fullness and the HP vs moderate helps with protrusion--so 550ccs was the decision for me. My PS had to cut a deeper pocket on my R boob to fit the 550 so it is a little tighter than the left.

I do agree with your outcome being partly due to the amount of breast tissue you have to "play with". My B size breasts were very saggy and had lots of tissue to work with my PS said. My girlfriend is having 600ccs saline overs installed LOL! and she also has a lot of saggy tissue to work with and she is 5'1" vs my being 5'7" so that just goes to show you it doesn't matter so much about height! I wish I could be of more help--What ever the outcome, I know you will be happy with your results! Please keep us all posted with your stories and pics!!! I am excited to hear how it goes! :-) Holly

Sig: 5'7" 133 lbs. med. build; Pre-op 38 B Saggy. Post-op 38D; Mentor brand 550cc HP round, smooth silicone implants place under the muscle; BWD 14cm L 15.5cm R; ribcage: 33(=38 band size) peri-areolar incision
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Holl Doll, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UR REPLY.... I am honestly going on monday to talk to my PS and talk about this for the last time, your information has being so helpful, you have NO IDEA...
I am getting married in 6 months, thats why I honestly proceeded with this and thought about it for 3 months until I decided I was ready... I think you are right, as you can see in my pics you can hardly see any boobs, so I honestly want to see a difference....
They will go under because I wanna be able to breast feed in the future so thats the main reason, and you are right, they they are under the size goes down a LOT... yours turned out beautiful, I hope I have the same luck, I promise to upload pictures a couple of days after my surgery so you can see the changes, THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL UR TIPS AND HELP... i think ill go with the 550 cc, its not 600 but not 500 either... THANKS SO MUCH MY FRIEND...
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125cc is approx.1 cup size. I have 550 silicone unders and they are large on me--I am 5'7" with 33" ribcage 14.5 BWD. pre-op B and now a 38D/36DD. BUT, I wanted BIG boobs (Hooter's boobs lol!) 600 seems awfully large for your height, but if you are large boned I would think 500cc would put you at a D cup. Overs are more prominent also. You definitely need to try on the sizer you are interested in in order to make a decision. I would not have surgery without trying them on first. Example--my implants weigh 3 lbs--that is a lot of weight for your tissue/muscles to hold up. Boob greed is huge, so don't be too shy! :-) Best wishes!!!!
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Holl Doll, thank you so much for taking your time to write me...!!!!!!! I tried like 4 times of uploading photos of how I look now with 375cc but it is imposible to upload them, I dont know if it is an issue with the site or what...
I will definetly go back to the doctor and I will try the sizers on or at least something really close, you are right on that...
like I said before i was fully flat cheasted before having my first surgery so I think that has to do a lot with the size you get...
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Hello Holl Doll, I just uploaded photos. Tell me what you think. Thank you
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Hello Angiemcc,
The thing is that because I already have 375 and I am going up just 125 cc more (I am going with 500 cc at the end) he doesnt have sizers for that amount of cc.
I just took photos of myself and I uploaded them, should I submit the question again with the pictures?
also, if I want doctors to review my issue do I have to post the questions somewhere else than here? THANKS
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I'm a little concerned that your surgeon didn't have sizers for you to try. I wonder why?

Here's what some doctors have to say about choosing the proper size for you.

You also might want to consider taking a before photo of yourself (chest only) and posting a question to the docs on RealSelf.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you sooo much Chett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You are welcome Sara...and NO btw I am Not saying that 600 is right for YOUI ...don't know what you like and all the things that your plastic surgeon knows about you...but what I am saying is that I would REALLY stress what it is you want to look like after...I have read on here that finding the perfect boob "photographs' ...online (or elsewhere) and showing your PS...helps to define what it is you are looking for after recovery...and is a little easier for them to try and fit your desires...taking all things (anatomy, existing breast tissue, skin stretch etc.) into consideration. I DIDN'T do that and wished I had, even thought about it, but felt a bit silly, showed my husband a few pics,but thought that it would silly to bring HIM photos...I really wished i had! I have even read that where cleavage, or space between the breasts are a real concern ...finding pics in bra's or straight on...emphasizing the space between can help. It doesn't mean that your PS can match it...but he can help pic the size, shape of implant and let you know if your expectations are realistic or have a chance of being met...hope this helps Sara :) chett
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Hello cvs970 thank you so much for ur reply.
I am very concerned like I said and I really hope this time it goes GREAT... This new PS explained me that he needs to do the lower pocket because the first PS didnt do it, so this way the implants will look more natural and normal.
So basically u are saying that 600cc wont be too much? I was really flat when I had my first surgery so basically what I have now is 100% implants.
I will be really sad and dissapointed if I end up with breasts that you cant see the difference, so I will read a little more about this.
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Hi again Sara....chett...just read your profile question... And I think that if u are going Under the muscle...u may be surprised at the size difference... ( not what I expected!) as mentioned in my profile my first implants were OVER the muscle...and they were 450 saline. My boobs where MUCH bigger and rounder immediately after the surgery...than this time around. I was scared that 600 might be huge! They weren't.... Quite the contrary. I had traded in my perfectly shaped round breasts...for... 2 loaves of bread lol... WITH my nipple looking lower on my boob! So again... Research this ...I was thinking that this would be my last breast surgery for life...it appears not to be the case... I hope u have better luck! Chett
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