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I feel completely ripped off. I spent $3,500 for...

I feel completely ripped off. I spent $3,500 for 8 face/neck and upper arms Venus Freeze treatments. After that many treatments, the results are MINIMAL at best. I have good skin to begin with, just wanted to firm things up a little.

My neck looks slightly better but the face results are barely noticable. If I knew after 8 weeks what the results would have been, I NEVER would have had this done. I guess I'm a sucker........ lesson learned.


Ladies, I think we should file a "class law-suit" so we can all get our money back as well as prevent other women from getting ripped off!
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I spent $2300 and am TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. The owner, Mike, was rude with me after I told him how I felt that it wasn't working. He told me, prior to me signing up for the service, that "yes, he could help me". As it turned out, I, too was a sucker. It does NOT HELP AT yourself a FAVOR.....SAVE YOUR MONEY.
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I love how John from Swan only responded to the negative comment from someone who wasn't his patient. I guess too bad for the rest of us who didn't get good results and feel ripped off. I guess he has no interest in "evaluating" our situations. DON'T GO HERE. I am not a competitor trying to make anyone look bad.......I was a patient who spent a LOT of money for nothing and my review was an honest review of my experience.
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Swan Fat Loss Center

The office and staff are fine. Not happy with my results at ALL and should have know if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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