Horrible Swelling and Puffiness After Juvederm - Not to Mention Bluish Hue Under the Eyes - Beverly, MA

I had juvederm injected into the tear trough 4...

I had juvederm injected into the tear trough 4 weeks ago. I was only trying to freshen up before a trip to cancun. BIG MISTAKE. I look horrible! I have had horrible swelling and puffiness. The bags I was trying to fix look twice as big. I also got bruising that hasnt gone away. I'm so upset. I keep looking at old pictures wondering what possessed me to do this to begin with.

I went to a well respected doctor with great credentials. She has since prescribed tri-luma for the bruising but all that did was irritate my skin and made it worse cause now I'm not only bruised and swollen, but red and irritated to. Not sure what to do next.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

Doctor is actively trying to fix the problem. She even offered my money back which I noticed on other posts was not always an option. Right now we're giving it time to see if it will begin to resolve it's self. I do want to mention that I started using Arbonne on the suggestion of a friend and I must say even though the eyes are still bad the skin is showing incredible improvement.

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yu get any lumps or bumps?
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How are you now? Have the product settle down?
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It has settled in and its not as puffy as before though the darkness under the eyes remains. I think it's beginning to look ok.
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Hi there! I'm a bit confused. Are these pictures of you posted here of "before and after?" The picture of you in the black top looks great! You have a really pretty face and if this picture is the "before" i'm not sure why you thought you needed juvaderm. However, if it is the "after" then I'd say Hoooray! Because you look amazing and young. Can you help me out? I'm thinking of getting it soon.
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The top pic is the after and the one on the bottom is the before. I guess I didnt really need much I just wanted a lil touch up. Looking at the pics now ur probably right I didnt need it. Good luck!
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For years I have wanted to have my "under eye bags" removed. I will be 60 years old next week. I have macular degeneration (in both eyes) and the beginning stages of cataracts. This is hereditary as my dad had "bags" under his eyes. With my eye problems, would I still be a good candidate for either surgery or injections? I am unemployed so I'm wondering if there is a clinic that would either the surgery or injections at a lower cost. I live in Scottsdale, Az. Any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate.
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Thanks ladies for the responses. It has gotten slighty better. I still have some bruising, some days r better than other. I've been to a derm & another surgeon they both recommend letting it dissolve on it's own. We'll see what happens.
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I had juvederm injections under my eyes in Jan. 2009, and the results looked almost exactly like yours. The only difference was that only my left eye was really bad; my right eye had minimal swelling and discoloration. After a week, my derm said it was just bruising, and it would go away soon. After two months, the problem was still there, so I called her office for another appointment. Her office said she was busy for the next 4 months and couldn't see me. So I went to a different derm. The new derm couldn't figure out what was going on. He said he thought that the problems under my eyes could not have been caused by juvederm, but must have been something unrelated that just happened to appear on the same day that I had the juvederm shots. Obviously, I didn't believe that. He also suggested triluma to me, and possibly laser treatments, and he said I could have injections to dissolve the juvederm. I researched all of those options, but I found out that all of them have risks, so I decided just to let the juvederm dissolve and let my face heal itself. After six months, my face looked a lot better. Now after 1 1/2 years, my face is almost completely back to normal- there's just a slight indentation with discoloration under my left eye, but it's almost gone and getting better every month.
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So sorry you are going through this. You are not alone. I got restylane 2 months ago and still have dark discoloration. My Dr. has not offered my money back. I went to another Dr. who used a pulse dye laser to try and help lighten some of the bruising. I don't know if it has worked yet but it has not made things any worse. Hang in there and try not to beat yourself up..Try and remember it will eventually dissolve. Take Care.
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