20 Years Old, Revision Rhinoplasty - Birmingham, UK

I am absolutely terrified of undergoing another...

I am absolutely terrified of undergoing another operation on my nose! After an original procedure in august 2012, I am needing a revision rhinoplasty to correct supratip fullness, open
Roof deformity, hanging columella and twisted tip... Revision booked in for 10th June 2014. Very scared, terrified of something going wrong again :( The bridge has been slightly
Over resected so The supratip is full, although I do like the ski slope appearance I do not want to end up with a saddle nose deformity.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You are very pretty for sure. Make sure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon with elite credentials and tons of experience working on noses. Once you're sure you have that, you're 80% there! Please keep us posted.
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I've seen a lot of positive reviews from past patients and the patient advisors twin sister had hers done and she absolutely loved it... I'm constantly thinking whether or not I should go through with it? If I turn up on the day and change my mind and want a less invasive procedure can I just say to make my nostrils and columella even? :( up and down
Aww I am so sorry that you are disappointed, but I can tell you are still gorgeous! I know the idea of revision can be terrifying, but your simulated photo is lovely and I think attainable if done by a surgeon with the proper skills. I don't think their is a single expert out there who is the absolute best for all noses and revision issues. So make sure your surgeon can present examples of impeccable work regarding similar nose issues. Until then, don't worry too much because you are lovely. Good luck & best wishes!
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I am having serious doubts about the procedure.. I think I've lost all faith in a surgeons ability and am scared when it comes to operating they will find that it's worse than they thought and I will look completely different after. I've said I don't want to look too different and don't want it to be noticeable to other people! Is it a good idea to take all my edited pictures and explain this is how I want it to look?

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Spreader grafts?

Also, when the septal cartilage is shaved slightly are spreader
Grafts placed between the top of the cartilage and the nasal bones to avoid an inverted V deformity?


It is good that they will be putting spreader grafts! One of the only ways to prevent collapse and v shape deformity. I'm sure you'll do great :)
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From your experience of researching revisions .. With the case of the over resected dorsum where the bone dips, will shaving the septal cartilage improve this do you think? I have thin skin so a graft to augment the dorsum would clearly be visible.. I'm hoping he won't take off too much septal cartilage!! Ahhhhh

Date change?

It's my 21st on the 18th June.. And I am going on holiday 4th July. I think a procedure on the 10th June, although tempting, is very far fetched... I'm only 21 once and I don't want to spend my birthday bandaged up with black eyes so I'm going to change the date to July time!
I'm also having septoplasty.. Has anyone has rhinoseptoplasty? ( I didn't have a deviated septum until after the first procedure) How painful is it?


Hi Hun, who is your surgeon? And which company? X
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Deviated septum

The main part of my revision will be to tackle the deviated septum?
Can a deviated septum cause migraines on one side and a feeling of pressure build up in the head - anybody else had experience of this?


Have you found your doctor yet? I think what you want is totally achievable if you choose the right doctor. It's so upsetting when they mess up your nose! :(
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Operation change - more photos

Op date put back to end of July.. Some days I feel absolutely fine about it, others I can't stop thinking about the impending operation.. What if problems are even greater after surgery? Had anyone had osteotomies re performed on over resected bridge?

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Photos look okay

Looking at the above photos it doesn't look bad at all! Which is surprising considering it changes every day, but the breathing problems are worsening.. One nostril has collapsed whilst the other nostril feels completely blocked, feels like cartilage in the way?
Anyone else experienced this? And has anyone had spreader grafts to target this? How much wider would my nose be as I don't want them to be too noticeable


I've found someone yes, but I'm so scared now! After the first operation I just constantly feel like something bad is going to happen again but before the first one I didn't take a second thought to what they would be doing to my nose and didn't realise how often it happens! I guess we're the unlucky ones, but I've learnt that most people don't even notice, which is strange as we're constantly scrutinising it in the mirror
Try having 3 bad operations. Once they screw up, it gets harder to get the right result. So I totally understand your distress over the matter. The best way to tell if they are a good surgeon is to look at their before and after revision rhinoplasty photo's. If you aren't impressed, chances are you won't be impressed with your new nose. I've learned that the hard way. Don't be fooled by false promises, look at their work first hand. You've gone under the knife once, now you need an expert. Keep in mind rhinoplasty in the last ten years has evolved to focus on reconstruction not simply reduction or augmentation techniques, and most surgeons have not updated their knowledge. And don't blame yourself for scrutinizing yourself in the mirror, you have every right to have a good result especially because you are paying allot of money for a service and you should recieve a good result. Well I learned to only go to a surgeon who through word of mouth is recommended and I have seen their work firsthand. I would have gone to Iran for my revision but found it extremely difficult to get a visa, I forked out allot of money for my last revision because I was desperate.
PS if i was you, I would significantly reduce the columella and shorten your nose, thereby increasing the lip-nose angle in your photoshop pic. The best way to tackle the hanging columella is to reduce it and hopefully the next surgeon will use the columella cartilage harvested to form a columella strut to hold it in place. Ask your surgeon what techniques he will use to give you the desired result, if he suggests another reduction-based rhino, I would run as fast as you can!!! lol


After much deliberation I have decided to cancel the operation and I feel so much better for it already!! The surgeon I have been given the option of having is in no way an expert - a jack of all trades ( stay away from high street companies!!!!!) but after speaking to all my family they've asked me why I even want it done!! They can't notice the minor imperfections I can, and for everyone else it's just a nose! The risks outweight the positives in this scenario and I felt more nervous of looking completely different than I do now because I 1. Have developed a love/hate relationship with my nose 2. Nobody is perfect, and nobody else pays attention to noses! And 3. I didn't feel confident in the surgeons ability... Maybe one day if It looks worse, or other people start to notice the imperfections I can then I'll save up my money and go to a specialist in London or America... But for now I'm going to live with it and try get over the fact that nobody else even notices! ( so strange to think) Hopefully when I do decide to get it done ( if!) I'll be completely confident in the surgeons ability and will feel excited about the procedure, but in this case I was making myself ill with worry and stress all for minor adjustments that probably won't be noticed anyway with a surgeon that is in no way qualified to carry out the procedure. My intention in the future, if I chose to go through with it, is to do it once and one time only again. No point returning to the company only for it to have a higher chance of going wrong than right.. I will try for a refund to contribute towards any further surgery but I'm not hopeful! Thank you everyone for your support but for now I'm going to stay away from online forums for a while :) I wish you all luck in your revisions if and when you decide to do it.

Favourite quote ever from Roald Dahl:
' A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely'



After listening to you story, my heart was surged with compassion due to you age.At that age you should be out there enjoying you life instead of being anxious about your physical look( nose)first I allowed criticism got to me,people's comments about my big -ugly nose got to me so much that I developed depression which later got to the nose physically( inflamed - turbinates).the only thing I've learnt so far especially from my unsuccessful primary rhinoplasty is to teach my kids to accept themselves the way they are especially physical -acceptance.Though am going for a revision in December but in my case I don't have much choice ,my previous surgeon totally change me to someonelse and my kids are very angry with me because it's psychological for them trying to get use to a new mother.sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock but I know is for a reason.i met a great surgeon and soon all will be history. Goodluck in whatever decision you take but don't get disheartened because tomorrow has a lot in store for you.check out his web -site (www. Kofi boahene . Com)
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I was super worried before my revision! My nose shape was a bit like yours but not as extreme - over reduced dorsum, twisted tip, supratip and tip fullness, too much columella etc In the end I opted not have any grafts to the bridge, but to reduce the tip to match the bridge. During the surgery they discovered my septum was in 2 pieces! It's only 6 days since my op and already it looks so much better despite being swollen Definitely don't do it until you're happy with the surgeon (I did mine in Lebanon). In the meantime you could try some filler in the bridge and the very base of the columella to balance the shape? It would camouflage the tip shape somewhat
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Yeah! Maybe one day! Glad to hear your revision went well :)
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The doctor has said that he wishes to re perform osteotomies to close the open roof, add grafts to stop nasal collapse, shave the supratip cartilage and reduce the columella whilst sorting out the wonky, twisted tip and Nostrils.

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