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I've been considering rhino for a few years now.....

I've been considering rhino for a few years now...every time something happens and I put it off. My last bf...when he found out I wanted it, pretty much threatened to break up with me. My current bf when I told him...he was supportive and told me its up to me and he'll support me either way (but I better not start getting anything else boobs ...of course not!)

I don't think i'm 'ugly', I never had a problem with guys or people making fun of me. I mean looking around here at Real Self, seems like most if not all girls are in a relationship, married or obviously don't have problems socially. We are all doing this, or I am at least, for myself. I want to be confident.

I dont hate how I look, I just don't want to be insecure when I meet someone for the first time that hteyre judging or being conscious when someone takes a picture of me from the side. Its my profile that bothers me the most. I have a hump but otherwise its really hard to tell that my nose is big. My nose is thin and has the potential to look I hope I picked the right doctor to make the changes that I want.

All I want is to remove the hump...the doctor suggested adding a few more changes, like my tip or bringing the bottom of my nose and I'm considering it..but I'm also too scared about making too many changes...then the healing process will be longer and plus the risk for more complications increases.

BIGGEST FEAR? making the FRONT look bad. we all know doctors can make the side look beautiful...but the front is what scares me. I don't want no sausage on my face. I have a thin I'm scared shaving the hump will make it WIDE...advice?

I've read all about peoples experiences on here, and its only human that the bad experiences stick out in my mind more than the good ones. So i'm reallllly scared it will come out horribly.

I mean I live in Los Angeles, there are about a MILLION surgeons out here. choosing one seems pretty hard. Every time you go online you find a bad review about one. So, what can a girl do? I hate when people say 'trust your gut feeling/insticts'...well i'm sure people that had bad experiences did and look what happened! surgery is scheduled for August 3. I'm going on a vacation and coming back August if anyone has any tips on what I should or shouldn't consume a few days before?

Also I'm giving myself about 8 days before going back to work...hopefully thats enough time.

I'm fair skinned and my skin is thin so the dr. said any changes would show...eek!

any words of advice are appreciated... :)

Changed the date to August 6 due to personal...

Changed the date to August 6 due to personal schedule they told me i'll be the second person instead of the first that day...and it kinda worried me..what if he's too tired?!? I know its stupid...but I stress out, thats what I do and so I'm nervous that I'm not going to be the first person in the morning he sees....CROSSING MY FINGERS because I know he's a professional!

IM SO NERVOUS! really hoping it will be everything...

IM SO NERVOUS! really hoping it will be everything I wanted and that I'm going with the right doctor. I HATE the anticipation! I keep looking at all the people on here already been through it and posting their results and then watching how their nose changes from swelling after a few months and i I want to be on the other side already! but then i'm also scared...what if it won't be nothing like I want it?

ALAKSJDFEI! About 17 days more to go...!

Update: Things happened in my life that I had to...

Things happened in my life that I had to postpone the surgery. Now that its been a few months, I've been considering a different doctor. I'm thinking of doing the surgery in February (that's how booked he is), so will keep you updated.
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don't worry you'll be fine, his noses look good, very natural
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Sorry I forgot, my last and final dr did ONLY facial plastic surgery, these drs today do too much instead of concentrating on one area. Its all for the $$$
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ok, my first dr, was upon two referrals, both friends whe he did and looked good, don't get me wrong he did ok. I did no research because I was young and and had no fear or idea something could ever go wrong. All three drs were in the suburbs of Philadelphia PA.
Best of luck to you! Don't hesitate with any other questions
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three words of advice from someone who has had 3 nose jobs, check out doctor, is he board certified, did you see photos of his patients, have you spoken to any of his patients.
I don't want to scare you but in the righ hands, you will have nothing to worry about.
If its the hump you want shaved then tell him that is what you want, its your choice!!!!
I am right now considering laser lipo on my stomach, I don't know whether or not to do it some of the things I read on here have scared me to death!!! If you want to know more about my surgeries, I will explain in detail to you just let me know. But good luck and no worries if you are confident with the dr you chose.
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If you could do it all over again what would you change in your research? how did you find your first doctor and how did you research him? also if you don't mind me asking what area was your doctor in? thanks for the kind word of advice!
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by area i meant geographical area
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yes i can send you photos of before and after if you want, just pm me with a e-mail address. i still wish i never did it, i would take it back, just getting the bridge shaved down I wouldn't ever take back, but the rest was not worth it.
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Hi Kat
I personally think you should stick with just shaving the bump down and not doing any other changes. That way, you have your same look from the front but softer and a great profile. I made the mistake of getting tip work done and i hate it. But talk to some other people they may have a different story, just letting you know to be cautious and know EXACTLY what you want before you get it done. Also be on the same exact page as your doctor on what is going to be done. Tell him you don't want it wider, thinner, shorter etc. Be very specific on exactly what you want. Besides myself i know2 other people who were surprised after finding out what was done on their noses after it was too late. You don't want any surprises. Good luck to you though - it really can be a great experience for many
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i think your nose would look beautiful with just taking down the bridge a little i don't think you need any other changes
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I just read your post and I'm glad to hear that you are starting to see changes. The healing process seems very long...and i'm the opposite from a patient person! I am def looking into possibly just removing the bump down and maybeeeeeee lifting the bottom of my nose a bit, but otherwise two other doctors told me they wouldn't need to touch the tip.

I guess we get so excited sometimes that we forget that really we just wanted a small change and then get carried away with a lot more procedures to our nose. Is there any way I can see your before and after? I'd love to see them and see your progress
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Welcome to RealSelf! Make sure your chosen surgeon is a rhinoplasty/facial specialist! So important. I'd love it if you'd post your photo so we can visualize what you're describing with your nose. I'd also like to stress that you make sure you communicate like crazy with your surgeon in regards to what you want and don't want out of this surgery. Make sure he's not going to do anything you don't want. Assume nothing and ask a ton of questions.

I'm looking forward to following along on this journey of yours! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you! I'm going to see him July I'm going to reiterate what I want...its hard because I trust his opinion since he is the doctor but I also don't wanna forget that all I want is a simple change...
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