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I had 360 cc saline and had double bubble and my...

I had 360 cc saline and had double bubble and my second 600 cc silicone unders

i really like silicone it feel so natural they feel so much better than saline and i did my 2 cause double bubble problem, but so far so happy i really love them


Um, aren't you concerned about silicone leakage? Just askin'?
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I have had 3 sets of silicone implants since the 70s and never had any problems..Had them changed for appearance(first ones were just weird looking and I was very thin) and age. PS said one of the implants was ruptured but still enclosed in capsule..spilled when he was taking it out. This did not show up on routine mammograms. I'm having this pair replaced because the appearance is lopsided. Mammogram, sonogram and MRI( done for appearance-no physical symptoms) showed no leakage. 14yrs old with mammograms done yearly. If someone has any doubts obout the safety of silicone implants then I feel they should go with saline, understanding that they have a silicone shell enclosing the saline.
I was in the silicone study in 1999 and they follow you for the first 7 years, no problems whatsoever and they lasted me 15 years :) I wouldn't have even replaced them if I hadn't gotten CC. The age did start to concern me and what I've learned is that the silicone implants of today have been greatly improved and if my old ones lasted 15 years then I have great confidence in my new improved ones ;)
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