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Okay so 7th grade i was told twice that i had a...

Okay so 7th grade i was told twice that i had a big nose and i would constantly get these prank calls of girls telling me i was ugly and ever since then i really started to notice it and its bugged me since! I feel so unattractive and there are days where i just cant stand to look at myself!im currently in the 9th grade going to 10th and ill be turning 16! This has been on my mind a lot my 9th grade year and its to the point where i hate going out because of how self conscious i am..i hate my profile and i feel like that is the first thing everyone notices about me!i live with my grandma and she is all for the nose job but money is an issue. i bring up my nose everyday and constantly am battling my self with rude comments.she knows how upset i get when i hear rude comments from others and she knows I've been bullied for it! The bullying has gotten so bad that i tried committing suicide in the 8th grade twice and this year i thought about it once,i try not to let it bring me down but i cant stand my appearance and i don't think ill ever like myself until my nose is fixed!at school i hate getting in the back of pictures because im always faced to the side and my nose is so large that i feel it stands out! We are really tight on money and i don't know if id ever be able to get it done. How much are nose jobs on average? If anyone can help me out that'd be much appreciated !thanks

You really are beautiful the way you are. I see nothing wrong with your nose, it is small and the shape of it fits your face and skin coloring in a way that makes you truly unique. You do not want to be just another pretty brunette! And I agree with the other posters, you are way too young to do something too drastic. My look has completely changed since high school. Wait it out and if it is something that still really bothers you in your twenties once you've had some solid real life experiences (and a steady flow of money) then consider having a consultation. I guarantee that you are MUCH prettier than these girls who are giving you a hard time and they are just taking out their own insecurities on you. Life after high school gets much better in some ways, but don't let these bullies ruin your experiences now! Your high school years can be some of your best if you let them!
Think back to elementary and middle school phases, and all the different phases kids go through: pokémon, my little pony, nintendos & cell phones, lipstick & nail polish, etc. Whatever phase people are in, it can completely consume their thoughts. All those elementary and middle school phases passed, right? How you feel about your nose might or might not pass BUT the opinion of others being ultra important and the bullying DEFINITELY do pass. You see a lot of women around town that aren't perfect, but they seem happy right? They might have once been bullied too. Most people are made fun of in high school. It's probably a really good idea to let your concern about your appearance become your 2nd or 3rd concern right now, and focus instead on the positive things in your life. Once you get out of high school, and those immature bullies are out of your life, you can think about your nose again to see if it still bothers you. If it does, start saving for the surgery. It might not be so fair to your grandma to burden her with this. She is probably worried about money for necessities.

Like the others said, you're a beauty. I know high school can be horrendous (I have been six-two since 10th grade and that was super difficult). But you will make it through and life IS so much better on the other side.

Right now you're in this bizarre microcosm of hormonal kids who are completely insecure. You're gorgeous and special and smart and don't let them make you feel otherwise!


After seeing all of your helpful comments on...

After seeing all of your helpful comments on helping me make a decision i was actually turning against it! Then today came and i just really started to think about how im not happy woth myself so this decision wouldn't be to satisfy others, but more on making me feel better about my apperance
You are so pretty! When other girls tease you it is because of their own insecurities. No one is perfect and you are still growing. I also started in high school wanting a nose job but knew that I would have to wait to save up money and think hard about it. If you have the confidence it will shine through you =) When I graduated high school and went to college I changed my mind because my boyfriend said I didn't need one and was pretty the way I was. Now I am 21 and feel more mature and this time it is for myself. My husband said he liked my nose but I still want this for myself. Make sure if you do go through with the surgery that it is for yourself and not to impress others. Remember no one is perfect. After all it is just a nose and everyone's nose is different. Life after high school is way different =)
Hi Alexiis ~ I just wanted to say I agree with everyone- you are beautiful! Also I wanted to let you know my nose changed a lot in my early 20s. I too was bullied and my biggest (unsolicited) advice is if it's possible, I'd try to make friends who are outside of your high school who see you and value you for who you are inside & out. I made friends through a volunteer group and through sports and an art class, and then through church, and it helped me realize there were nice kids outside of my high school. I know money is tight but maybe there are free activities not so far away from home, but far enough away that you could make some quality friends from other local schools? I was REALLY lucky to have found that.
There are a couple of things I feel I have to say after reading your review, and I hope that you'll take the time to really listen to what I'm saying and consider it. Some of the things you mentioned in your review concern me.. First of all, you are SO beautiful. So, so, beautiful. I agree with the other posters when they say that you are too young to be getting this surgery. I would recommend at least waiting until you're 18, for a number of reasons: (1) Your nose will continue to change over the years, and even by age 18, it could still change after that; however, 18 is a pretty good age to start considering this surgery at because (2) you'll be older and more mature, MENTALLY. This is the kind of surgery that you HAVE to be mentally prepared for, as it can affect you psychologically as well as physically. It requires a lot of patience, and a lot of people can't exhibit that, so when they're in recovery, they become depressed. (3) By that age, you can take the procedure a bit more seriously and realize that there is a LOT of personal research you need to do to educate yourself on the procedure and all of its potential risks. It's also something you should sit on for a while, and not do on a whim. The other concern I have is that clearly, money is an issue for you; one thing I see so often on here is people who sacrifice a good rhinoplasty procedure to save a buck. On average, rhinoplasties can range anywhere (most commonly) from $6000-$8000. Mine was $7,200, and since there were no medical conditions being corrected (like a deviated septum), insurance won't cover that so it had to come out of my own pocket (being a University student, living on my own and saving up for a wedding this summer, that was a huge hit to my credit card lol). But it is WORTH IT to spend more money to ensure that you get the proper work done by the surgeon you feel the most comfortable with. Please don't jump the gun and go for whichever surgeon, and go for the cheaper options - this is something that you really need to take your time doing, both in terms of saving up the money, and finding the RIGHT surgeon. The last thing that concerns me that I think needs to be said is that changing your nose is not going to fix all of your problems. When I hear you talking about how you're being bullied, and how you tried to commit suicide twice and considered doing it a third time, it bothers me; you speak of the procedure as if you think that getting rhinoplasty will make your problems go away. But I've been there; I've tried to commit suicide myself in the past. Last year, I even had a mental breakdown and my whole family was forced to intervene. This had nothing to do with my nose, however, and I know in your case, it might seem like it, but it's not for you either. Depression, to the point of trying to commit suicide, or even thinking about it, is a PSYCHOLOGICAL issue that is rooted far deeper than just your nose. By all means, if you feel in a few years like you still feel exactly the same way and want to get this procedure done, then go for it - I did it, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. But please don't be disillusioned - bullies exist everywhere, and they suck. This is an unfortunate truth. If they want to bully you, they'll ALWAYS find something to pick on. I don't want you to fix your nose and then suddenly they find something else, and then you're shocked and thinking, "I really thought this would put an end to everything." I know it's hard not to listen when bullies make fun of you, but at the end of the day, their words can only hurt you if you give them the power to do so. YOU have to love YOU, and I think, before you can work on loving your physical appearance, you need to start with working on loving yourself on the INSIDE, because clearly if you've thought of committing suicide so many times, there are some things you need to speak to someone about. Because plastic surgery can only fix what's on the outside; if you're depressed, fixing your nose isn't going to fix THAT. You're beautiful and I know you have it in you. Just please listen to what I'm saying and consider my words carefully, even if you choose to disregard them afterwards. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.


So about two months ago I've finally contacted a nose doctor and instantly we clicked he knew exactly what I wanted so I went in had all of my tests done and have an appt to set up a date for my surgery date which won't be for a few months because I need to save up! I do had allergies and a deviated septum so the surgery cost has been decreased being that I have a medical issue that my insurance is covering but the cosmetic part is 5,000.. I'm excited and will update once I have a set date
I think you are pretty. Good luck with your surgery.
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