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I did not go with juviderm because everyone was so...

I did not go with juviderm because everyone was so negative on this board. So I went with restylane instead of juviderm. I went to my dermatologist and she was thrilled because this was my 1st time! We used 2 syringes.

Does it hurt? yes but its bearable.

Would I do this again? Absolutely! I can't stop looking at myself. I am amazed with how I look.

When I go back I will use juvederm despite this board. Maybe you guys are to picky or this just wasn't for you. Go ahead look old if you choose, but I will fight it for as long as possible! It's been 8 hours since injections, it's sore, but well worth it. Yeah I have little pin holes from the injections but I am only on day 1. So far I am an extremely happy camper.

Dr. Becker

She is a Picasso with the needle! I am amazed with her. She definitely knows best and she was extremely nurturing through the entire process!

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Hi, Jacqueline2010 you do look good! Would you please mind telling me the full name of your doctor. Thank you.
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looks great, I get Juvie every year and love it, lips and naselfolds 4 me..love it, you look wonderful!
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You had an awesome result. You look beautiful....
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hi j, i have tried radiesse and juviderm and found the juv to last longer. its apparently diff for diff folks. now that its been almost 3 months for you, could you tell us how the restylane is holding up? is it disappearing yet?
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Hi Jacqueline2010,

Wow you look great, thanks for the pictures and the reviews. Do you mind if I ask how old you are (I bet I will be blown away)? You look awesome! It's good to know you tried both procedures too. Please keep me updated how it feels in a day or two.

Thanks for being part of the community,


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Hi Brit,
I am 39 years old;) And am on day 2 now with no pain and the results are still great! No side effects;)
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SERIOUSLY!!! Wow, I would never have guessed, you look so amazing. Pictures say a thousand words right? ;) I'm glad you are not having any side effects please keep me updated. Great results.



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