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I had first augmentaion 7 yrs ago although they...

I had first augmentaion 7 yrs ago although they were better than pre ba i was not totally happy with the size and the gap in the middle. I decided to go ahead and have revision and am very happy i did,this time was so easy no bruising an minimal pain we went shopping and out to eat that same night.I am already thrilled with the results although i am still early in the recovery process.


You look fantastic: you met your goal pic that's for sure; I had no bruising and barely and swelling as well; also I had no breast pain; your breast look so natural; you did good; glad you like your results; I'm thrilled with mine too and have been since day 1: do you have silicone or saline?
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Thanks violet1234 you look amazing too! I have 650 hp silicone. Dr h gave me just what i asked for fuller rounder an cleavage. The process has been a breeze the hardest part is not being able to do my weight training although i did start walking today
Thank you! I have Hp too! Don't you just love them?

So i am now 9 days out and the boob greed is...

so i am now 9 days out and the boob greed is starting to kick in! I have no pain and feel really good, my boobs already feel soft and i hope most of the swelling is gone because i dont want them getting any smaller. They look alot smaller with clothes on. Part of me feels like i shouldve went bigger than another part loves the way they are now...i guess feelings like that are normal after surgery. I go back to work tomorrow and i am ready. i took 12 days off and that was more than enough being i wasnt sore,just felt kinda tight.I think i will prob end up being a 34dd or ddd sounds about right since i went up 300ccs and was a 34d before. I got the hps so i hope i stay nice and round on top! I am gonna go to the gym again today and walk on treadmill i might do some very light bi curls. One thing i cant wait to do is sleep on my side i am getting really tired of sleeping on my back! I will continue to do so though,i dont wanna mess anything up


Congratulations! Your revision looks great! Is it the minimizer bras that make you possibly feel too small? I think you look perfect! Take it have lots of time to work out once you heal. Keep us posted!

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I forgot to add my stats I am 5'6 145 very...

I forgot to add my stats I am 5'6 145 very athletic wear a size 5-7 in jeans and large in tops.
Today is day 11 i went back to work yesterday, I thought i would be tired since i was off for 12 days but i felt really good.Im still wearing my sports bra and i wore a loose shirt with a little crop jacket,noone noticed any difference ,and that is good because i felt alot of anxiety that morning getting ready for work. I slept really good last night and did not have morning boob at all this morn. Im still sleeping on my back but find my wanting to lay on my side in the middle of the night.
My boobs are feeling really soft i can tell a difference in these compared to my old saline. The saline felt like a bag of water and i had ripples and could feel the edge of the implant. So far with these, no ripples and they feel soft and seem to blend in with my natural tissue.
Ive been walking on the treadmill everyday at a 3.0-3.5 pace for about 30 mins i cant wait til the day i can pick up a weight again!!! Its been 11 days and i have to keep in mind that i just had surgery even though i dont feel like i did.
I didnt have bad boob dreams before my revision,but i find myself dreaming about my boobs and waking up in the middle of the night feeling my boobs to make sure i dont have a huge gap like before!!!


Thanks beth h I bought the minimizer bra because i work with alot of men and did not wanna feel self conscious when im at work. I acually think the bra gives me great shape! I know 650 is considered a large implant but i am acually very conservative in the way i dress.

Ah, makes sense on the minimizer bra. They really do look nice on you. I am hopeful that in a few weeks, you're going to be very pleased with your results. Oh, and let us know when you start lifting weights again!

Three weeks post revision I am now three week...

Three weeks post revision
I am now three week and i took the steri strips off today.I was really nervous to see the scars but they acually look pretty good other than being slightly raised.I was afraid they were gonna be alot longer than before since i had a large silicone implant. As you can see in my before pic i have slight dubble bubble on left pretty sure it from old ps compromising the crease because my insisions are also in different spots,but i have been worried about left side,my dubble bubble getting worse or bottoming in out,but it acually looks like it is smothing out so im happy about that.Im gonna ask about mederma to smooth out scars.
I found a bra at tjmax i really like it is a no wire bra very soft and it has built in side support so i wear it around the house and to bed.
so far im loving my new implants and i think the size is perfect for my body.I like being able to wear unlined bras and not look small.
Im really glad i switched to silicone they feel very soft and natural.I cant see or feel the bag like i did with my old saline.
Ive been doing light cardio and alot of leg workouts.I have been lightly doing my bi's and tri's being very careful not to use my chest.

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            you look awesome in your new pics! im going to have to buy a minimizer bra so i can down play the girls at work as well! 
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6 weeks and 3 days update

It has been 6 weeks and 3 day since my revision and i couldnt be happier.
I am loving my new implants and soo glad i decided on going with silicone.I have been able to get back to my normal workout routine with no problem. This has been a very easy recover and i am so pleased with my results!
I have been on a bra shopping spree trying to find the right size and look. I want the round look and i finally found a bra i love! The brand is panache and i love the rounded uplifted look it gives. I wear a 34ddd or 36dd but in panache a 34e.
All i have to say is to any ladies considering a revision go for it!
I have been putting silicone scar sheets on insisions and it really seems to be smoothing them out. I bought it at walgreens.


Hi. You look wonderful:) I'm currently 5 weeks PO and mine are finally looking and feeling like mine! Where did you get the white bra with circles on it that you sleep in? It looks super comfy:) thanks!
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Thanks, tj max and super cheap it was like $10
To help your scars, you should massage them. They will be practically unnoticeable. That is all that I ever did and mine are invisible.
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8 mth photos

I am still loving my implants and am very happy i went with silicone


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