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Not happy with Profiles Beverly hills and I...

Not happy with Profiles Beverly hills and I wouldn't recommend Dr. Litner or Dr. Solieman. I had rhinoplasty revision and under eye fat transfer, and I now look terrible. The rhinoplasty was very expensive and made little improvement. The under eye fat transfer was an absolute disaster. I now have bumps in the under eye, scarring, unevenness across both eyes and huge veins and arteries. And, I just found the attitude they had when I said I wasn't happy with the outcome was very defensive and Dr. Litner proceeded to insult the rest of my face. I have more respect for doctors that recognize when they failed and at least admit that rather than resorting to insulting the patient. They are very expensive and have mediocre (if not terrible results on occasion) and they are rude. I wouldn't go to them!


Jane: I really feel for you that you are getting this kind of treatment after unsuccessful surgery. I live in New Orleans & traveled to Beverly Hills & had a disaster there as well. I took pictures of my results & sent them to the Dr's office. I requested my money back. I paid $12,000 for my surgery. It wasn't a rhinoplasty. My money was returned in full within a week. That is how bad I looked. I had to use all 12K to revise the work. Maybe now that you posted your picture & the results, they may listen to you. Ask for your money back. It can't hurt. Maybellineo
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What you may be interpreting as bruising is actually veins popping out of my undereye region because of the poor job done on the fat transfer. In my before picture, I have the same nose width and no large veins or blobs of fat below my eyes. Thanks for the question.
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Is the picture above 11 months post op? The reason I ask is that it looks like you still have bruising. Do you have a before picture for comparison? Maybellineo
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Still struggling with repairing under eye fat transfer disaster

It's so frustrating that Dr. Litner from Profiles beverly hills ruined my face. I've spent so much money trying to repair my under eye area because it looks so bad. I've gotten restylane injections, steroid injections, vein removal, and lecithin cream. I've heard injections of phosphatidylcholine can remove fat from the under eye area, but some of the areas are hardened lumps which i presume is scar tissue. I'm not sure if it would be able to help with those, and I've heard phosphatidylcholine injections can be painful and cause swelling for at least a week. Has anyone had experience with this?


I'm trying phosphatidylcholine so I'll let you know about that.
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Thank you so much, Unoq! I hope it works. Keep me posted.
Hi Unoq, are you trying phosphatidylcholine to repair a bad fat transfer outcome? I heard it takes a few weeks to get the full effects. I'm just worried about the week downtime due to swelling and pain since I'd have to take time off work. Let me know how it turns out.

Went for a consult with another fat transfer expert

I traveled to see another fat transfer expert to see if he had any recommendations for how to repair the poor fat transfer done by Dr. Jason Litner in Beverly hills and if he knew why I had such bad results. This expert has done numerous fat transfers and recommends not over filling. He said my doctor (Dr. Litner) must have overfilled and had poor technique considering the fat lumps ended up in areas that weren't even supposed to have fat. The three options he suggested to repair the poor job were: 1) repeated low dose steroid injections, 2) microcannula liposuction or 3)blepharoplasty. I've had a steroid injection in the areas with the hardened fat and fat lump, and I didn't think it did anything. I just worry about thinning my skin since I already have very thin skin. The microcannula is something I'll consider, but there is no guarantee it would work especially for the areas where the fat is completely solid. I'm not ready to go down the path of blepharoplasty as I'm not even 40. I just wish I could reverse time. Why do these unskilled doctors do these procedures, take our money and ruin our faces and without any repercussions. Dr. Litner insulted me saying that my face was already asymmetrical rather than taking responsibility for his poor work.

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Arrogant and poor quality work

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