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Juvederm for an Angelina Pout! - Boston

I have reasonably sized lips and wanted a little...

I have reasonably sized lips and wanted a little more volume especially in my top lip. I had more injected into the body of my lips instead of the border so they looked more natural, not strange like they can look if too much is around the vermillion border. Juvederm is perfect for this and gave me my dream lips! They look very natural and luscious.

Only downside is they will bruise and swell a bit but it is easily masked with lipstick or gloss.

Get Juvederm Ultra Plus which lasts a bit longer.

I recommend this to those looking for a plumper pout! I wish it lasted forever though, not just several months.

I wanted to add a photo of my lips and let...

I wanted to add a photo of my lips and let everyone know I am still satisfied with my Juve! I have had some touch ups since my first treatment and love my new lips!

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Can I say jealousy , your lips look better than Adriana Limas. I'm in love how much juvederm did you use I want mine exactly like yours.
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I am sorry but unless it is just the angle of the camera , your lips look like they hurt and swollen ! I don't think that looks good at all .
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Im sorry but I have to agree with lauragrl. This doesn't look good, too obviously injected for me. Do you have any pictures a few weeks after so we can see it when its settled.
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Your lips look great!!! Who is your doctor?

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Hi! I am also in MA and I have been thinking about having lip injections myself. Please share the name of your doctor, because your results are beautiful!
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Britney :D
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Hello, can you please tell me how long the juverderm lasted on your lips??
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You look great! I'm in Boston can I ask where you had them done? Thanks!
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