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Rhinoplasty to Reduce Nose Size and Refine Tip

Hi to everybody.....( sorry if my english is too...

Hi to everybody.....( sorry if my english is too bad) I had my rhinoplasty done on the 16th of december...i know its been not a long time since then; My nose was reduce in general...my nostrils were left out of the surgery because my surgeon told they were perfect for my face; My nosebone was broken...and my tip was proyected, to make my nose see more refined...

I wonder..;im already seeing the changes from my side view and the nose looks more refined than before....but i still see my nosetip round and wide from the front view Is it gonna stay this way...or the tip is gonna get more refined?? Is my tip swollen...or gonna stay that way??? If you see the picture taken on the 30th of December...my tip looks smaller,... thats why im so confused...now seems bigger...is it because its very swollen without bandages retaining the form of the nose? Thank you very much, Johanna

Updated on Jan 24, 2010 was very good a nice...

Updated on Jan 24, 2010
was very good a nice experience and im finally getting the rsults one motnh after and im very satisfied...hope someone can help me with this new problem...hope its just swelling

Updated on Jan 25, 2010
I had my surgery done one the 16th of december...it has been only a motnh and a week since then but somehow y notice my nosebridge looks a little TOO straight...and it looks wide on photos.... In the day it looks just fine but at night and on photos....totally weird...why is this???is it due swelling??? will it become more curvy...?

Can you tell if my tip is swollen and gonna get...

Can you tell if my tip is swollen and gonna get better with time? -- Updated: Jan. 24, 2010 -- Uneven nostrils or just swelling??? Finally my tipswelling is slowly getting down but...i have another quetion...my nostrils look kinda assimetric...is this due swollen ???( right nostril in the pic) i notice i have more (non removable) stitches on that side so i think the surgeon made the work through that nostril and i dont know if that can make that nostri wider more time than the other. Its only been a month and 1 week since my surgery....so i dont know what to think i love my profile from one side but the other side shows a bigger nostril and i dont like it....is this gonna stay this way??to soon to tell...or its gonna change within the next months?
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heyyy its been long time sicne ui last wrote here...my nose is finally lookin good :) its been a year now and im very happy with the results...my doctor is called FERNANDO PEña i really recommend him, hes well known here for plastic surgery, no kiddin hes really good :). let me know if you want to know more, my mail is jojo2510555@hotmail.com
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I'm just wondering who your doctor is? I am scheduled for surgery in Bogota next month.
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Your tip swelling is normal. It can take 12 to 18 months to get a perfect tip. I had similar problem before. It took nearing 2 years to reduce the swelling for me.
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heya, the new nose looks great! but i fully understand how you're feeling, i had my op on the 29th of december, and had my cast off on the 5th of jan, at first the tip was small, but then it started to swell after a feww days, i rung the consultant and she said that this was due to the cast keeping swelling to a minimum when the nose is healing it's swells, but will gradually begin to come down day by day, it's bound to be swollen, it is an invasive procedure. in 6 weeks it should look much more refined, either way it already looks great! good luck, and i hope i've been some help xx
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thanksss for ur comment i hope u get also a nice nose in a few weaks...from what ive read..in 6 motnhs the months should look very pretty :D
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Hi Johanna,

Rhinoplasty swelling, especially in the tip, can take a long time to heal. You might be swollen for up to a year, although you should see some results within a few months. Here are some related pages that give more information:

Rhinoplasty Swelling FAQ

Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

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thanks for ur help
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