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Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lift Please Help

Hi all. I've wanted a BBL since losing 143 pounds...

Hi all. I've wanted a BBL since losing 143 pounds but now at 5'7 124 pounds I've decided that it's perhaps best that I have a tummy tuck and medial thigh lift to rid myself of the excess skin. I want both done at the same time. I want extreme results. I'm hoping for very smooth thighs and amazing belly contouring with very low scar. I'm open to all suggestions. Ideally I'd like to have surgery locally but I feel that most surgeons in my area are far to conservative. I've yet to come across a TT (in NC) that made me say wow!!! Not many awesome thigh lifts either unless it involved a long scar down the leg. Which may force me to travel and if I do that, I want to be wowed! I really want great contouring in conjunction with these surgeries. All to often with TT, I just see a flatter tummy for some but the waistline is wide. For many thigh lifts, not a huge difference unless there's some serious lifting and lipo. Again, I'm pretty small but there is excess skin but I don't want to just be hoisted down with a line at hip level and thighs hoisted up conservatively. I can and will take as much time needed for the heeling process as I now work from home, hubby can also work from home being self employed and I plan on bringing in extra help if need be.
I REALLY need your input RS family with finding a PS that can deliver. I don't care where he or she is located. I am concerned about the overall cost but I won't be deterred. After losing more than what I currently weigh with very little trace of my former size, I'd really like to banish all trace of my obese days. I know there will be scars. I can deal with those but oh how I long to wear a bikini, crop top, short shorts and frolic freely on Caribbean beaches with my sexy Caribbean husband and darling daughter.

Here I go changing ....again!

Ok, so I've been trying to determine what would be the best procedures to bring me closer to if not better than my pre baby and desperate housewife days. I've lost a ton of weight since heading back into the workforce. I'm thin and attractive but I've got work to do. I was soo happy to finally be slim again, that I paid little attention to parts of my body and face that changed due to the massive weight gain and lost.
Let me cut to the chase. What I now would like to do is a TT, lipo from upper thighs all the way up to back, tiny bbl, thigh lift, and because my face is soo slim now, a rhinoplasty to match my face. The thigh lift worries me the most. My plan is to do the bbl, lipo, TT, and rhino in one surgery. Shouldn't be a monumental task. Again, I'm 5'7 and 125 pounds. 2-3 of which are my implants. My measurements today are:
36 hips
24 1/2 waist
36 dd breast
I want every bit of fat that can be removed safely and introduced to my arse. Tummy tuck scar very low after sucking the daylights out of my waist, back, and teeny tiny handles? Irregardless of what anyone says, a much smaller nose. I'm not concerned with looser skin on the thighs. My goal is to have the inner thighs as fat free as possible. I'll deal with the thigh lift after the lipo and contouring 6 months later.
For the multiple procedures, I'm considering a particular surgeon in DR. Granted, I'm rather small now but I want VERY noticeable and non conservative results. Still exploring surgeons but I've found 3 thus far that fit the bill. I'm anxious to get on with these surgeries.
Work scheduling is major source of frustration at this point because we are heading towards our busiest time of year. Ugh. If I wasn't afraid of being bored and gaining weight again, I'd go back to being a housewife and just focus on putting myself back together again. Se la vie!
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Hello skinnym3. I hope you don't mind me responding. My name is Peter Fisher. I am a plastic surgeon from San Antonio. I have been in practice for 24 years doing post bariatric body contouring for the past 15 years. Congratulations on your weight loss. You have a very beautiful figure with excess skin. From your single photo that I can see it's difficult to know exactly what procedures you may need. Why I'm writing to you is to make sure that the correct procedures are done on you. Experience has taught me that unfortunately post massive weight loss body contouring in women often masulinizes their hips and waist. That would be devastating in your case. Review photos of all plastic surgeons and you will see this very frequently. I have developed a flap specifically to prevent this. Whether you will need this or not can only be ascertained st an exam or by reviewing multiple photos from different angles. Because you are at an ideal weight you should be able to (as you have said) get multiple procedures done at one surgical setting. That includes a Rhinoplasty. I hope I have given you some useful information. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Peter Fisher M.D. Www.mybariatricplasticsurgery.com
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Since you are willing to travel, check out my doc in San Antonio - your body shape is similar to mine (you are my height only you are skinnier - jealous!) and he is very "dedicated" to preserving those feminine curves his prices are competitive and after all RS consults are free ;-).
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You did not post a pic of your "backside" but typically at that amount of weight lost you may need to target an LBL going all the way around your body and then also they can do an auto-augmentation of the buttocks (you can see my review to see what that looks like) - overall though you look in AMAZING shape for that amount of weight loss! New implants look awesome bTW ;-)
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Thank you for your post. From your results, your doctor did an amazing job! You look great! 200 pounds gone? You go girl! I'm soo thankful to be rid of all those pounds. Bravo to you. Surprisingly, I barely have any excess skin around my body. I can't even pinch a good inch around the back of waist. My thighs have always been huge. Had to drop all this weight to get them small. My tummy suffered as well because of pregnancy with a 10 pound baby. Your doc seems like he'd do an amazing job with my thighs and tummy. I'll post booty pics soon. Not much there :-( I love the pic of you on the beach. You look like a bathing beauty!
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awww thanks! I am so "over the moon" with my results! I hear you on the thighs! Sooo hard to skinny down my thighs. They are the "last to go" on me too, and unfortunately took my booty with them! The butt auto-aug has been GREAT - rather than removing all that beautiful hip fat during the LBL, it just was folded and sewn into my booty....Brilliant! I am getting a thigh lift in NINE days if you can believe that...just been too lazy to post any new reviews :-\ - hopefully will get to it this week....
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Also you may want to Google the term "Spiral Thigh Lift" - it is especially designed for MWL (massive weight loss) patients and can help avoid a long incision. In my case, i have thighs that carried the weight all the way down to my ankles, so i have more laxity on the whole leg as opposed to many MWL folks who carried the bulk in the upper and mid thighs. I was told by another doc (specialist in MWL) that he did these more of the time than the long (like maybe 75%), but unfortunately I have to have both - you should investigate to see if you "can get away with" a Spiral Thigh Lift as opposed to a long by consulting with a doc that does these (that actually is aware of this procedure) - why have the long incision if you don't have to, right?
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just saw that hubby can come with you - my hubs "works from home" too and was/is able to travel with me for my surgeries - it is a beautiful thing, right?
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Congratulations on your weight loss, it really is impressive! I saw your other reviews, your breast revision surgery looks fantastic! It's funny, we had VERY similar procedures, I also had breast lift with implant exchange, as well as Juvederm like you... But the biggie was the LBL, it truly is a life changing surgery, I lost about 100lbs, I weigh 124, and am a size 2 after surgery, they were able to remove 6 lbs of skin! This surgery really gave me my life back, my results were more than I could have dreamed of, nothing short of AMAZING! You seem like a woman on a mission....I have NO doubt you will get the results you are hoping for...You did the hard work, now it's time for you to enjoy your healthy body!
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I remember reading about your journey and thinking wow this woman looks fantastic! Absolutely stunning! I never fretted about the aging process and when I was bigger, I just couldn't wait to get smaller. Now that I'm smaller than I ever dreamed I'd be, I see that it comes at a price. I'm incredibly grateful to be tiny and healthy but oh boy, the skin and the loss of volume in my cheeks.... face and bottom! The aging process is staring me in the face literally :-). I hadn't thought of a lbl. I don't really have anything to grab in the back, waist, and outer thighs. The belly and inner thighs is a whole different story. It's a brave new world and with input from fabulous women such as yourself, it makes the journey exciting and worthwhile! Thank you thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
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