Boobylicious Again, Crescent Lift + 800 Cc - Boca Raton, FL

Hello, my surgery was done on April 12, 2012 750cc...

Hello, my surgery was done on April 12, 2012 750cc left 850cc's right breast. Mentor moderate profile round ( saline) I loooove them. Dr. Graham at Strax rejuvenation in boca raton, florida. He made me feel so comfortable. Like we had know each other for years. He is on top of everything in doing my breast augmentation with a vertical lift, he saw something in my right breast, he took the lump out and sent to the lab. I have stage 1 ductal carcinoma ( breast cancer) he literally saved my life I am not old enough to have mammograms yet. So my regular doctor would not have thought to order one on my yearly physical.

Bty I am 35 yrs old. 4 breast fed children. My saline were firm at first and now they have dropped and fluffed a bit. Wonderful cleavage. I take vitamin e because I heard it helps with capsular contracture. I had been taking arnica, and amino acids from vitamin shop. And I have 10 pillows for my back and just now started side sleeping with a pillow turned long ways. I will start silicone cream for scarring this week. It's the one most ps's recommend. Usually around 60-80 dollars buy found on eBay for $18. I gotta figure how to post my pictures. I did saline because I worry about silicone leakage. Yet my breast are getting really soft and I do massage everyday. I forget there are there. LoL!! They look natural to me I get looks and a lot more attention from men. Yet what man does like breasts come on. Well the sad part for me is I need a lumpectomy or masectomy. Which then leads to breast reconstruction and I am in love with my breasts now. Has anyone had to do this I would love any and all comments/ pictures. I think this go round I would try cohesive silicone I been doing my research and it seems it doesn't leak. I haven't measured with tape measure yet all my sports bras are 38 d -40 d and seem a little small.

Dr. Graham

Hello, I used Strax rejuvenation in boca raton, florida it was well worth my drive. Cheaper than in orlando where I live isn't that crazy?They have 3D imaging.. Dr graham he is so knowledgeable, helpful and he goes on vacation this week. I was given a cash price or credit card price. They also do guaranteed financing using you checking account. They are on Facebook and give deals on Facebook. They have about 6-8 doctors. I paid $3799 with a crescent lift mentor saline smooth round moderate profile left 750cc right 840 cc. I looove my girls I told him I wanted them big. I have 4 breasted kids. I was boobylicious before children. Just google Strax rejuvenation.

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Thank you for your kind words on my review. I know it's not easy but I would love to see some before and after pics of you. :) More importantly you are so blessed that you picked such a skilled doc and he found the lump. That is so scary. :'( It sure isn't fair they will have to mess with your perfect lil ladies but oh so worth you being able to be here for your children. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of love your way.
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Hello, thank you for your comment. I have had my iphone replaced 3 times this year and I think I lost my before pictures. I will double check. Under my second review: a new body for the new year is my most current pictures for my BBL. Though not a full frontal of my BA.
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Hope all is going good . I hope to hear more about your journey .
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Wow, I'm really glad he found the lump and was able to remove it. What a stroke of good luck. (Not that you had the lump, but that it was removed). Thank you for sharing your story here on RealSelf!

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