Not a Huge Difference

So I hade one syringe of juvederm injected to my...

So I hade one syringe of juvederm injected to my nasal fold. I was told that I needed very little. I would've gladly paid for more to see an extreme difference. Rather, I was told that I should consider filling my cheeks to give lift to the laugh lines. I'm not sure I want to touch my cheeks as I love my bone structure and all. I just wanted the the folds near my nose to be filled in. At this stage (6 hours after injection) I'm not sure it's worth it. I can barely see any change!
Maybe you don't see the difference but I do. It looks good. I was told that if you inject too much it will look funny. But IMHO I don't think it was a waste and I can see the difference.
Thank you. I do see a bit of a difference this morning. Really surprised that I can actually feel it just below the skin.
Yeah that part is kinda weird but you do get used to it!

Day after

First, I apologize for all of the typos in my first review. What in the world! Now for the morning after details. My eyes were a little sore those morning upon first opening my eyes. I feel a bit of pressure on one side only (left). I'm still on the fence. There is a slight change but for the price, not sure it's worth it. I wanted a dramatic difference. I want NO crease at all like it was prior to my weight loss. There's still a slight crease.
I've visited 2 places and both told me that there wasn't much of a crease. Just a slight shadow. There isn't much to inject in my desired area. How am I to get my desired effect? I really don't want to inject anything in my cheeks as the nurse at Blue Water Spa suggested. I feel like that's just going too far at this stage. Perhaps a second syringe in the same area? I'm torn as I'm horrified by the physical imperfections that are occurring with both age and my weight loss.
I'm scheduled to return this Wednesday to explore options.
I have found better results when I have it placed in my cheeks. I worked for a plastic surgeon for a bit and have had fillers done all different ways. The cheeks seems to keep the lines around my mouth at bay the longest.
Hmmm. That's good to know. Based on my photo do you think a syringe per cheek is sufficient?
I think you are fine with one.
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