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Lower Body Lift with Lipo and Fat Transfer to Buttocks After Weight Loss Surgery - Birmingham, AL

Hi Everyone! I am scheduled for a Belt Lipectomy...

Hi Everyone! I am scheduled for a Belt Lipectomy with Lipo and Fat transfer to Buttocks on August 22, 2014. I lost 105 pounds with Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. I am a bit nervous! I will post pre-op photos soon. I did not qualify for insurance assistance with this procedure so I am paying cash. I was told the panniculus doesn't hang low enough.. I currently weigh 170 pounds and wear size 10 petite pants. Hoping to wear size 8 after procedure...Yay! Keeping my fingers crossed...LOL


Congratulations on the weight loss! All will be well, you will see. Keep us posted with pics :) Good Luck!
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Thank you! I can't believe my surgery is 9 days away..
It will be here before you know it! Mine is the 30th of September and it seems like it is just around the corner

3 days until surgery

WOW! I can not believe my surgery date is 3 days away! I am nervous and anxious! I have cleaned my entire house without stopping. I am going grocery shopping today and purchasing some remaining supplies for surgery post-op. Also, still have laundry to do. I am trying to keep my mind occupied so I don't worry so much. I am staying away from negative people and negative comments concerning plastic surgery!! I did take a few before photos but I am absolutely disgusted when I look at them. Perhaps I'll post them before surgery....still thinking it over. I have read tons of surgery stories and it seems a bunch of you ladies take Arnica, Bromelian, and Turmeric post-op. However, my surgery booklet with do's and don't's strictly states NOT to take these drugs pre-op nor post-op. I really don't know what to do.. Also, can someone tell me when should I start using the gelzone wrap and silicone strips post-op? Thanks everyone! Any last minute advice is greatly appreciated.

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Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schaffer is extremely professional! He describes your procedure in complete detail. The office staff is wonderful. I can't say enough great things about Hedden Plastic Surgery!

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