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Truly the biggest regret of my live. Regret my...

Truly the biggest regret of my live. Regret my choice of doctor. Regret for not accepting myself at the time. Its been a few years of dealing with this change. I receive mostly that deer-in-headlights stare from people who knew me before- and even people who first meet me now wonder if i had something done. Meanwhile my sibling on the east coast had rhino strictly for breathing- and wound up looking exactly the same. No one was even supposed to notice mine - just like doc and I talked about / showed me in my many many pre-op visits/morph. Not sure if I can stomach a "round 2" to rectify whats done. Sickening to think about. I feel really dumb and naive for ever doing this to myself and believing that my doctor had the key for a "simple tweak" to make me happy. Nothing was simple and worse now. Here's a tip- if you wake up from surgery and the first thing he says is that is was a very difficult surgery- know that you are screwed. AND if you are good looking to begin with, dont even bother messing with your looks. I SO wish I can go back to those happier times. Just a constant, constant battle now.
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Have you gone back to see him and here what he has to say? I would. Also, get another opinion on revision. Dr dennenburg (sp?) In Omaha, NE is one if the best in rhino revisions. Then go to a third if you are still undecided.
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Dr. Kotler here. When I see a post such as this, I take notice and am obliged to reply. I want to direct this to “Kakey”, “Chubby_Panda“, “ Sarah P” and all those who are visiting this review. We take our reviews very seriously because as a professional, my greatest asset is my reputation. For me, I am extremely proud of all the good work our practice has turned out and it is apparent to 98% of those who have posted to the various review sites that we must be doing something right. We can’t be perfect, but we try. A consensus is almost always correct, so here is a compilation of the major online sites’ reports about how we conduct our practice and the satisfaction our patients receive: 52 five-star reviews of 53 reviews on YELP! 26 five-star reviews of 26 reviews on Vitals 40 five-star reviews of 42 reviews on this site. That’s 118 of 120 reviews that are five star. 98%! In any school, that’s an “A”. While I can comment on the specifics listed by the writer, it is best that I explain why such a post is inconsistent with the way we practice; and why I believe it not to be truthful. First, if any complication or unanticipated result of a surgery takes place, we take care of it. We fix it. If the patient has as legitimate dissatisfaction that can be fixed, we do it. No excuses and no additional surgeon fee. As you will learn from reading the other posts, we are very attentive in our post-operative care. So, if there is a problem, we know about it. Our patients, new or old, have no trouble finding us. I have been in practice here for 22 years and for the 13 previous years, in Century City. Our policy is to do whatever it takes to achieve the best result. Regardless of how much time it takes. Years ago, on his own, a patient foolishly, and without my blessing, went for somewhat unorthodox care to a “complimentary care” clinic two days after a seven-hour surgery. A complication ensued. Despite it having nothing to do with my care, I continued to care for the patient. There were 69 office visits and house calls performed to correct the consequences of a complication that was not due to this office’s services! We don’t question why or how things happen, we just fix them. That’s what conscientious doctors do. If a patient has an imperfection with his or her nose, for most, it can be corrected without an additional trip to the operating room. Our practice has more experience with “non-surgical rhinoplasty” than any in the country. Since 1977, I have been correcting imperfections for patients from all over the world with injections of droplets of permanent filler instead of surgery. Check out our website and draw your own conclusions about our success rate there. If “Kakey” calls my office we will see her, without charge, of course. Even after she took us to task on her post. And, by the way, did you notice that in all but one category, she gave us five stars? Further, much of Kakey’s commentary has to do with her own retrospective doubts about changing her appearance. That was not under our office’s control. And she does not indicate she ever sought consultation regarding a touch-up that hopefully would satisfy. We want Kakey to be happy. Attention Chubby_Panda! Chubby_ Panda, I must respond to your comment regarding “the digital morphing on my face was by a woman. I am not sure was a doctor.” I am sure that Annette, our computer imaging specialist, did not try to pass herself off as a doctor. Annette, who told you I did her rhinoplasty long before she joined our staff, has proficiency with that particular system that goes well beyond what I or most doctors can accomplish. Because she has worked for us for many years and knows our style and our objectives, patients are pleased to work with her to achieve the imaging results that they desire and like. You will remember that I joined the session, as I always do, and reviewed the imaging with you and often will make changes subsequent to the original imaging and patient input. I stand behind the imaging because what we show I must be comfortable with and confident that I can achieve that result or very, very close. We have done imaging since 1989 and no patient ever has complained to us that we did not come close enough to satisfy them. That’s quite a record, eh? We Stand Available to Help As “Kakey", "Chubby_Panda" and every patient who has visited my office should know, I invested heavily in my skills. Long residency, additional fellowship, and a military stint that further enhanced my education and training. I am very proud of my eight-page professional resume which is not likely to be matched by many practicing facial surgeons--- anywhere. While ethical doctors cannot “guarantee” medical or surgical treatment, in our practice we come as close as possible to that and so there is something wrong with this story. Our patients know that they are always welcome. Patients are tracked for one year after surgery. But, regardless, patients can and have called to see us many years after surgery and we do what is proper and wise to help them. We have done revision surgery, without charge, ten years after the original procedure. No questions asked. That’s how much I value my reputation. I will let the visitors to this site draw their own conclusions regarding the results and level of service we have provided patients for nearly 37 years. Thousands of patients will attest to what we deliver and how we do it. Read what they say, look at their photos and then decide. Readers of the patients’ Comments can listen to the 98%, or to the 2%, and make up their own minds. Visit our website, Read and see why 98% of our patients are pleased with their care. Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
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I appreciate your tryinygto rectify the situation here. And I do understand that a situation can be more complicated than it appears. However, going from "a simple tweak" to "this was very difficult surgery" is a huge gap. And although I understand final results are impossible to discern initially, certainly one can understand being upset about a facial procedure when the results were supposed to be not noticeable and are quite the contrary. She gave a five star review in areas she felt were appropriate which demonstrates her honesty. Your attempt at rectifying your reputation would have been far more effective had you not claimed this review was untrue. She obviously did not have the results she thought she would have based on the imaging and she is distraught over the results. I think you should focus on that. In addition, if you want to address others, I suggest you reply to their individual posts (it makes far more sense). Finally, people (in general) are balanced enough not to let a high rating be diminished by a bad review or two, but how the doctor chooses to handle or address the situation is huge. :)
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Hi I am sorry to hear you are so unhappy with what was done - did you post photos at all? I had surgery years ago and I look different and worse but cant afford to fix things an it is an expensive business. Very upsetting as I nice before but got my nose broken but he surgeon not only 'mended' my nose but changed my eyes radically which was unnecessary and ruined the eye contours which were nice. I long to sue but it was long ago and I do not live in USA. Hope you feel stronger soon. Best Wishes
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I am surprised to read these comments on Dr. Kotler. I have had 2 mini facelifts and neck lifts with him and could not be happier with all aspects of the experiences. Perhaps you had unrealistic expectations. He is an incredible, talented trustworthy surgeon.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf!

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I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. Most rhinoplasties can be fixed so just give it time for it to heal. I just had surgery by a doctor in Riverside and I can't tell you if mine went well either because the cast is still on but he hasn't said a word to me since if the surgery went well or not or anything. I woke up and he was leaving and when I asked the nurse where he was she just replied "oh he had to go to his office". He quickly passed through and just said "she did good!!" and left. I went for my check up and saw his PA. Tomorrow I get my stitches off but no call from the doctor, no nothing. That's the only thing that really bothers me. He's become a ghost so obviously I'm paranoid now. Anyway I went to this doctor of yours as well and he charged me 200 just for the consult. From the moment I read his agreement and had to sign the paper work I got a bad feeling because the paperwork said that if something were to go wrong that it would not be settled in court. So I went in already unsettled by Dr. Kohtler. The second red flag for me was that the digital morphing they made on my face was by a woman I am not sure was a doctor. She did a great job morphing my side profile but the front - absolutely nothing. It looked the same. She said that nothing had to be done. The price I was quoted was 11K. I think that was it for me. If I was going to get minimal work for this amount of money then I might as well choose a cheaper surgeon. I went to Kothler thinking he had an expertise on faces and could possibly put his two cents in on what he thinks should be changed for my nose to look more slender and defined but he came in the last minute and discussed the basics. So I ended up leaving but that was that. I saw that you were quoted differently and I hope that you can resolve this with him. I am speaking from my first impression on him only. He was way over my budget...
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Hi and thanks. Try to hang in there. You may be over thinking at the moment. Just wait for the actual results to make better judgement. I know first hand how difficult that could be, but it's good for the psyche. I'm glad you mentioned this. Yes, a girl - not the doctor - did the morphing. I should have seen this red flag too because I look nothing like the morph that I was initially excited about. I just continued to want this more and more... Ultimately, I am more mad at myself then anyone- because I didn't pay attention to the signs/messed with God's creation kind-of-thing. I feel good that there is somewhere like RealSelf to vent publicly and encourage others to think twice. Yes, costs are high with these docs, but I would advise against skimping on facial procedures- you simply can't cover up if God forbid things go awry.
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Don't be so mad at yourself!! We trust these surgeons for a reason. I wanted to go with Kohtler at one point too because of all of his experience. I just don't really like those morphed photos I guess if I had a more positive outcome to the photo I probably would of gone w him too. Everyone's situation is different and your right about the costs especially when it comes to the face. I'll try to remain calm with my doctor I just didn't have too much communication with him so I'm paranoid now. I have no idea what really is under this cast. :(
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Thanks for that :) Keep me posted in your progress!
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